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Most people take eyesight and vision for granted. Most people do not think twice about spending time staring at a screen. Many do not even realize their food habits may affect their eyesight. Vision is taken for granted since people are born with it.

Unfortunately, many people get health complications that could affect their vision. Conditions like macular degeneration or glaucoma may even lead to blindness. People do not realize diabetes may also affect vision drastically. People’s food and other habits could lead to loss of sight. Most people believe vision loss likely occurs after their 50s or 60s. Recent trends indicate that eye-related problems can affect younger people too.

VisiSharp is a dietary supplement that may help people manage their eye-related problems. It is a proprietary blend of natural extracts created by Ken Hart and Dr. Goldberg.

VisiSharp Overview

Most people believe that weakening eyesight is common among older folk. Many even think about genetic or hereditary issues. There is evidence linking Type-II Diabetes to vision problems too. Researchers behind VisiSharp claim to have discovered another root cause behind eye problems. They claim that foreign microbes entering the body through food are to blame.

Ken Hart and Dr. Goldberg spent more than seven years studying various eye problems. The goal of their research was to identify a cure for eye issues. This research culminated in a proprietary blend of 16 natural nutrients. These nutrients can help holistically manage eye problems.

Hart and Dr. Goldberg call their product VisiSharp. It is a completely natural and GMO-free recipe. The capsules are packaged in a child-proof and tamper-proof bottle. This makes VisiSharp easy and convenient. Regular use may improve people’s eyesight.

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VisiSharp Ingredients

VisiSharp is a proprietary dietary supplement. It is the product of more than seven years of research by Hart and Dr. Golberg. Their research suggests that foreign microbes are the main cause of eye issues. They believe that maintaining a healthy microbial balance within the body is essential. Their studies show a positive link between a healthy microbe balance and eyesight.

Once they identified the problem, Hart and Dr. Goldberg addressed it. They identified 16 beneficial natural ingredients that help vision. Their main aim was to find ingredients that balance the body’s microbe system. They claim that their special blend of nutrients can help manage many vision issues.

Here is an overview of some of the ingredients:

  • Marigold Extract: The marigold flower is the main source of lutein in this recipe. Lutein is a natural molecule also known as the ‘eye vitamin’. Research indicates it may help lower the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. Marigold extract also has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Researchers have studied the effect of marigold extract on eyesight.
  • Bilberry Extract: Bilberry is a wild fruit found in Europe. It has many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. It is believed to help manage microbial infections.
  • Eyebright Extract: Eyebright is a common species of plant. It has found use in herbal medicine for eye-related remedies. Recent research suggests it has anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it suitable for use in VisiSharp.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A has long been linked with eye health. Vitamin A performs various functions in a healthy eye. Vitamin A deficiency may cause night blindness. It may also cause dryness of the eyes. Vitamin A maintains a healthy microbial balance in the eyes.
  • Grape Seed Extract: Extracts from grape seed can help Vitamin A perform its functions. This component allows Vitamin A to achieve its maximum potency in the body. It helps maintain a healthy microbial balance in the eyes.
  • Quercetin and Rutin: The pagoda tree contains useful natural substances. The buds and flowers of the pagoda tree contain Quercetin and Rutin, respectively. These molecules may have useful anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • L-taurine: This is a natural molecule found even in the human body. It is believed to clear blood vessels and open pathways for other ingredients to move. This helps the formula to become particularly effective.

All the ingredients are organic and have natural sources. Ingredients used in VisiSharp and 100% GMO-free and safe for human consumption. The recipe contains a blend of multivitamins and other helpful substances. Research indicates that regular use may help improve eye health.

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Working Principle

There are many reasons behind people losing their eyesight. Some people may suffer from macular degeneration. The eye gathers the light onto a region called the retina. The macula is at the center of the retina. Sometimes, the cells in the macula may get damaged. This is commonly thought to be due to age. If the damage is significant, the body cannot repair it. This may cause problems in vision and may lead to blindness.

