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Writing essays is a difficult and time-consuming part of the college experience. Many students struggle to keep up with the demands of school and work. Because of these difficulties, many college students turn to online services to help them write their papers.

Although people like to caricature students who buy papers as lazy or entitled, there are many reasons why a student might look for a service to write their paper for them. Here are five of those reasons:

  1. They struggle with proper citations. Proper citations are one of the most challenging parts of writing a research paper. Students trying to complete papers in a limited amount of time may use paper writing services to ensure that their work doesn’t get flagged for plagiarism. Since many schools have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism, improper citations can have dire consequences for young students.
  2. They’re sick or dealing with difficult situations. Emergencies happen, even to full-time students. Personal illness, family emergencies, and mental health crises can all lead to problems focusing on schoolwork. These students often turn to online services to help them maintain their grades during these difficult times.
  3. They have too much on their plate. When students have to work to support themselves during college, they may sacrifice sleep to keep everything going. However, all-night study sessions can take a major toll on physical and mental health. These students may look for online paper writing services because they don’t have time to write their own papers.
  4. It’s cheap. Students who can afford essay writing services may choose to use them because it’s worth the money. Many of these services offer inexpensive papers, making it foolish not to use them.
  5. Some sites are free. Students without the financial means to buy papers have plenty of online options to help them for free. By using these services, any student is able to get the extra support they need.

The following article will take a closer look at six paid paper writing services and three sites that offer papers for free. You’ll learn about the advantages, prices, promotions, and reviews for each of these services. The end of this article will include frequently asked questions about essay writing services.

Paid Essay Writing Services

PaperHelp is the best paper writing service for students studying in the United States. This company was started in 2008, giving them nearly fifteen years of delivering high-quality papers. They employ professional writers who ensure the quality of each purchased paper.

This online service has provided over 650,000 papers to over 100,000 students. Most students who purchase from PaperHelp end up buying more than one paper. In fact, the average student using PaperHelp orders papers over the course of six semesters.

However, before moving on to discussing about different essay writing service providers, we would like to mention an AI-based essay generator that does the same job as writers but with high pace and accuracy. This tool is very convenient and can help you write compelling essays in seconds. Such tools can prove beneficial for students running short on a deadline or do not have enough budget with them to hire writers for the job.

How PaperHelp Works?

PaperHelp’s intuitive and easy-to-use website makes it easier than ever for students to order papers online. Students use their order for to place an order for a paper. During the checkout process, they offer payment through PaperHelp’s secure payment portal.

Once ordered, students can track the progress of their paper on the control panel on PaperHelp’s website. When the paper is finished by the professional writer, the student receives a sample of the paper. They can request free revisions if needed. The student can then download the paper and turn it in for class credit.

Benefits of PaperHelp

One of the best benefits of PaperHelp is that they only hire degree-holding writers. Their 24/7 customer support is also available to provide any needed help to students. Because papers are both plagiarism-free and ordered with 100% anonymity, students don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be disciplined for using the service.

Students can order papers for delivery as short as three hours. If a student is unsatisfied with a paper for any reason, the money-back guarantee provides them with added protection. For students who plan to purchase multiple papers, PaperHelp offers a great loyalty program.


Papers from PaperHelp start around $12 per page. These prices increase with shorter deadlines and higher educational levels. Students can purchase papers for high school, college, university, and PhD level programs.

PaperHelp’s Deals & Discounts

Students can take advantage of PaperHelp’s referral program and reward program. Students can get discounts of future papers when they enroll in these programs. The “earn with us” page on PaperHelp’s website details these great programs.

What University Students Have to Say about PaperHelp

Students who use PaperHelp have a lot of great things to say about their writers:

  • Customer support was helpful during ordering process
  • Quality essays were delivered before deadlines
  • Students plan to hire writers from PaperHelp for future essays
  • The paper was well-written and interesting
  • The service allowed students to take a break from their hectic schedule
  • The professor’s plagiarism check didn’t find any issues
  • The writer followed assignment guidelines and rubric information

99Papers is another paid service offering plagiarism-free papers for students in the United States and Canada. This service ensures the quality of all papers by scanning them for originality and using correct citation throughout the essay.

