Which Miner Is Suitable To Buy In 2021?

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With the popularity of digital currency, more and more people invest in digital currency. Among the many investment methods, digital currency trading and mining are more sought after by investors. The most important thing for digital currency trading is to choose a reliable one. Digital currency exchanges, and the most important thing for mining is the choice of mining machines. Nowadays, various mining machines are emerging in the market. Not every mining machine is suitable for you. Then, what kind of mining machine is suitable to buy in 2021?You can go to ZEUS MINING, where you can learn more about the mining machine.

Before buying a mining machine, you should first figure out what algorithm is used for the coin you plan to mine, and then look for a mining machine that supports this algorithm, because the same merchant may provide multiple mining machines with the same algorithm and different models of mines. There are differences in the price and computing power of the machine. The user can choose according to the situation. At the same time, the price of the mining machine is affected by the currency price, and the price of the same model of mining machine may be different in different periods.

Bitcoin’s mining machine brands include Antminer, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Avalon, Ebit miner, Cheetah miner, DragonMint, StrongU miner, etc.

  1. The Antminer S9 produced by Bitmain is the most mainstream mining machine on the market. Antminer S9 uses TSMC’s 16-nanometer finFET process. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) comes from the agency factory of the iPhone chip, and Ant has also applied a fully customized design on the s9. Therefore, this makes s9 have a super computing power upgrade, making mining more efficient. s9 uses the latest generation chip BM1387 (a total of 189 chips), and a single chip has a computing power of 74GH/s. In terms of power consumption, s9 remains at 0.08W/GH/s. (The power consumption is 0.08W/GH/s under the core voltage of 0.4v, and the power consumption per T computing power wall is only 100 watts, which is equivalent to only 2.4 kWh per day. The rated computing power is: 13.5TH /s ±5%
  2. Bitfily miner A1, the mining machine chip is the core of the mining machine. Some people say that Bitmain is the source of the entire Bitcoin mining machine industry. Bitmain has its own powerful computing power chip technology as early as the end of 2013. Of course, this is also due to The joint cooperation and efforts of Bitmain and other companies, and the Snow Leopard mining machine is their own product. A1 is the world’s first customized mining machine, equipped with an ASIC chip (BF16BTC), the number of chips is up to 576PCS, a single chip’s computing power is 84.1GH/s, and the overall computing power is as high as 49TH/s±5%.
  3. ZZhanqi Mining Machine Z4 uses Intel’s dual-core G3930@2.8GHz CPU, mining power is 265MH/s (ETH), is equipped with a discrete graphics card 570×8, has 9 fans, and the radiator uses INTEL’s original Radiator, power supply: Zhanqi 2000W power supply, voltage: 12.4-12.6v.
  4. Ebang E10 mining machine is a powerful bitcoin mining machine released by Yibang, a listed company on the New Third Board of Zhejiang Province. The Ebit E10 mining machine adopts the latest 10nm DW1228 chip (70 pieces) independently developed by Ebang. The average computing power can reach 18TH/s±5%, and the energy consumption ratio is 90W/T. Low power consumption, high computing power, independent heat sink, better heat dissipation. The heat sink adopts the latest bonding technology, and the shell material is stronger, which provides better protection for your mining machine and brings high benefits to miners around the world.

For investors, when choosing a mining machine, they should choose according to the digital currency they want to mine. For example, an ASIC mining machine can only mine the currency of the specified algorithm. Users can evaluate the mechanism and mining principle of the relevant currency. , Reward mechanism, difficulty adjustment mechanism, exchange transaction amount and other data, select the mining currency, and then select the mining machine.

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