What Are the Cons of Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds appeared in response to the need for the development of female plants and, accordingly, high yield and stability. Feminized seeds are a guaranteed female crop, and there will be no male plants that need to be thrown away. Therefore, this type of seed is the best choice for those who are going to get a stable harvest with minimal effort. In this case, check the Herbies store to order some seeds. However, there are some cons of feminized cannabis seeds, so let’s see.

Disadvantages of feminized marijuana seeds

The main disadvantage of using feminized cannabis seeds is the lack of male plants. If your goal is to not just get a crop but seeds, then feminized seeds are not suitable for this. The reason is that male marijuana plants produce pollen, and only when there are male plants can they form flowers with seeds.

There are other cons:

  • Although flowers grown from feminized seeds produce consistent yields, the seeds themselves do not have stable genetics as they require artificial breeding each time.
  • Such plants require better growing conditions because they have not developed natural resistance to stress. If the right amount of light and temperature is not maintained, it affects the quality and volume of the harvest more than in other cases.
  • For these reasons, feminized seeds may not be suitable for large productions as more resources are needed to maintain stable growing conditions and to purchase a new batch of seeds. However, for those who arrange a garden on their terrace, such problems do not arise since feminized seeds, on the contrary, save time and resources. They have excellent productivity (yield), give larger buds and cannabinoids, and grow well. At the same time, each plant has its unique properties.

Such plants are not suitable for enthusiasts who want to create their own variety or phenotypes. However, if you just want to practice growing marijuana and need to start with the easiest specimens possible, this is the type of seed that works best.

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