Like PaperHelp, students who order from 99Papers don’t have to worry about losing money on a paper they don’t like. 99Papers offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so students never pay for bad papers.

99Papers makes it easy to order papers with their custom order form. Students can order custom services throughout the entire process. This way, students aren’t paying extra for services they don’t actually need.

How 99Papers Works?

When a student wants to buy a paper, they use the online order form to provide assignment information and payment. Once the payment information is added, students can provide writers with instructions for the essay.

99Papers is great for students who want to discuss their assignment with their paid writer. Each student gets a dedicated writer who provides regular updates. The 24/7 support from 99Papers can lend assistance if problems arise.

When the writer completes the student’s paper, they can approve the assignment and download the file with their finished essay. 

Benefits of 99Papers

One of the best things about 99Papers is the ability for students to request a specific writer to complete their assignment. Students can read reviews about writers on the site to choose the best option for their essay.

99Papers requires writers to go through a vigorous application process. All writers come from verified educational backgrounds from top universities in the United States and U.K.

If a student still isn’t sure about using their services, 99Papers offers sample papers. This allows students to have more confidence before placing an order.


99Papers offers papers starting at $9.95 per page. The cost increases with shorter timelines and higher levels of education. Students can order papers delivered in as little as three hours. Papers are available for high school, undergraduate, master’s degree, and PhD students.

99Papers’ Deals & Discounts

Students ordering more than one paper can enroll in a rewards club that offers up to 15% back on all orders. More information can be found on the rewards club page of 99Papers’ website.

What College Students Have to Say about 99Papers

Reviews often give you a better idea of what to expect from a service. Students who bought papers from 99Papers have a lot of great things to say:

  • They got a great value for their money
  • The papers were submitted on time
  • The quality and speed led to repeat purchases
  • Writers made changes with free revisions
  • Documents were provided with proof of plagiarism-free essays
  • Students got positive feedback from professors
  • Students who used other companies preferred 99Papers

EssayPro offers some of the cheapest papers with the highest quality. Professional writers work diligently to offer students plagiarism-free content. Students don’t have to worry about disciplinary action from their school, since EssayPro offers 100% anonymity.

How EssayPro Works?

Like other online essay writing services, student can use an online order form to place an order on EssayPro’s website. Once they submit their assignment requirements, they can choose a writer for the essay. Students download completed essays and use their account balance to pay for the service.

Benefits of EssayPro

EssayPro has over twenty years of experience delivering perfect quality academic papers to students. Their order form is easy-to-use and students get a satisfaction guarantee. Best of all, students can receive unlimited FREE revisions within seven days of receiving their finished essay.

EssayPro offers more free features than any other essay writing service. Students get the best writers and free formatting, revisions, outlines, and title pages. Instead of charging for these features, free add-ons make the pricing transparent and easy to understand.


Papers start at $11 per page. The cost increases based on delivery timeline and necessary academic level. This price includes all of the add-ons mentioned in the previous section.

What People Have to Say about EssayPro

EssayPro has glowing recommendations filled with positive feedback about the writers and services offered by EssayPro:

  • Writers communicated and provided regular updates
  • Assignments were turned in ahead of deadlines
  • Students got more value for their money
  • Students could hire knowledgeable experts at a great price
  • Teachers gave top marks for essays
  • Writers followed assignment directions and grading rubrics

EssayBox provides the best essay writing service for students in Australia. They have a proven track record of delivering high-quality papers at a great price. Their staff of over 2,000 writers and editors work hard to provide great essays for customers.

How EssayBox Works?

