Visa Issues And How to Solve Them


Unfortunately, not everything with a visa application will play out flawlessly. From lost applications, to running out of time, to losing your visa, the immigration solicitor team in Birmingham understand the stress and frustrations that can come with bumps in the road. You’re not alone with your plight, and the experienced crew at the Immigration Advice Service is here to help you. Help is only one click away, where you can utilise the knowledge and experience, knowing that their one goal is to make sure that you get the results that you need with as minimal stress as possible.

Visa hasn’t arrived in time

If you find yourself in the situation where your flights are just around the corner, but your visa hasn’t yet arrived, there are a couple of things you can do. Find out exactly when you submitted the application, and check all previous communications to see if you have been assigned any reference numbers. They may refer to this as your case number, and this number will start with the first letter of your last name, and be followed by seven numbers. Get in touch with the home office, or local MP, and calmly explain the situation you are in. Remember to be kind to the person on the phone, they are there to help you. Yelling or raising your voice won’t help you here!  You may find yourself having to pay for an urgent visa that will be fast-tracked to the front of the queue. Worst case scenario, you may have to delay your travel plans slightly, which is why it is always best to apply for your visa early. You can do this application three months prior to your intended travel date.

I lost my visa

If you lose your visa, or it’s been stolen, the first thing you need to do is alert your country’s government, so they can cancel your current passport and eliminate the opportunity for a thief to use your credentials. You will need to reapply for a new passport straight away, and begin the process of applying for a new visa. This will be treated as a brand new application, so you will need to pay the fees for the visa again. It is unfortunate when the situation is generally out of your control, however, it is important to act quickly so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you cannot produce the evidence required to confirm that you are in the country legally.

My visa was declined

There are several reasons why your visa may be declined. Some of these include, but are not limited to submitting false or fraudulent documentation if you have been convicted of a crime that resulted in four or more years imprisonment, insufficient funds, or having had previously overstayed a visa on a previous visit to the UK. You will be advised in writing as to why your visa has been declined, and it will also inform you whether or not you are eligible to appeal the decision. If you are not eligible to appeal, you can seek professional advice, but it is usually like fighting a losing battle. It may be easier to broaden your horizons to another country completely. If you can appeal, you can do so immediately, and this process can take up to twelve weeks, so be prepared to be patient.

My flight was cancelled and my visa is expired

If you decided that you loved the UK so much that you stay until the last possible moment, you might run the risk of having a flight cancel on you. Because you cannot stay beyond your visa expiration date without running the risk of being banned from returning for ten years, this can be a scary and ominous position to find yourself in. Do not panic. The Home Office understand that these things can happen, and they aren’t going to get security to escort you out of the country. Get in touch at home office and let them know what has happened, and they can apply a temporary extension on to your visa, so that your future-travel is not jeopardised. Make sure you contact them as soon as possible, even if you manage to get a flight the very next day.

I’ve applied for an extension, and now my visa has expired

If you have applied for an extension, but the decision has not been made before your visa has expired, it is okay to remain in the country until you hear back. You will not be classified as an over-stayer if the documentation was received prior to your visa expiring. If you are on a work visa, you will not be able to work during this time, but you can still send children to school up until the age of 16, and use emergency services. If you are in a tourist destination like Thailand and would like to live permanently, you must know the different visas and country’s laws for ex-pats. Consult a Thai law firm to understand the requirements and other processes.
As with every other scenario regarding a visa, it is best to get any application in as soon as possible.


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