Writing Help Online: The Best Reliable Websites to Purchase College Papers


College writing services are sure channels where students can get writing help. A writing center is a place where college students can get writing help. It is a platform where help is readily available for college students who have writing needs. This help can range from handling grammar problems or addressing word usage.

Some good writing centers will train respective students on how to do their writing, but it is sincerely the business of the students to write and conclude with whatever writing issues they came with. Others may help the students carry out their writing assignments while still making it explanatory to comprehend.

Interestingly, these writing services are accessible to everyone who comes. From faculty and staff members to students to graduate students, the services of writing centers are available without discrimination. They have a protocol of entry or exit when accessing their services. These protocols must be strictly adhered to.

Specifically, you can undoubtedly assess any kind of writing help to a writing center or service provider. The detailed specifics of these writing centers vary depending on the required help per individual.

Some examples of these writing services include academic articles, dissertations, personal statements, annotated biographies, non-academic related writing such as cover letters, business proposals, and many times, an individual’s creative writing spree. Some writing centers agree with those mentioned above, while others refute them. College writing services in the USA are used by many students who need help with writing jobs. 

Engaging the hands of an essay writing service or an individual who is good in writing and can write your paper can sometimes be scary at the first thought of it. However, be rest assured that these jobs are carried out by professionals whose services you will be pretty excited to pay. Now, we will be considering several excellent writing help agencies for college students in the US – their reviews, their cons, and how they work.

1. PaperHelp – The best essay writing help company from USA

Many writing help services are known for essay writing, but with PaperHelp, you are sure to get the best deals.

Perhaps, PaperHelp for some is just a website. For those who have a knack for history, PaperHelp’s history is that of an innovative team of two in 2008 when they came together to lessen the burden of the neck of bus college students. Their struggle with college students prompted them to birth the writing help service. They see a student attempting to find essential life balance like work, rest, family, and friends and finding breathing space for themselves.  

From time to time, even as brief as day to day, students are sleepless, which is a disadvantage to the maximum working capacity of their brain, work thoroughly and return home entirely stressed. It can be the caption of the average student’s life. It is now more mentally tasking to ask the same student to run sprees on essays, thus denying them the privilege of enjoying their once-in-a-lifetime college studentship. It is pretty stressful for such students.

PaperHelp understands these pains and designed a solution that evolved to become the PaperHelp Galaxy. They developed an environment to connect students who do not have time to spare with writers who may end up not using the knowledge earned at all after several years of academic excellence. PaperHelp service takes into consideration both students and writers. 

PaperHelp has solutions to all your academic needs, especially essay writing. It engages focused people who focus on helping students write their papers. Their service accords you more time to read, plan your life, and have spare time to smash your goals.

Their clients have a catalog of things to say about them. Some acknowledge their profoundness in writing. A host of others confirm their keeping to required details and timeliness. Undoubtedly, they follow students through till they get the desired results.

Their recent reviews reveal a list of students who did better in their courses who did their essay assignments with PaperHelp.

In the criteria for judging good writing help services, PaperHelp shoots very high. These criteria are as follows:

  • They keep all data private and provide students with plagiarism void content. You can trust them.
  • Qualified writers. While all writers are not English-speaking, you should entirely rest assured because their writers go through thorough screening before the firm engages in their services.
  • Customers may be sure that their data will be kept private without their trust being breached.
  • Delivering on time. Students will pick a deadline, and it’s also possible to get their papers sorted out without fail.
  • You can ask for revisions if your job wasn’t carried out in detail required, and they will make changes after delivery.
  • Amazing customer support style. They stick with their students wherever and whenever, even if it be 24/7 and gladly answer all related questions.
  • Their services provide plenty of discounts and offer additional benefits for both new and longtime customers.

It also has a solid rule refund of money, as students can request a refund if they are not satisfied with the delivered job. However, this has a slim chance to happen as the firm gives excellent services to its customers.

How it works?

You can employ their services in four easy steps:

  • Choose the type of paper in the correct order.
  • Explain your paper details with all necessary information.
  • Enter a valid email that grants you a log-in to your dashboard.
  • Secure your payment with either your credit card or another payment system.


Their Prices range from High school to Ph.D. programs students. High school students pay $10/page, college students are charged from $12/page, university students are charged beginning from$18/page, while PhDs are billed starting from $20/page.

2. 99Papers – specialize in research paper writing help in the US

Quite many research writing centers or services exist. However, 99Papers is not one to be sidelined. Their track record of excellence in delivering jobs highlights their service to students all over the US and beyond.

