Why You Need TONOR TRL-20 Ring Light to Make Your Online Meetings Better

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Ring lights have become an essential part of almost every video and photography production. The use of ring lights is aimed at suppressing noise while providing a more refined appearance. Along with video conferencing-based marketing, you definitely don’t want to overlook the importance of lighting.

Zoom has become something of a trademark for online conferencing and the use of ring lights can help focus other people’s attention on you. They are able to create lighting that can clarify the texture of your face, making it more attractive than ever. You will no longer be a random person in the middle of an online conference. Another advantage is that most of them are inexpensive and affordable by most of the people.

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TONOR TRL-20 Ring Light 

This is exactly what active influencers and vloggers need. They can get what they want from a phone light ring. What sets the TONOR TRL-20 apart from other similar lights is that it can significantly improve the quality of your videos.

In addition, the compatibility also invites admiration. This ring light is compatible with various Android and iOS devices. That way you don’t need to be confused when you try to connect it with your mobile device. Not only compatible with Android and iOS, this great ring light can also be controlled remotely with a remote control. Changing the illumination can now be done with your fingers.

Here are its features:

Ring Light Dimmable: The TRL-20 provides 10 brightness settings and a tri-color mode. The three color modes in question are natural, cool, and warm. While the color temperatures that are accommodated are 2700 K and 6500K. You will have no trouble with online streaming activities; YouTube, TikTok, Video Conferencing, and more.

Soft & Bright Light: This ring light emits light from 160 LED bulbs for a significant increase in brightness. With its “power”, this ring light can provide soft light and reduce glare at the same time.

Lifespan: Since it uses only high quality LED bulbs combined with top-of-the-line voltage protection technology, this ring light is capable of running for 20000H without any problems.

Adjustable Tripod Stand: This ring light with stand comes with a tripod stand. The tripod stand can be adjusted from 16″ to 52″. This adjustment is made possible by four separate retractable sections. As if perfecting, they are reinforced by a triangular construction and non-slip rubber. And finally, you can adjust the angle by conditioning the flexible lamp base.

No need experience to operate it: No need for previous experience with other ring lights, you can operate this easily right away. You can simply set up the tripod stand, connect it to a power supply, and take a variety of photos and videos with the Bluetooth remote.

Compatibility: This TRL-20 ring light makes it easy for you to achieve great shots in your TikTok and YouTube activities. For information, this type is also very popular in various wedding and pre-wedding photography activities.

A Bluetooth remote: As mentioned above, the TONOR TRL-20 is equipped with a remote capable of providing remote control (up to 20 meters). You can quickly sync and change the illumination without having to touch the appliance repeatedly.

And lastly, how to use this ring light?

  • Using a stand is highly recommended. You just need to place the tripod mount on a flat surface.
  • Then you need to adjust the height according to what you need.
  • Mount your camera or phone in the center of the holder.
  • Turn on your camera.
  • Adjust the temperature and brightness of this selfie ring light.

Are you now intetested? Tell us!

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