What Life Insurance without Medical Exams Costs

Each life insurance policy, whether traditional or non-medical, that you choose will come with trade-offs. Most of the time when we discuss costs we are concerned about the price of things in financial terms, and this article explores that topic by giving an example of each quote for each of the three main types of insurance policies without medical exams below. And, you can get these no exam life insurance quotes easily through Sproutt. 

To start with, there are many diverse forms of insurance that exist in the life insurance market, and each kind of policy fits the plans and goals of those they insure. As such, they protect beneficiaries to varying extents in the event of a loss. While these all come at slightly different prices to suit each case, they do vary based on the person, situation, lifestyle, and coverage amount. As a result, you will need to tradeoff the missing doctor’s appointment with answers through questionnaires. 

Though life insurance without medical exams doesn’t require a formal doctor’s appointment for evaluation, they do ask that you answer certain medical and health-centric queries that will help you get insurance by demonstrating risk factors. You can get this kind of insurance easily by filling out a short survey that we link below, but know that you must always answer these questions honestly unless you want to jeopardize your ultimate payout. 

Some of these lifestyle and personal questions can actually establish some of the important terms of your policy. They may ask about:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Recent Issues
  • Hospitalizations
  • Other Information

So, one cost of life insurance without medical exams is simply openness. You won’t need to submit yourself to the tedious nature and complex process that always is a medical appointment for insurance purposes. Instead, you just need to answer openly and honestly to secure a policy. 

Next, we discuss the financial cost of these insurance policies by reading through three example policies offered by Sproutt.com. They are competitive examples of some of the best rates on the market. Learn how you can get life insurance finally without medical exams through Sproutt, a trusted insurer with a modern application process. 

The Pricing of Different No Exam Life Insurance Policies

In the main, life insurance policies without medical exams come in tiered choices for consumers to select the best policy for their ideal goals and outcomes. There are three such tiered policies below. You’ll find that they are reasonably priced for the waived requirements and risks for the insurer. Choose one, and get a quote. 

Most Simple

You will not need a medical exam for the simplest coverage from Sproutt which ensures a payout amount of $250,000 at activation of the policy. The premium for this kind of policy could be as low as $60 per month, though it might be worth mentioning that usually insurers advise a policy amount equal to 10 times your annual salary, making this a good supplemental concern. So, if you already have a traditional policy and could use a little coverage bump, consider a simple policy from Sproutt. 

Most Popular

The most popular coverage type from Sproutt comes at the slightly higher price of $100 per month in premiums for up to $500,000 in coverage for your beneficiaries, needing no exam at all for a policy that gives great coverage at a reasonable rate. With this policy, your insurer may not even need to see your medical records in order to calculate the risk, premium, and policy amount they can offer. And, an added benefit of the policy is that you can get double the coverage amount of the Most Simple policy for less than double the cost of the monthly premium.

Most Comprehensive

There is of course always the possibility that you have a large number of beneficiaries or high hopes for your coverage readiness, and you’ll need a matching policy that can offer comprehensive and even generous coverage for you and yours. Sproutt offers such a policy with a potential payout amount of $750,000 for those who can handle a premium of $150 per month. This will ensure that your beneficiaries receive the most possible benefit from a policy that doesn’t require a medical appointment or exam to qualify and get approved. 

How to Get a No Exam Life Insurance Policy

You have seen the two true costs of life insurance without medical exams: openness and modest monthly investments. If you want to explore which policies make sense for you and get a free custom quote, you can contact Sproutt. Find out your rate today and get a policy that protects you and your family through financial preparedness!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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