3 Crazy Sales Tools that Will Skyrocket Your Sales Team


Owning a business is cool, whether your business is small or an enterprise, but only when you make it profitable. Some people might not agree with me at this point, but if you own a business, you would know that without a proper customer base, the business makes no sense. If you are devoid of clients driving your sales, you won’t have much of a company, and even if you do have customers without sales tools helping you on your way, it will be difficult for you to succeed in your business.

In the past, salespeople used language and other communication skills to persuade customers to buy their product because it was worth the money. In this modern era, the development of communication intelligence, language analysis, and non-verbal understanding has greatly impacted sales. Many pieces of research reveal that business deals are made or lost due to subtle non-verbal influences. Big companies spend billions of dollars on tools to overcome such problems. So, if you have better sales tools on your side, it will be more beneficial for your business.

 Here is the list of some tools that will skyrocket your sales team.


The Substrata platform allows you to analyze deal-related communication data in real-time. The tool is useful for analyzing subtle behavioral cues to uncover implied meaning, show sentiments, and evaluate co-assessments of competence, relevance, and perceived value.

Substrata use social signaling processing technology. As a result of this technology, we learn about natural language processing, linguistics, social science, cognitive science, and psychology.

The main benefits of Substrata include its ease of use, privacy and security, and integration with the industry’s leading sales and marketing platforms.


With Gong, you can identify market changes to adapt, upskill, and succeed. This AI-based software lets you know what topics matter most to your company. It lets you track emerging market trends and understand your customers’ states in real-time.

Gong captures and understands every customer interaction and delivers insights and guidance to your revenue professionals. It reduces manual time sinks and boosts efficiency.


Chorus is also an AI-based leading tool in the market to transcribe and analyze sales. It helps the sales team to capture and analyze customer calls, meetings, and emails to create visibility, drive process and behavior adherence, and take your team skills to the next level.

Chorus captures and analyzes the customers’ voices to understand better the trends impacting your deals. It provides you with competitive insights to get ahead and persuade customers in a better way to boost sales. That will also help you make better strategic decisions across your customer base and the overall market.

It gives you information about when and how often competitors come up in your deal with Ai-driven trackers, so you can make the next strategy according to this data to win more deals.


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