Which Meme Coin has the Most Potential?


The Internet is itself a world on the digital platform. Just like the real world which has twists and shifts in interests, the digital world has a similar comparison to it. The scope of the internet was wide right from the beginning but its effect was felt when the common masses started using the facility. The smartphones that were accessible to common people led to this revolution which was commonly referred to as the digital revolution. In today’s world, the internet has managed to secure one of the most important parts of human lives. To get a fair idea on bitcoin trading visit this website.

The Internet has given many vantages to people in the form of a source of information and monetary terms, the most important asset is the advent of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are by far the most popular entities of the derivatives of the digital platform. The first ever cryptocurrency which was popularized in the market was none other than bitcoin and after this many new currencies were invented. Along with it, the most popular meme culture of the internet also managed to add up a meme culture in the crypto coins as well. In this article, we are going to discuss these meme coins that are making rounds on the platform in the current year. So, let us start the journey!

Meme coin- The definition

The coins that have a digital background are a whole class of tokens. The memes that are popular on the internet have become a popular concept for coin makers and are booming at a large rate. The value of humor and ideas are used by the creators to create a meme-looking coin that has a monetary value along with its internet existence. These were first used as a reward in a computer game but as soon as their popularity gained momentum, these became an important token for the whole digital payment platforms. This made the meme coins act both as payment methods and a store for valuable monetary terms.  

Popular Meme Coins

The very first meme coin that comes into one’s mind when speaking about it is none other than Dogecoin. The token name of Dogecoin is DOGE and was launched in the year 2013. The two brains behind its invention were Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The brand tag of Doge was a dog whose breed name was Shiba dog. The meme coin that is Dogecoin was launched to take a dig at bitcoin as a meme is supposed to do! This led many other meme coins to come into existence and was successful in their operations. To date, more than 200 meme coins exist in the market and due to their large number, each one of them cannot be listed here. So, we will name a few to give you some overview about the same. 

Shiba Inu shortened as SHIB was launched as a competitor to DOGE and thus was a meme in itself. Isn’t it strange, the memes that were supposed to humor us started competing with each other? The other names in the meme coins list are Monacoin, Hoge finance, Dogelon mars, Pepe cash, ERC20, Wownero, Doggy, Floki Inu, Gamingdoge, game box, and many more. 

Investing in meme coin

The most important thing that one needs to keep in his mind while investing in the meme coin market is that these derive their values from the meme market. The more popular the meme is, the more amount of return it can offer you. Also, their issuance and other terms like volatility, price stability, and many more are responsible for its essential growth. Their momentum is purely based on the meme culture and thus should be closely looked upon before investing.

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