What Makes The Scandinavian Gambling Market So Popular?


If you have heard of poker legends such as Annette Obrestad, Patrik Antonius, Martin Jacobson, and Felix Stephensen and are wondering why that list has so many Scandinavians in it, the reason is the extreme popularity of gambling in Scandinavian countries.

But this was not the case even a decade ago. It was jackpots that opened up this conservative market when a progression of people won huge amounts in quick succession. However, there are several other reasons apart from jackpots and poker that make the Scandinavian market so attractive for gamblers. Here are a few reasons why.

Scandinavians are Naturally Big on Gambling

Every Scandinavian country has a large population who have gambled during the last year, with Finland reporting as much as 80% and Iceland 76%. 

Part of the reason is that Scandinavians are amongst the happiest people in the world, with one of the highest disposable incomes, steady jobs, and strong and stable economies.


Source: https://nordicwelfare.org/en/nyheter/gambling-in-the-nordic-countries/

Mushrooming of New Casinos

Another reason for the popularity of online gambling in this market is the constant supply of new casinos in Scandinavia that offer a lot of bonuses to attract players, such as sign-up bonuses, free spins, deposits bonuses, etc. This makes the market very popular for those gamblers who are looking for freebies.

Easier Regulations

Government acceptance and regulation of online gambling has been sketchy across countries, with many governments eyeing this industry with suspicion as a conduit for black money and causing gambling addiction among players.

Scandinavian countries have been an exception to the rule. For example, Denmark eliminated its government monopoly over gaming in 2010, and Sweden opened up its market for online gambling in 2018. The Finland government has a very progressive approach towards all gaming app creator startups, including Finnish casinos.

Banking Support

The banking system in Scandinavia has been very open and supportive of the online casino industry. Almost all banks and e-wallet companies support payments to these casinos. You can even opt for Crypto options like Bitcoin and debit cards to make payments.

With nothing more than 10€ in your online wallet, you can start gambling in countries like Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway.

Compare the scenario with the banking system in the US – where most banks will simply refuse to have anything to do with online casinos, even if the state legally allows gambling.

Range Of Gavermbling Options

Scandinavians have access to a huge variety of options in online gambling, including games from Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, Evolution Gaming, Elk Studios, and Big Time Gaming. 

A wider variety of games including poker, slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat brings in a wider gambling audience than anywhere else in the world (except perhaps the UK)

Strong Internet Penetration & Mobile Teledensity

Near 100% penetration of mobile internet means that Scandinavians are big on mobile-based applications, making it easier for online casinos to reach out to gamblers both through mobile apps and websites. 

Online gambling is exciting, interactive and fun, while also being relatively inexpensive and easier to indulge in.

Smart Marketing by Online Casino Operators

Another reason why gambling is popular in Scandinavian countries is the way online gambling companies have smartly used marketing to promote the business. 

Casino platforms have involved such big names as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ola Amundsgard and Johnny Lodden as brand ambassadors, bringing the online gaming business to the homes of millions of fellow compatriots.

This use of champions and national sporting heroes has improved the profile of the business and given it a legitimacy that may still be lacking in many other countries and regions.

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