EssayBox has an easy-to-use order form on the home page of their website. Students can input their assignment information and pay with secure payment processing. Once purchased, EssayBox’s team of writers work hard to provide top-notch essays.

Benefits of EssayBox

Students ordering from EssayBox can rest assured that they’ll receive great papers before the writing deadline. Because the writers come from a variety of educational backgrounds, students can get help with a variety of different writing assignments.

EssayBox takes confidentiality seriously. Students don’t have to worry about their personal information reaching their school because EssayBox keeps information confidential and secure.


Papers start at $10 a page. This price increases based on delivery timeline and educational level.

EssayBox’s Deals & Discounts

EssayBox provides a wide variety of deals and discounts, including a loyalty program and discount codes for essays. They even have discount codes that allow students to buy essays with faster delivery at a lower price! A full list of their deals can be found on the “bonuses” page of EssayBox’s website.

What Reviewers Have to Say about EssayBox?

Students who use EssayBox have a lot of great things to say about their services:

  • Essays were completed earlier than expected
  • Students received good grades on purchased essays
  • Extra support helped students get through difficult semester
  • The essay quality was better than expected

1Essay is an online essay writing service for students in Canada. They offer quick delivery and top-quality essays. All essays go through a vigorous quality control process. Customer support helps students with any issues.

How 1Essay Works?

Like other programs, 1Essay has an online order form where students provide details about their assignment and deadline. The experienced writing team at 1Essay write on-time essays for students to turn in for a grade.

Benefits of 1Essay

Students who order from 1Essay can count on perfectly formatted and 100% original papers. If a student orders a research paper, the writers ensure thorough research is completed and integrated into a high-quality essay. Students are often impressed by the critical and analytic thinking used in essays, which often meets and exceeds their professor’s expectations.


Students can order essays from 1Essay for $9 per page. Faster delivering and higher educational levels will increase this price. However, 1Essay has qualified writers for high school, undergraduate, master’s and PhD level papers.

What Students Have to Say about 1Essay

Students who order from 1Essay have a lot of positive comments:

  • The papers were high-quality
  • Students will place future orders
  • Professors were impressed with paper quality
  • Writers followed assignment instructions

Essay Factory is an essay writing service based in the U.K. that provides top-quality essays for students at U.K.-based universities.

How Essay Factory Works?

Students can purchase essays on the Essay Factory website. Once the paper is completed, students receive the finished paper through email. The 24/7 support offered by Essay Factory can help students with any issues or questions during the process.

Benefits of Essay Factory

Essay Factory provides plagiarism-free essays with perfect formatting, written by expert writers and editors in the U.K. Free features include outlines, title pages, bibliographies, and plagiarism checks. Students can use FREE unlimited revisions to ensure the quality of their purchased essay.


Essay Factory offer essays starting at £11.50 per page.

Essay Factory’s Deals & Discounts

Students can enroll in a rewards program that offers up to 15% back on all essay purchase. You can find out more information on the rewards club page on Essay Factory’s website.

What Reviewers Have to Say about Essay Factory?

Students using Essay Factory’s Services have lots of positive things to say:

  • Great content was delivered on time
  • Students made more than one purchase
  • Discounts on holidays meant students could save money
  • Revisions allowed students to get fine-tuned content
  • Essay Factory provides great customer support

Free Essay Writing Services

The following websites provide free services to students who need essay writing support.

1. Essay Typer

Essay Typer is a free essay writer and uses a combination of proprietary AI and Wikipedia articles to help you write an essay. Because they pull information from other websites, these papers are not free from plagiarism.

Students using Essay Typer to help with their essays should use the information as a starting point for their paper. This service does not provide ready-to-submit papers.

2. EssayBot

EssayBot is another AI tool to help students write papers. It provides a list of relevant content which is paraphrased to help mitigate plagiarism concerns. This free online tool also provides a smart citation finder to help you properly cite sources for your research papers.

