3 Startups Destined to Become Massive Brands in 2022


Every day, 137,000 new startups emerge around the globe. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that only a select few of these fledgling businesses ever achieve success. Research suggests that 90% of all startups fail. Whether through a lack of commitment, poor partnership choices, lack of funding, or ineffective marketing strategies, millions of new business ventures find it hard to gain a foothold in this hyper-competitive business world.

With this in mind, it’s doubly impressive when a company manages to break out from the pack with an innovative new product and secures a market share in a competitive field (or creates a whole new lane for themselves). On that note, four startups are crushing their sectors, challenging the status quo, and looking on course to become massive brands in 2022.



Founded in 2020, Walnut recently secured a further $15 million in funding (total $21M) to coincide with the launch of their platform that is designed to empower customer-facing teams, enabling reps to curate highly personalized sales demos without having to write any code. The innovative sales experience platform has received financing from leading global investors and tech figures, indicating its seemingly undeniable ascent to become a dominant force in the industry in the forthcoming years.

When developing demonstrations, Walnut’s platform eliminates the need for back-end teams such as graphic designers, product developers, and research and development. Salespeople can create ‘storylines,’ which are adjustable templates based on prior successful demonstrations, by dragging-and-dropping elements onto the screen. Every detail is tailored to the individual customer/client that the sales team is attempting to convert, which drastically increases conversion rates. Team leaders can get insights and analytics to finally understand what’s going on in their department’s sales demo process, and buyers can get a personalized experience – at last!



Dealtale, established by Ariel Geifman, Adi Mizrahi, and Aviran Mozes, is a no-code data discovery and customer journey optimization platform and has just recently obtained funding in the sum of $20 million.

When it comes to digital analytics tools, there seems to be an unending sea of options for sales and marketing teams to choose from – which is usually one of the main reasons why businesses tend to incorporate several different solutions simultaneously. However, processing data across many platforms, as you would assume, can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Enter Dealtale, who has developed a unique platform that enables sales teams to effortlessly pull data from many CRM solutions onto a single system. Through the implementation of machine learning technology, Dealtale allows them to examine the entirety of the customer journey and determine the critical touchpoints that impact consumer behavior.


Observe AI

Observe.AI is an Intelligent Workforce Platform that modernizes contact centers by utilizing AI to improve the customer experience, enhance the effectiveness of agents, and expose insights in seconds that lead to a better customer experience. According to Crunchbase, Observe.Ai has raised $89 million in funding.

The new technology allows users to create a scalable and repeatable strategy for evaluating interactions, enabling your team to perform at their highest level in a fraction of the time, which has the added benefit of boosting customer satisfaction metrics that drive revenue and retention. In real-time, the artificial intelligence-based platform listens to and understands the conversations between customer and agent, using deep learning and natural language processing to grasp the context and offer recommendations.


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