10 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is a Great Marketing Channel in 2022

SMS Marketing

There are different ways to market your brand in this digital era, and one of them is through SMS marketing. This form of marketing is already used by different businesses worldwide. Plus, it is among the most simple and most efficient strategies to get your products in front of your prospective audience.

In this article, we’ll look at what SMS marketing is and what benefits you gain from employing this strategy in your campaign. If you are interested in learning more about this, keep reading.

What is SMS Marketing? 

It involves sending promotional or transactional messages for marketing purposes. Businesses use short messaging services or SMS marketing to reach out to clients with offers via text messages. These messages range from discounts and promotional offers to shipping alerts and appointment reminders.

SMS marketing has a 99 percent open rate which means that your audience is significantly more likely to view your text message than an email. That’s one of its biggest advantages over marketing channels such as email marketing and direct selling. 

Let’s review some cool reasons why SMS marketing remains a great marketing channel. 

1. It’s Fast 

SMS marketing is a fast way to get your message to your customers. You don’t need to create any visuals for your content, unlike the content for social platforms or email marketing. Text messages get to your customers more quickly than other channels do.

When a text message arrives, people’s phones immediately notify them, and they can read the text in under 5 seconds. It’s the ideal channel for interacting with busy customers. Marketers want their content sent in time, and text-back SMS marketing can help you achieve your goal. You can use SMS marketing to avoid being ignored or blocked by customers.

2. High Open Rate 

Launching marketing campaigns aims to get people to view the campaign, right? Well, as stated earlier, marketing messages are opened a staggering 98% of the time. Comparatively, a survey discovered that the typical open percentage for email marketing is 21.3%.

3. Good ROI

SMS marketing also stands out because of the stunning ROI results it brings. SMS marketing is reasonably cheap and gets plenty of responses for a considerably fair amount. According to a global technology company, SMS marketing has a 25x higher ROI than email marketing. Compared to other marketing methods, text messaging has a faster return on investment.

4. Direct Communication 

It also provides direct communication between you and your audience. They learn first-hand what discounts you have. You can send them a quick thank you note after their purchase, tell them about sales or promotions, let them know when their shipment is prepared, and the list goes on. 

5. Costs Less 

Compared to traditional marketing, SMS marketing is a more affordable form of communication. An SMS marketing tactic is great for anyone looking to cut expenses and maximize sales. Your company will be affected if you make budget cuts. Many public and private businesses are reducing costs daily by sending texts instead of mail or brochures, which is always beneficial for the environment.

6. Effective Time Management 

Time is a crucial asset in business; if you need more, SMS marketing will help you save a lot of time; therefore, you can focus on other aspects of your business. How? Through its straightforward procedure. You can easily plan out your SMS marketing strategies for a later time using SMS’s scheduling feature. This has a significant advantage because it enables effective time management.

7. High Response Rate

SMS has high open rates, which also means high response rates.  While email click-through rates typically don’t exceed 7%, the average response percentage for an SMS marketing message text is 45%. Customers are more likely to click on a link you send via text message than an email.

8. Flexibility and Speed

Businesses need to adapt daily to the flexibility of the contemporary business environment. SMS marketing helps you gain momentum and helps you reach clients with ease. The secret ingredient to these ongoing changes is flexibility. SMS marketing requires very little preparation time, allowing communications to be developed and sent to the target audience within minutes. 

9. Brief and Clear Communication

The 160-character limit, frequently perceived as a significant hindrance for SMS, is, in fact, one of the channel’s greatest advantages. It encourages you, the company owner, to be as precise and succinct as you can. Additionally, it enables your customers to quickly and easily understand your message in today’s society of people with short attention spans.

10. Easy to Use 

SMS marketing is based on permission. In other words, you would have known who is open to receiving your messages. Once your campaign is underway, you can track how it’s performing and optimize the campaign to perform better. Plus, you can automate the whole process. 


Just as important as media platforms or brochures for marketing is SMS marketing. Because of its advantages, SMS marketing is a fantastic option for any type of company trying to expand its consumer range.


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