What is DAO Maker? How Does it Work?


Blockchain technology has been widespread around the world, it has deepened its roots inside the finance and economics of this world, while most blockchain projects are tailored within the market and are following the token ecosystem.

So, to facilitate the token within a limited time and reduce the competitive elements to unaffected your project, there is a Crypto launchpad that helps in launching the token system for your project known as DAO maker.

What is DAO Maker?

DAO maker is the crypto project launchpad that provides growth solutions to your crypto project keeping them apart from the tussles of the cut-throat competition and creating a cryptocurrency revolution in the real-time market prices. This platform provides the technologies which empower the SaaS solutions for blooming crypto start-ups and it has one flagship product known as DAO pad. This DAO pad is a multi-dynamic investment platform that lets DAO token holders take part in every early-stage pre-token sale for upcoming crypto projects. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check the attributes of the best bitcoin exchange .

Here is the account of the most famous DAO maker affiliated projects which are given as:

  •       ALICE
  •       ORN
  •       CWS
  •       IPAD

When did DAO Maker launch?

DAO maker was launched in the year around 2019 when a token sale event of DAO tokens was held for exchanging Ether cryptocurrencies. DAO is an autonomous organization that helps in investing and directing the venture capital firm and also is known to utilize the concept of crowdfunding efforts.

DAO maker has a wide range of extra services that allow the incubation and advisory services to be under its servicing options like it also allows the crypto project to use all mining. Projects can reflect their value addition by creating awareness and promoting liquidity ejection in their native token through DAO’s flagship products and also it helps in multi-folding the number of tokens. DAO maker provides its native utility token known as DAO which helps in taking parts in the token sales events and earning a yield over the DAO maker’s vaults.

How does DAO Maker work?

DAO maker is known to provide the participation framework to allow the retail or small-scale investors to allow the equal participation of crowd equity. DAO maker’s vault is used to participate in DAO maker’s three types of offerings and refundable token sale methods like:

  • Strong Holder offerings
  • SEED sales
  • Dynamic Coin Offerings

Users can allow the DAO power to participate themselves in the lottery event with better chances of winning, they are also automatically funded with their USD coin balance and gives refundable token sale priority.

Users can be separated into five tranches according to their tier of DAO spent which can be summarized as below:

Tranche 1:  This Tranche corresponds to 500 to 999 DAO power

Tranche 2:  Here the value increases from 1000 to 1999

Tranche 3: And here it gains a momentum of 2000 to 3999

Tranche 4: Whereas in the fourth stage it accelerates with 4000 to 9999

Tranche 5: and in this, it exceeded with 10000 plus DAO power to spend

What are the features of DAO Maker?

The current active flagship of DAO maker is working on Venture Bond that helps to earn yield and allow users to buy bonds for their growing startups, the features of a DAO Venture bond can be noted as below:

  • Users can purchase bonds after paying a principal money
  • Startups will then use the principal sum generated by the bond to have a generated interest through insurance margin.
  • The interest generated through the centralized method now begins serving the funding for startups and the startup has to deposit equity or token to the Bondholders while when the bond is matured it will be left with initial funding and the principal sum is returned to the owner.


DAO maker has strong flagship services which contribute to dynamic coin offering and many positive incentives like social mining to create opportunities to earn rewards, also it has launched its own native token DAO which allows its owner to participate in the token sale events.

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