What Must You Know About Dubai City Tour?


Dubai is the ideal of royal wealth and modern elegance. This city has indeed experienced both extremes of affection and hostility. On the other hand, a Dubai city tour is always accompanied by exciting discoveries and exciting new experiences. Sometimes people tour Dubai because of its positive impact on promoting the UAE internationally.

Here are some most interesting places about which you must know in Dubai City Tour before coming for the tour;


Dubai’s BurjKhalifa is the world’s highest skyscraper. This must-see monument intrigues the world. The BurjKhalifa reflects the power and splendour of the United Arab Emirates, surpassing the Empire State Building.

Seeing the skyscraper from the ground will make you dizzy. Prices for climbing the BurjKhalifa vary by floor. You can enjoy tea and sweets behind a bay window.

Palm Jumeirah

Jumeirah Island’s palm tree shape is unusual. The Jumeirah Palm also has luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and wealthy houses. This facility has infinity pools, spas, and nightclubs.

You must hire a helicopter to see the Jumeirah Palm. It is the only way to see this stunning island. More daring visitors can parachute or paraglide over Dubai.

Downtown Dubai

Visiting the Dubai Mall is free unless you buy something at the stores, restaurants, or cafes. The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest retail mall, home to luxury goods. If you’re uninspired, peruse the mall’s aisles.

The Dubai Mall has the city’s Aquarium. It is an excellent chance to see aquatic life. Dubai Mall is an attraction in itself. Thus, you should visit. Outside the world’s largest mall are some luxurious automobiles. It’s a chance to see rare cars and perhaps import one from Dubai.

UAE fountains

A vast artificial lake sits at the BurjKhalifa’s base. Dubai’s fountains give a nightly sight. The Dubai Fountain is a set of fountains turned on at night.

Dubai Fountains glitter and move to music with thousands of spotlights and gallons of water. Everyone can see the free show. For a better view, book a table near the fountains.

Safari Dubai

Dubai desert safaris are must-dos. It’s something travellers do in the UAE’s early days. A typical day trip begins with an adrenaline-filled 4WD ride across the city’s dunes. The driver will drop you off at the dunes to snap photos or watch the sunset. A Dubai safari usually culminates with a tent supper, belly dancing entertainment, and henna tattoos.

Emirates Museum

Dubai Museum tells the city’s story. Don’t doubt the city’s cultural past despite its modernity. Visiting the museum is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the city. For a few tens of pennies, plunge into daily life, fishing communities, Dubai’s development, and oil discoveries. The museum also displays prehistoric artefacts.

Mosque Jumeirah

Dubai’s Jumeirah Mosque is a symbol of Arab and Oriental culture. It’s also the only mosque in Dubai that welcomes non-Muslims. Jumeirah Mosque has entry requirements. Men must not wear pants above the knees, while women must cover their arms, legs, and hair. Also, remove shoes. Jumeirah Mosque must be honoured as a site of prayer.

Whenever you go on Dubai City Tour, these are the great places you have to visit and take care of Dubai tourism and national living laws.


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