Why you Need Flowers When Doing an Open House

Real estate is a profitable business and it can lift you up with immense speed. Yet, it’s a competitive niche, and selling a house or a flat may be stressful. Every real estate agent is trying to figure out new tricks to impress and cheer up customers.

There are plenty of schools where they educate themselves and learn different patterns of behavior and skills to trigger a customer’s emotions and persuade him to buy that house. One of those tricks is flowers.

Some companies, such as Joi Flower Delivery may help you find the perfect bouquet for your open house. It may seem like an unnecessary expense to you, but if you compare the price of the flower to the price of the flat you’re selling, you’ll see it’s absolutely worth it. I’ll give you just a few reasons for using the flowers while doing an open house.

Use it as a decoration

Fashion trends come and go, but the beauty of flowers is infinite. No matter what the occasion is, flowers will always enrich the space and make the people feel comfortable.

If you decide to use flowers as a decoration in an open space, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Don’t go over boundaries. With the flowers, the decoration options are almost infinite. Yet, pay attention, don’t overfill the space with it. It may cause a counter-effect. The decoration should be subtle, rather than aggressive.
  • Match it with the interior. When you decorate the space with flowers, bear in mind two things: the size of the space and the colors of the interior. Large rooms are suitable for larger bouquets but don’t place large bouquets into small rooms, it will look grotesque. Also, match the flowers with interior colors. Try to fit it like the room is its natural habitat.
  • Match it with the season. Summer is always reserved for warm colors. If you decorate the space during the summer, you should look for orange, yellow, or red bouquets. On the other hand, if you’re trying to decorate the space during the autumn and winter, white or blue flower decorations will be a perfect match for you.

Refresh your space

Fragrances are hitting customer’s emotions more than you think. So, it’s important to hit him not just with the exhibit of flowers, but also with the smell of it. If you’re wondering what’s the best-smelling flower, there’s no unique answer. You can achieve this by utilizing preserved luxury flowers from Sydney.  Even the old Latins had the maxim “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”, but here are a few picks where you can’t make mistake:

1. Roses. Roses are unique, timeless flowers. Even in ancient times, it was a symbol of love, beauty, and respect. It has a unique, rich fragrance and every customer will like it.

2. Lavender. Lavender has one of the most refreshing fragrances in nature. Its magical fragrance has therapeutic effects. It’s not surprising that lavender is one of the most common artificial air refreshing fragrances. So, if you buy it for your open house, you’ll make no mistake.

3. Jasmine. Jasmine will give you a refreshing, flowery scent, even during the wintertime. It has a note of citrus which will hit your customer’s emotions.

Additional tip: Don’t forget to change the water in Glass vases. You’re dealing with natural flowers and the water has to be changed at least every two days. Otherwise, you may experience a bad, rotting smell and that’s not the way to charm your customer.

Make the customer feel at home

No matter which flower we are talking about, it gives a more natural look to every environment and makes the surroundings more appealing to our eyes. You need to use that fact to attract the customer and make him feel cozy and relaxed.

Selling houses often seem cold and inhospitable. Whether it is pre-owned and previous owners took all valuables with themselves, or it’s brand new and it’s empty, it doesn’t look like a home. Not without small preparations. 

Your task is to give life to the empty space. Enrich it. A simple dried flower bouquet can do the work. It will give a warm, welcoming outlook. Or you can choose some other option, which will give the space a rustic appearance. Usually, it reminds customers of the past days and triggers joyful emotions.



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