If you feel you are not handling your schedules well, or you are hedged on many sides with your assignments or research work, it is with surety that 99Papers is recommendable. Their web interface is specifically designed to be student-friendly and offers a great user experience for respective users. Their services include presentation-making, plagiarism checking, proofreading, thesis work, reviews of summaries, and essay writing. Their expertise list is long, and clients can trust them with any form of research writing works.

Students who combine work with studies may not have enough time to finish their papers and find it very useful. 99Papers provides great and qualified writers who can help you handle those writing tasks.

They have a data bank of works relative to your research or assignments. Their writers are professionals and are grouped into several sections to choose from concerning your writing niche.

This site is well known for its accomplishment. 99Papers accomplished countless such objectives all along, and still, they are putting forth a valiant effort to fulfill their customers. We can see their commercial on some online Ads.

99Papers is well recognized for its excellence. They accomplished several objectives and still are at the anvil of putting deep work into customers’ welfare to satisfy them. Scholars consider the thesis work the most critical work, but 99Papers can do the thesis work in days rather than months. They are widely seen in many commercials on some digital space ads.

Their writers have a quantifiable degree of specialization in the related niche of research writing, and from these, students find the advantage of their degrees in making their assignments and paperwork.

How it works?

  • Place your order while giving vital details.
  • Talk to your designated professional writer.
  • Get your paper via the required means.


Their prices start from $9.5 and grow to the extent of your job or the demands they are to fulfill regarding your research writing. It gets as high as $28 for Ph.D.-level research works. These prices are also deadline stimulated.

3. 1Essay – First Place US Thesis and Dissertation Writing help service

1Essay is an excellent professional writing service that provides a platform where talented writers can connect with everyone who requires their services. They hire professional writers, and their hiring funnel is quite thorough that only the professional and talented can scale through. They do so through:

  • Vetting their proof of identity.
  • Confirming their diploma or relevant degree in the required niche.
  • Providing writing samples. These writing Samples are used to thoroughly and skillfully assess if the writer can do well in writing and how broad his scope is in handling varying clients’ requests.
  • Writing an essay. This potential writer must craft an essay before joining to assess them.
  • Interestingly, the last step is the one-month trial period, after which the writer will be offered a membership with the 1Essay team.

They engage in writing, rewriting, proofreading, and editing professional works like Thesis and Dissertation writing. 1Essay has several advantages over other sites, of which some are flexible discount systems, unlimited revisions, 24/7 customer support, free originality report, and quality control mechanism.

Their clients are always pleased with their solutions as they correlate with their firm’s shared values and quality. Leading reviews on 1Essay include but are not limited to quality, timeliness, the safety of data and personal information, and transparency.

How it works?

You can get your thesis and research works done by following these simple steps:

  • Place your order. Give relevant details and the required deadline.
  • Choose a writer and make a deposit. You can check a writer’s profile and assess them.
  • Check your paper and complete your payment. You can even request a free originality report.


Their fee per page starts from $8. However, to get that price, you must order for a minimum of five pages. The more you order, the lower the pricing, suitable for thesis and dissertation writing.

4. EssayBox – the best Coursework writing help service in the United States

EssayBox has been in the business of providing online writing services since 2008. The writing service is profound with the excellent content provision and excellent job delivery. Their content is free from plagiarism, they also have expert writers and editors on the ground, and they deliver to maximum satisfaction.

They are providers of quality, excellent academic writing. If you are new to buying coursework, you are welcome to the write essay writing service online.

They can deliver through a wide range of coursework. You can reach out through phone calls, live-chatting via their website, and you will be guided by customer support through the process. You need not be scared about buying what you do not need, and the entire process is transparent; you see and know what you are paying for. Prices are not scary as folks think. Interestingly, they deliver quality affordably.

You get your money’s worth. There are no scams, no traps that are part of the other so-called “writing services” business plans available online. 

The scams and the traps witnessed by some other writing services are not found. That is not part of their business objective. By choosing EssayBox, you have successfully steered clear of the scammers in the guise of writing services online.

When we consider the parameters students and clients use in defining good writing services, EssayBox aims at the stars. Some of these are listed here.

