1Sterling. The One Service that Can Do All Financial Operations Your Business Needs


Traditional banking services have long been outclassed by private financial products. These products are faster and more convenient compared to the sluggish bureaucratic banking system. Today, the money transfer systems have become an indispensable part of our lives. Sterling Payment Services offers its clients a great variety of financial services ranging from the creation of direct payment accounts and money transfers to crypto-fiat exchange and personalised b2b solutions.

Who are 1Sterling

Sterling Payment Services Limited – is a Hong Kong-based Fintech company aimed at providing financial services to their customers. The service was created especially for those clients and businesses, who need to secure payments for their contractors all around the world, but cannot open an account in a traditional bank, as well as for those customers who require tailor-made solutions for their objectives.

The services offered by 1Sterling

The range of services offered by Sterling Payments is wide. Money transfers, bank cards (at the moment limited by the EU region) and currency exchange – are some of the most “conventional” services provided by 1Sterling. For the cryptocurrency market players, the service has created a crypto-fiat exchange solution. Apart from this, they also offer a very convenient service of opening private and business accounts for international SWIFT payments.

Sterling Payment is your conventional bank evolved

Being a private financial product, 1Sterling gives its clients a whole lot of competitive advantages. Let’s zoom in on how this service helps businesses step up their game and stay competitive on the ever-changing financial market.

“We aim to provide our clients with payment solutions that are affordable, practical, and convenient”.

  1. High transaction speed. It takes a few seconds to a few hours to complete a money transfer and is rarely ever longer than that. Sterling allows your money to work faster.
  2. 24/7 remote access to payment services. Opposite to banks, which only make transactions during business hours, private products are available day and night. This perk is very important when it comes to cross-border transfers. 1Sterling is always available for your business.
  3. Absence of total control. Money transactions for private entities are well-developed, however until recently it was difficult for a business to find a comfortable platform to work with, whilst the monopoly of banking services was full of bureaucracy and strict compliance policies. Sterling Payment gives you breathing space.


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