If your professor uses a plagiarism checker like Turnitin, the paraphrased content provided by EssayBot will not be flagged. However, you should still look over the essay’s content and make adjustments to fit your assignment parameters.

3. Paper Typer

Paper Typer is a tool that allows students to input a paper topic and get an automatically-generated paper. Their powerful AI tools allow students to get a paper with only a few clicks.

This tool offers a plagiarism checker, grammar check, and citation generator to ensure quality content. Detailed reports can help students make changes to their essay before turning it in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about write my essay services? Below are the answers to common questions about these services.

What are the advantages to paid essay writing services over free ones?

The saying “you get what you pay for” can often apply to these services. While the free essay writing services can provide a great starting point for your essay, they do not provide an essay that’s ready to turn in for a grade.

Paying a write my essay service to write your paper will ensure the quality of your content. Instead of using AI tools to write your paper, paid service employ real writers and editors to make sure your content follows the assignment directions. Their services also provide a plagiarism check to ensure your essay won’t be flagged by your professor for plagiarism.

Are essay writing websites legitimate?

Not all essay writing websites are legitimate. It’s important to use common sense and read reviews to find out which websites are legitimate and which ones aren’t. Read reviews from trusted sites like Trust Pilot and on social media sites like Facebook.

Students in the United States can also check out a business’ rating on the Better Business Bureau. A website’s rating on the BBB can give students a good idea of whether or not the business is legitimate or a scam.

Can you trust cheap and free essay writing services?

Cheap and free essay writing services should be used with some caution. Most free services use AI to generate your essay’s content. Sites like Essay Typer openly acknowledge that they pull their information directly from online resources like Wikipedia.

If you need a complete, ready-to-submit paper, make sure the service offers a documented plagiarism check. Otherwise, look through the paper to make your own edits to ensure un-plagiarized work.

Is it safe to pay someone to write your essay online?

Most online write my essay services offer plagiarism-free work. These sites often provide the safety of your personal and payment information by using secure payment processing servers.

If you have concerns about getting your essay on time, most of the sites provide a guarantee for on-time delivery. The bulk of these websites also provide a satisfaction guarantee, meaning you won’t have to pay for an essay you don’t like.

The important thing to look for is anonymity. Because paid papers pass a plagiarism check, you’ll only receive disciplinary action by your school if they find out you purchased the paper online.

What are the ethics of using paper writing services?

There’s nothing wrong with getting help on an essay. However, many universities have policies against paying for essays or passing off paid essays as your own work. To cover themselves against liabilities, most paid essay services say that their provided essays are only the foundation to help you write your own work.

It’s important that you look at your university’s policy on using these services. Based on the university policies and your own conscious, you must come to your own conclusion about whether using these services is ethical.

How to hire someone who can write your essay?

One of the easiest ways to hire someone to write your essay is by ordering from one of the six paid websites listed in the article above. These services provide reviews to help you choose the right service for your essay.

Although you can hire someone to write your essay from other websites, these websites offer buyer protection to ensure you aren’t getting scammed. Their plagiarism checks also ensure that your paper won’t get flagged by your professor.

How much will it cost to buy an essay?

Although free essay help sites exist, most paid sites charge based on paper length and education level. These paid services usually charge around $10 per page, making a 5-page essay cost around $50.

Can I get caught when buying an essay from someone online?

There’s always some amount of risk when buying an essay online. However, most online write my essay services offer a plagiarism check and complete anonymity. That means you’ll only get caught if someone tells your professor that you used this service.

While some professors may become suspicious about differences in quality between your essays, the may not be able to definitively prove that you purchased an essay unless you admit it.


Students around the world turn to write my essay services to save time and improve their grades. These students purchase essays for a variety of reasons: personal emergencies, needed support, or to save time.

Most paid online essay writing services provide top-quality and plagiarism-free content. Whether you edit the essay or submit it as-is, you’ll save time. If you plan to purchase more than one essay, most paid services offer great discounts and rewards programs to help you get even more value for your money.


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