Why Use Go and Hire Golang Developers


The demand for software has increased and while the change is aimed at automating tasks, it also comes with many challenges. Tasks can be completed earlier and with less effort. This makes less room for errors leading to higher rates of customer satisfaction. However, the challenge is that there is a higher demand for software. Companies have to keep up with the constant changes in tech and the ever-growing needs of customers. Whenever there is a need to create custom solutions, you may need to hire Go developers.

Golang is a type of programming language that is becoming popular among developers. Until about 5 years ago, it wasn’t even in the top 50 coding languages. It is slowly becoming a favorite among many developers because of several reasons. So why should you use Golang, and how to hire a Golang developer for software projects? Let’s discuss the advantages of the language and see the potential benefits for your business.

Why use Golang and hire the developers

Golang is an open-source coding language. This means that there is a huge community of developers with access to information about new solutions on the market. It is similar to other coding languages such as C, C++, Python and Java.

For instance, it has a similar speed to Python while being easy to maintain. It is used by so many companies such as Google, Uber, Twitter, Dropbox, Newxel and SoundCloud. So why do companies choose Golang developers? Here are some reasons and advantages to take into account.

1. Flexibility

Go is also flexible. It can be used to create a broad range of apps and software applications. When a company uses Go, there is no limit to the requirements. Software developers use this coding language because it is simple to use and offers high security on all projects.

2. Simplicity

The main selling point of Go is its simplicity. When creating apps with Go, coding is simple. This gives developers additional time. Extra time means more work can be done especially on more important tasks.

The Go language is focusing on the simple usage, in the process you also can see that you are using less memory, speeding up some compile-times, fixing memory corruption issues and overall significantly improving escape analysis results. These all result in high performance, flexible theming and rapid development.

3. Easy to use

Even the least skilled developers can easily use Golang. It is not complex, unlike some other coding languages. All that a developer needs is some time to learn the basics. Once you know the basics, everything becomes easier. Apart from that, there are a lot of tutorials out there that will guide new learners.

If we speak about the frontend, when the engineers design the UI,  they don’t want to mess up with the frontend to add multiple files support. We have to say that many users like the simplicity of this Golang approach, and it is really easy to use.

4. Designed for complex apps

Most of the coding languages out there can be used for creating simple apps. But a few can work when designing complex apps. Golang on the other hand can create both complex solutions.

We must say that Go is an exciting programming language. Its simplicity, pointers and concurrency by default could become your favorites. Actually, the fact that it was used to build docker and k8s makes it a great language for the future microservices. So it ain’t going anywhere.

5. Easy to maintain

Golang has one solution that fits all models. So if you have any issues it is easy to tackle the problem. Also, a lot of code is maintained automatically. So whether you need to import or format, there is an automated solution in place to do so with ease.

Hiring offshore Go developers

Despite the growth in the number of software developers, it is still not enough to meet up with the demands in the software market. To make matters worse, there are even fewer Golang developers. So anyone hiring Golang developers will find it extremely frustrating. That is because companies are battling for the best talent. It may be difficult to get experts if you are unable to beat the amount that larger companies are offering.

Aside from the stiff competition, hiring staff may be an expensive process. It may cost you double the amount to hire experts as it would to hire other regular developers. Before a specialist accepts a job offer, they need to be reassured of the working conditions and salary.

Because it is difficult to get talent locally, it may be a good idea to hire offshore experts. You can start working with the team on a project and outsource talents with the acquisition of managing skills as well. Hiring offshore will give you the needed Golang specialists and also reduce the amount you spend on outsourcing talent.

Most of this talent comes from easy European countries such as Ukraine. These countries usually have relaxed tax regulations that make it easier for software companies to outsource talent. Also, the costs for developers are cheaper compared to the USA. On average a middle or senior Golang developer with a good experience may get paid $20-35 per hour for any project. This is nearly double what a developer in the USA would ask. For many developers, Golang is their second language that has come to the rescue thanks to its simplicity. So lots of great experts switch to it while having a good background and knowledge of other solutions. 

Final thoughts

Golang is an emerging coding language. It is becoming more popular among developers. It offers so many benefits when compared to other coding languages. It is easy to use, can work for complex applications, and is easy to maintain. It also provides high security for all software solutions.

Despite the growing need for Golang, there is a shortage of specialists. A way of overcoming this challenge is by hiring offshore. Offshore outsourcing companies provide Go developers. Relaxed tax rules and reduced payments to developers mean you can save on expenses. These specialists will create exceptional software solutions in no time.


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