What Does NB Term Stands For in Betting?


Nowadays the sports betting sphere is really extensive and there are numerous sports disciplines that are available for wagering. One of the most widespread kinds of sports that enjoy significant popularity among bettors is horse racing. It is regarded as an aristocratic form of betting which is especially famous in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, the Middle East and South America. As far as the most prestigious horse races are considered, these are Grand National, World Cup in Dubai, Kentucky Derby, Pegasus World Cup, Cheltenham Festival, etc.

Horse racing offers numerous betting possibilities for punters. Also, this discipline has a very specific terminology that every bettor who would like to make punts on horse racing should be familiar with. The most commonly encountered terms in this kind of sports are Nap and NB. In this article, you will find out what does nb mean in betting in order to be able to apply this knowledge in betting on horse racing. By the way, if you would like to reap additional benefits while making bets on sports, you may treat yourself to the best bookmaker bonuses and promotions here – https://takebet.com/betting-sites/bonuses.”

What are the sports that involve NB?

As mentioned before, horse racing is this kind of sports that involves the term NB which stands for the “next best” bet. Owing to the fact that there are a lot of horses competing in the race, the bettors may indicate the best bet which is named “Nap” and the next-best bet called “NB” respectively. These terms were coined by tipsters who were writing tips before all horse races in newspapers. Therefore, the readers could know what are the main favourites of every single race and place a bet on them. 

So, simply speaking Nap is the tipster’s top pick of the day and his most favoured horse in the race whereas NB is his second-best recommendation for wagering. Note that you may take advantage of those betting tips. However, you shouldn’t follow those recommendations blindly, but try to perform your own analysis on the basis of statistics from several tipsters. 

However, NB term may also be applied in soccer betting. For example, when there are grand tournaments such as the World Cup in which many teams participate, you may also place NB bets on the team which you consider to take second place in this competition. Also, when there is a football match, some sportsbooks give punters a chance to make a bet on the team that will score next, which may also be a variation of NB as in horse racing. 

Do online tipsters use the term NB? 

At a time when sports betting is mostly available online rather than offline at land-based places, online tipsters offer their tips for horse races at online websites. That is why they continue using the term NB till now. 

NB betting strategy advantages

You may try to use a staking plan that tipsters propose. This is the amount of money that they recommend you to put on each horse that they select. For instance, tipsters may advise you to bet 10 USD perf each point at the beginning, but then when you win, you may increase your betting bank and your stakes at each point. 

What is more, it is recommended to follow trustworthy tipsters whose predictions are accurate most of the time. Therefore, make sure that you read reviews about a tipster before you start using his NB tips. Sometimes reliable tipsters offer their precise daily tips under a paid subscription. You may try to subscribe to them and check their NB recommendation, but if you do not profit from them, you should end the subscription immediately then in order not to lose your money. 

In addition, you may also check the betting odds that are proposed for every single horse that takes place in the race. Keep in mind that odds may be of different types. There are fractional odds, American odds and decimal odds. So, the winning horse will usually have lower odds whereas the horse that is less likely to win will have higher odds. 

What to consider when doing a NB bet

If a tipster uses a so-called staking plan, then you should definitely pay closer attention to it because then you may easily figure out what his NB punt will be. For example, it may happen that a tipster gives five predictions per day with a proposed staking plan of four points on one horse, two points on another and one point on each of the remaining three horses. In this case, the horse with four points will be his Nap and the one with two points will be his NB. 


So, you may try to place both Nap and NB bets and increase your chances of winning because if one of your predictions loses, the other one will likely win. Check NB horse racing tips from expert tipsters and make successful bets on the upcoming horse races. 

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