What Is RPL? How Can It Benefit One?

Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL, or Recognition of Prior Learning, is essential as it helps identify whether a particular candidate is a good fit for a certain role or work profile or not. It is basically an assessment process and desirable candidates who apply for it get full support to pursue a profession or occupation of their choice after fulfilling the necessary formalities.

The primary purpose of RPL is to help students feel more confident about themselves before they start searching for a job, either as a fresher or mid-senior professional. After completing the RPL program or process, your experience and skills will get the necessary weightage and recognition. It helps reduce the duration of traineeship or apprenticeship when you pursue a particular profession or field.

Even if you are a beginner or don’t possess the minimum eligibility criteria that are needed to work in a particular sector or niche, RPL can help. It’ll give you a solid foundation to kickstart your career in style, besides giving you the much-needed recognition that you deserve. In addition to recognition, the RPL program can open several career avenues for you to carve a niche in your chosen field.

The Benefits of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

Helpful for Individuals Sans Formal Qualification

RPL can help people pursue a different career path even if they don’t have any formal qualifications. For example, if you are committed to making a mark in the field of creativity but don’t have graduation or any other qualifying degree/ diploma, going through the RPL route will give you the necessary recognition plus the professional skills needed to handle such a job only if you possess the right skills.

Plenty of Choices

You’d be stunned to know that around 96100 candidates completed the RPL process in 2018 by fulfilling the necessary criteria. There are plenty of courses and qualifications to pursue through RPL.

If you want to complete a diploma in government security, public safety, and workplace fraud control—the RPL process is necessary. Over 90% of professionals working in these fields have undergone necessary RPL training processes.

Along with the abovementioned courses, candidates can also opt for other industry-specific certification courses in agriculture, meat processing, finance, healthcare, automotive, plumbing, and others. After acquiring the necessary skills through RPL, you can showcase the same to your institute or at a job interview.

It helps you confidently present yourself and justify that you possess the required skills and experience to handle a particular job or undergo a professional program.

Makes You Employable

Many candidates successfully build their fortunes by making the best use of RPL Australia. If you’re living anywhere in Australia, you can certainly enhance your job prospect through it.

In addition to making you feel confident about your chosen field, it also recognizes your previous work experience and practical skills in that particular domain.

RPL brightens the job prospects of candidates who may be skilled but do not possess the relevant qualification. Particularly in the realm of community services and labor-intensive industries, candidates can unleash their true potential and join the workforce through the RPL process in no time, provided they have the necessary work experience and practical skills to meticulously manage the work-related intricacies.

Negotiate with Your Employer for a Pay Hike

RPL gives you the advantage of negotiating the payment scale with your employer. In addition, it recognizes your previous work experience and qualification, giving you an edge over other candidates. By showcasing your work portfolio and RPL recognition, you can get a hike in salary, too.

No Need for Extra Training

If you’ve already completed the RPL procedure, you need not repeat any training program again. Instead, you can prove that you’re competent and well-trained in your specific domain while utilizing the available time to do actual work without going through books and practical sessions.

RTO or Registered Training Organization will check your work experience and volunteering activities to compare them against what’s required for that particular qualification through course content evaluation.

If needed, you may be advised to go for further training to increase your employability and practical skills. However, if you’re already well-experienced and proficient in your field of work, you can continue your profession.

In Conclusion

The RPL process offers several vocations to excel in. Depending upon your choice, you can choose any of them to build an impressive portfolio, mentioning your skills, experience, volunteering activities, and other relevant details. Thus, RPL gives you the additional advantage of creating a remarkable CV, highlighting your work, effort, and dedication.

Besides acknowledging your professional acumen and skills, RPL also helps you get shortlisted. Employers always prefer candidates with thorough skills and domain knowledge with additional certifications and work experience to justify their suitability for a particular post.


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