What Is The Future Of Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Gambling has come a long way from cards and plastic chips with the help of the exponential growth of the developments in technology. Especially since the global pandemic happened in 2020, we have found new ways to do many things that we usually do in-person, at home, like gambling.

While trying our best to remain indoors and keep our exposure to other people and public places minimal, online gambling is one of the things that might experience a significant increase in the people who use it and the people who want to get started on it. Continue reading to see what the future is like for online gambling.

More Stringent Advertising Regulations

With online and offline advertising, there are a particular set of rules per country. And in the United States of America, the rules set are per state. There are specific rules like if professional athletes may be male or female can advertise or participate in activities involving particular gambling types like sports betting.

In the world of online advertising, it is very easy to get lost or confused. There are minimal regulations with affiliate marketers, and the stress is all on the casino operator’s shoulders. Perhaps, there would be proper regulation with those involved in the marketing or the operation of gambling.

In Europe, online casinos face a variety of gambling advertising difficulties. There is a need to face increasing restrictions while at the same time trying to commit to safety precautions for players and also making further progress in a business manner.

In the near future, proactivity will be even more crucial. This applies to operators responsible for gambling measures and their affiliated companies, who play a major part in self-regulation.

Mobile Gambling Growth

In today’s world, commuting gambling is very accessible for anyone of legal age. There are slot machines and bingo for the women, and men usually take part in weekly or even daily betting on their favorite professional sports leagues.

The accessibility and handiness of having a handheld device for gambling aren’t maximized to its full potential just yet. Once the operators can find the sweet spot and create a formula where they can maximize the utilization of people always being on their handheld devices 24/7, the market for mobile gaming will grow exponentially. When the market grows exponentially, so will the cash flow.

Broader In-Play Betting

In the last ten years, the popularity of online gambling has improved. There have been predictions that it will continue improving in the future. Betting in sports through online platforms has already increased in popularity as it becomes one of the biggest platforms to bet on in different countries worldwide.

In-play betting or live betting is placing your bets while the event happens. It is like putting a bet on Tiger Woods to win the PGA while he’s on hole 11 or Tom Brady to win the Superbowl while the game is at halftime. This type of betting is popular in sports but isn’t the only event where this takes place. It may be present in other forms of competitions like dog shows, cars, maybe even a presidential race.

ESports Betting

ESports betting is still something that many people aren’t familiar with. Yet, statistics compiled by betandbeat show that eSports gambling grossed over US$14 billion dollars via betting operators in 2020. It seems too good to be true but the younger generation is all over these virtual games (e.g., CS:GO, DOTA2, League of Legends). If you take into account that the fanbase of these ESports leagues isn’t as known as the professional sports leagues, the amount it generates from betting is quite the feat.

Although it may be something that a lot of individuals worldwide may get into because Gaming as we know it can garner a global audience, unlike some sports like American Football, Hockey, or even Rugby. Gaming, at a high level or professionally, can be exciting in itself for those watching it and betting on it.

Still, suppose you consider adding higher stakes and higher prices to the victors. In that case, it becomes all the more engaging for the players and the audience. Big league games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, Dota, and Call of Duty: Warzone may have an even bigger fanbase. With the growing fanbase of ESports, ESports betting will continue to grow in the next few years.

Crypto Gambling

If you think that ESports gambling isn’t that well-known yet, Crypto Gambling is right up that alley. Crypto gambling exists with the mission to give crypto gamblers and connoisseurs an easy way of playing with their Bitcoins and other altcoins. FIAT money, the one that is usually used to gamble in online casinos, may entail many setbacks and difficulties with its long transaction processes, asset seizure by banks, and slow experience all in all.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, and the new Dogecoin, make the process smoother with quicker deposit and withdrawal, not to mention fairer odds when you gamble on provably fair games. Cryptocurrencies used in online casinos have helped the public look at Bitcoin as a legitimate form of value.

Virtual Reality Gambling Platforms

Suppose someone would tell you that there is a way to have the full experience of going into a casino without having to leave the confines of your room. In that case, you’d probably think it would be too good to be true. If this possibility excites you, then you have Virtual Reality to thank. This advancement in technology has had a significant effect on online casinos.

It provided them with the platform to become even more interactive and immersive for the gamer. It gives the gamer the desired experience. The difference between VR and the typical online and social platforms for gaming is that VR casinos want to reduce their number of consumers significantly. Sort of like weeding them out so that they are left with the big players.


What people need to know about I-Slots is that they are a brand new kind of slot that has been engineered specifically for the usage of online casinos. It quickly is becoming one of, if not the most popular, sort of slot game.

The I-Slot, short for Interactive Slot, has been dispersed through multiple online casinos, which gives the avid players a different and new take on the classic slot game. Each game mixes regular slot spins along with adventures. The differences between this and the classic slot machines you would come across in physical casinos aren’t too far apart, just enough to re-invent the familiar type of gambling. It may mean having the same experience of a slot machine in a casino, but even better in the comfort of your own home.

With the continued progression and advancements in technology and the increasing popularity of cashless transactions and cryptocurrency, there isn’t any limit to where online gambling can go. Not only can they create new games where people can bet on, but they can also reimagine classic casino games to make them more fun and accessible for the general public. They can also create a better, more immersive experience that people will enjoy.

Online gambling can take on a new meaning from people thinking it’s just watching and clicking on a screen waiting for your bets to unfold to achieve the full casino experience as if you were there. Online gambling will continue to grow and improve as long as there is an existing market that grows with them.

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