  • There is a guarantee. All data are kept private and provide students with plagiarism void content. You can trust them.
  • Customers may be sure that their data will be kept private without their trust being breached.
  • Certified writers. While all writers are not English-speaking, you should entirely rest assured because their writers go through thorough screening before the firm engages in their services.
  • Delivering on time. Students will pick a deadline, and it’s also possible to get their papers sorted out without fail.
  • Amazing customer support style. They stick with their students wherever and whenever, even if it be 24/7 and gladly answer all related questions.
  • You can ask for revisions if your job wasn’t carried out in detail required, and they will make changes after delivery.
  • Their services provide plenty of discounts and offer additional benefits for both new and longtime customers.

How it works?

  • Placing an order or making an inquiry. It also involves choosing your payment method and paying.
  • Communicate with your preferred writer. Here, you deliver the necessary information to let them know about your order.
  • Download your paper.


Within the window of a 15 days timeline, the price ranges from $12 for high school students to $28 for Ph.D. students. The prices increase with the decrease in the timeline for submission of assignment. Timelines or 3hrs stir a per-page price of $31 for high school students up to $55 for Ph.D. students or researchers.

5. Studdit – the most reliable term paper writing help service 

There is no vagueness in that a host of writing helps services are coming into the scene. While adults, in their famous manner due to traditional styles, are debating its legality and service ethic, the young ones (students) are connecting to writing professionals to get the help they need. The rise of these services is the entrance of scammers on the market scene. Some disguise themselves as favorable rivals using low cost as a competitive advantage (offering paper writing and other types of essays at a low price). They tempt students with such offers and present non-existent reviews on other websites.

Studded was birthed to help students find reliable sources for their term paperwork and also help them beat the trap of scammers and expose every known scammer. Studdit owns and operates other writing services, namely WriteMyEssays, MyAdmissionsEssay, and PaperHelp. These other owned services have already been reviewed, and it is straightforward that they are trustworthy.

They have an excellent website, and there is an easy-to-use calculator for calculating prices. It allows you to know your bill without placing an order. Interestingly, it is confirmed by many review houses to offer prices relatively low to other writing services. There is a whopping discount of 15% for first-time orders with writers handling super urgent requests, and there are mouth-watering reviews about Studdit on the internet.

How it works        

Their steps are not that tedious. Just follow this simple procedure, and you will be smiling with your answers in hand.

  • Academic level.
  • Type of paper with necessary details.
  • Quantity of papers/words.
  • Deadline.
  • Make payments; speak with any preferred writer.
  • Download your assignment.


Their prices range too. It is from $10 per page for high school students to $20 per page for Ph.D. students. They believe there is a need for students to have more money in their hands which is why they work in the first place. Incurring excess cost will be a deterrent to that purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are writing help companies legitimate to use in college?

Essays comprise a cogent activity in any college-centered course of study. For ages, essays have become an essential aspect of literature, but they recently only gained stature in the academic field for measuring students’ proficiency.

Essay writing has become the pivotal aspect of modern college studies. It has been a clear-cut important part of educational literature since time immemorial, but in this time and clime, it is one of the most critical means of evaluating students and their achievement during the study. Essay writing is a most elucidating way whereby the faculty assess their students’ creative edge and thinking capacity.

It happened to be so as there is nothing quite intriguing about Essay writing that other means of assessing students do not have. However, by happenstance, the essay writing gained more credibility than others. Meanwhile, quite a few students get into college without a developed academic writing skills. It will be a deterrent to the measurement of their academic prowess.

But due to its ranking high and placed greater in value to other assessment forms, college and university students worldwide look for ways to make a chunk score out of their essay marks which leaves the students with little or no option other than reaching out to writing services.

Here is why they are legit:

They are legit because many colleges and universities acknowledge their existence and functionality except for using policies to regulate their functions ethically. There are also regional laws that back them up and Para-educational institutions.  

However legit they are, you must vet the particular agency you are going through as tons of them are scammers. For easy vetting, go through the reviews written by third-party websites and survey analysts on the particular site.

Is getting writing help online ethical?

There have been varying issues regarding the writing and submission of essays. Some believe that it is fundamentally wrong to do so, while others are indifferent. However, from college to college, we see that universities around the globe have varying perspectives regarding this subject.

Some universities consider it within the bounds of their ethics, while some consider it non-ethical. While those who consider it ethical do so because it allows their students to focus on several other parameters of their academic pursuit, those who consider essay writing services non-ethical consider the psychological impact on the mind of their students. 

