What Are Best Slingo Slots in 2021?


No matter what your views are on gambling, it is an industry, and each slots gambling establishment whether land-based or online is a business. Like any other business, gambling outlets aim to make as much money as possible, whilst keeping consumers happy. To do this, they need to offer the consumer what they want.

Keeping Things Fresh

To achieve this, gambling brands must be in touch with their customers and constantly offer them something innovative and exciting. Part of the success of the gambling industry is its willingness to adopt new technology and use it to create new products that interest gamblers. Whether it is Megaways slots or Quantum Roulette, fresh gaming ideas attract more customers. Merging two popular forms of gambling games into one new entity is another example of innovations that win over casino customers.


Even though Slingo was created by an individual who does not work in the gambling industry, the fact that his idea and Slingo business was acquired by a gambling brand for millions of dollars, illustrates how far the industry is willing to go, to offer customers something new. Slingo is a slot/bingo hybrid that is played out on a 5×5 number grid platform that is like a 75-ball bingo card. The slot element comes in the form of a reel that is usually found beneath this grid. This is spun, and numbers and special symbols can result in winning lines and cash prizes for some lucky punters. Slingo has slowly grown in popularity online and 2021 has seen some interesting additions to this gaming niche, here is a quick peek at some of the best Slingo games around this year.

Slingo Reel King

Reel King is a classic slot game by Inspired Gaming that was released in 2014. It has become part of the online casino furniture and recently got a Megaways makeover as well. It hasn’t stopped there for this popular game because it has now joined the growing list of slots to get the Slingo treatment. With the assistance of Slingo Originals, Slingo Reel King has now hit the market ready for slot and bingo enthusiasts to give it a spin. With an RTP of 95%, getting a full house that pays 500x your original stake, could be tough going. The action takes place on a 5×5 number grid and the Reel King himself returns to the action during the bonus round.

Slingone Fishing

If you like fishing or prefer the online slot versions such as Fishing Frenzy, then Slingone Fishing is worth catching. Prepare to be taken fishing by a veteran of the sport here as he guides you through a 5×5 number grid that is ready to be filled with winning Slingo lines. Each completed Slingo line releases a cash-laden fish, and a special fishing rod symbol is needed to catch these cash prize-giving specimens. Seagull Wilds allow you to mark off a number directly in the column above, whilst the Pink Squid Super Wild allows you to mark off a number of your choice anywhere on the grid.

Slingo Starburst

Starburst was released in 2012 and this simple slot game still holds its own amongst the wave of new slot game releases. It has also been given the Slingo treatment and is played out on a 5×5 number grid. The RTP is a healthy 96.5% and the symbols of interest to look out for on the reels include Starburst Wilds, and the Red Joker, and Green Joker Hat Wilds.

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