Another cause could be glaucoma. The eye is not completely empty. It contains various liquids that help people see clearly. The body continuously flushes the eye with new fluid to nourish it. The old fluid is normally drained out of the eye. If the eye cannot drain the existing liquid, it causes a build-up. This may cause pain in the eye and loss of vision. This build-up of fluid in the eye is called glaucoma.

Hart and Dr. Goldberg studied the nature of eye problems. They studied cases of macular degeneration and glaucoma along with other causes. They believe that the underlying cause is microbial imbalance. People get nutrients from their food. But the food also contains foreign microbes. Some microbes are healthy, and some may harm the body. If the body cannot safely handle the microbes, it can cause many problems.

If harmful microbes get into the system and reach the eye, they may cause eye issues. Hart and Dr. Goldberg suggest that the primary cause of eye issues is inflammation. These microbes cause irritation and inflammation around the eye. They are foreign, and the body cannot handle them near the eye.

VisiSharp contains a unique blend of herbs and multivitamins. This special mixture helps the body manage irritation and inflammation near the eye. It enables the body to maintain the healthy microbial balance needed to function.

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Using VisiSharp

The ingredients used in VisiSharp are plant and vegetable extracts. Normally, these extracts are in liquid form. But taking liquid medicines is not convenient for most people. Especially for those managing eye problems and vision issues. This is why VisiSharp comes in convenient capsules.

The capsules are packaged in safe bottles. This ensures no leakage or spills. The research behind VisiSharp is reportedly thorough. The daily recommended dose is one capsule. Users should note that the formulation is quite potent. Doctors’ advice and recommendations may be useful.

VisiSharp Benefits

Eye problems and vision loss are not simple or easy to manage. The medical science used to help patients is still being developed. VisiSharp is also the product of such research. This proprietary blend of natural ingredients acts at the root of the problem. Hart and Dr. Goldberg claim various benefits based on their studies.

Reduced Irritation And Inflammation

The main goal of the VisiSharp formula is to reduce irritation around the eye. When the microbes in the body are out of balance, they may reach the eye. This can cause pain, irritation, and inflammation. VisiSharp contains many anti-inflammatory substances to help manage this. It also has antimicrobial ingredients to help the body fight microbes.

Powerful Formula And Ingredients

Hart and Dr. Goldberg searched far and wide to get the best ingredients for VisiSharp. VisiSharp contains ingredients from 3 continents. The formula uses some very potent strains of plants and herbs. These ingredients are brought to an FDA-approved manufacturing unit in the USA. This guarantees the quality and strength of the product.

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Side Effects

The official website states that there are no side effects of using VisiSharp. It is a dietary supplement made from 100% natural ingredients. However, users may wish to consult their doctors before taking VisiSharp.

It is not recommended for children under 18. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctors. People with allergies should review the ingredients before use.

VisiSharp Pricing

VisiSharp is only available on the official website. There is no official partnership with any online reseller. It is not available at any chemist or drugstore.

The pricing options are:

  •   One bottle (one month use) for USD 69 plus shipping.
  •   Three bottles (three months use) for USD 177. Shipping within the US is free.
  •   Six bottles (six months use) for USD 294. Shipping with the US is free.

VisiSharp can be shipped all across the world.


A 100% refund policy backs VisiSharp. Customers can contact VisiSharp within 60 days of purchase to initiate the refund. The details are available on the official website.

Conclusion: VisiSharp

Every day a growing number of people report eye problems and vision issues. Doctors studying these problems point to various causes. Some people suffer from macular degeneration. Others may be managing Type-II Diabetes which may be causing vision problems. There seem to be many causes. Ken Hart and Dr. Goldberg claim to have identified another root cause. They believe vision problems stem from inflammation due to microbial action.

They have developed VisiSharp after seven years of research. VisiSharp is a completely natural and organic formula. It is backed by research into its ingredients. Hart and Dr. Goldberg aim to reduce inflammation and eliminate eye problems. VisiSharp may help people manage vision issues. It is attractively priced and comes with a 60-day 100% refund guarantee.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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