In the words of Charlotte Brown, A senior marketing strategist, “The ethics of essay writing service are hardly spoken and not taken seriously in general. This kind of service is used mostly by University students, damaging their creativity and skills for the future. It is also a big problem for many companies, as it is hard to understand a graduate’s skills and knowledge just by using their academic grade as the criterion.”

Leigh Clayborne, a freelance content marketing officer, once said, “if you can walk up to your teacher and say this is the writing assignment a writing agency did for you, then you have an ethical conflict within you.”

Institutions define what is ethical and non-ethical. Ethics are organizationally inclined. Yes, writing services are legal in the US, but their ethicality is determined by the schools or institutions involved. To conclude, if writing services are ethical, check your institution’s policies regarding assignments and other essay-writing works and see what they have to say about it. 

On the flip side, as said earlier, ethics can be subjective. Considering the many reasons why students use these writing services, the ethicality of these services may be proved. For instance, when a student combining work with study does not have enough time to do their work satisfactorily, it is acceptable that they give out their assignments to these services with the perspective of going through what was done.

Is it safe to pay for college writing help online?

The definition of safety can be relative here and can also be absolute, depending on the context. Legally, it is permitted in the US. However, ethically there may be variances from one individual to another or from one institution to another.

For safety also, we may be committing to different perspectives. Psychologically, reviewers agree on its impact on the brain—creativity, to be more specific.

It becomes a significant bone of contention for companies as they find it challenging to assess workers using grades. Also, institutions, even though using the proper assessment tools, maybe deliver the right results as the intelligence behind the essay does not point to the person whose name is on it.

Safety in using graduate paper writing companies is quite relative from person to person. The person who needs it urgently may consider it safe, while the person who desires the discipline of writing will find it unsafe.

Can you getting caught by professor when you get college writing help from somebody?

It drives us back to the place of ethics. That a thing is legal does not confer ethicality on it. However, being caught, some may receive a pardon based on their institutions’ policies. For others, the case may not be so. They may be sanctioned, which may deter their academic journey.

Some institutions consider it fraud. It is not that easy to detect if a professional writer well writes an essay. Also, institutions go undercover to define if the essay is plagiarized or not. Statistics show that there is every possibility to depict a plagiarized work if the bot is given what to check out for.

Free essay help websites

There are several tools and online platforms where essays can be written free of charge with a degree of intelligibility. There is two such kind of services- EssayBot and Essay Typer. These two are very popular when surfing the internet for free essay writing websites.

  • EssayBot

EssayBot suggests appropriate and necessary content for you and helps you write with no plagiarism. It is an essay writing assistant that is powered by artificial intelligence. Given the details of your essay, the bot finds suitable materials, suggests sentences, and helps you paraphrase to beat the plagiarism check, such as in Turnitin.

It has a citation finder that swiftly generates citations to written texts. Students can find this tool helpful as they can easily combine schooling and work without the scare of not doing their assignments satisfactorily.

It is only a writing assistant but will not help you write. The bot is designed to give you good leverage as you write. 

  • EssayTyper

EssayTyper, like EssayBot, rides on the wings of artificial intelligence. It is a free online writing site where you can get free research papers, coursework, term papers, case studies, dissertations, thesis, and some other types of papers. 

It has quick delivery and adheres to the specified time frame, and its services are completely automated. You may need to consider the following Pros of this writing assistant bot.

  • It is free to use and does not require pre-registration.
  • Students can use Essay Typer because it is legit and safe to use.
  • Once you submit the main topic of your essay or project and give the relevant details, it delivers immediate content.
  • It acts as a reference for clients having difficulty with their essay writing work.
  • Fast essay rewriting where necessary. 

Well, at the end…

There are tons of positive impacts of using assignment writing services, one of which is getting professionally written content that guarantees good grades. Another advantage is that it saves you more time, especially for those who combine schooling with work.

Again, there is a great help for the brain as using online writing services helps reduce mental stress and pressure building from not meeting the demand of doing your assignments well. They keep to time, and their services are pretty affordable.

Interestingly, while ethical issues are the debatable limitations surrounding the use of online essay writing sites, it cannot be argued further that freelance writers have contributed to the body of knowledge. Writers who may never use their skill and wealth of knowledge find platforms that connect them with students who need their relevant skills.

Students, too, can maximize their time effectively by outsourcing writing assignments. It helps them live free lives, having enough time to learn, work and be conscious of themselves. 

Universities and other sites should not hinder these sites or relegate their works. Preferably, they should embrace them as learning aids while creating policies that check the excesses of these online writing platforms.


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