Understanding the Negative Social Impacts of Technology-Driven Education

We can praise the technology for improving our living conditions along with other aspects of our society. Indeed, there have been improvements in commerce, health, and education. Although critics and proponents agree on the positive effects of technology, we still have a long way to go in terms of how we implement it in our daily lives. The internet allows us to communicate instantaneously on a global level, which has had a positive impact on education. Still, there are adverse societal effects on education that have sprung up from the use of technology in driving learning activities.

This article will investigate the detrimental elements arising from incorporating technology in how we teach the next generation of industry professionals and world leaders. After all, the wellbeing of the community is at stake as these factors are felt by the stakeholders of our education system. Furthermore, it makes a case for understanding these issues as a way to implement sound strategies for enhancing education in today’s world.


Introduction and Persistence of the Digital Divide

The digital divide refers to the discrepancies seen between those who have access to technology and those without. Moreover, it can be defined as the gap between the skills requirement in the current job market and the know-how of those who wish to occupy such positions. Developed countries have consolidated efforts in their respective jurisdictions to ensure that every student has an opportunity to receive the same quality of education.

Although these strategies are commendable, there is a significant percentage of students who are left out. Such gaps in the quality of education create an uneven landscape in terms of the employability of the learners. Hence, employing technology imposes limitations on those who do not have access to the right tools for learning.


The Inception of Cyber Bullying in Schools through Social Media Technologies

Cyberbullying has become a factor that we need to pay attention to and address as a society. People use social media platforms to propagate lies that can embarrass another person or even threaten them. On the other hand, we continue to employ the use of such technologies in our schools to enhance education. A child may be taunted to find the best essay writing service because of their poor composition skills. They may likely shy off from seeking assistance from their peers since they are ridiculed for lacking such knowledge.

We need to find a way of ensuring the safety of students on these platforms so that they can pursue their efforts in learning without the fear of persecution. Besides, many psychological dangers can affect them in addition to the loss of confidence in trying to learn. Consequently, we risk leaving out brilliant individuals because they were arm-twisted into neglecting their obligations to education.


The Decline in Writing Skills among Students

Technology has made it much easier for people to access and engage with educational content. It is also possible to find essay writing services online such as Custom Essay Meister. Gone are the days where if your library lacked a particular book, you might be unable to access the knowledge written there. With a few clicks of a button and a stable Internet connection, you can find significant literature on anything. Hence, learning institutions can widen the net of concepts they teach to their students via the use of online repositories of published works on any subject.

However, the easy access to such educational databases has caused a decline in the writing skills of students. For starters, plagiarism has been on the rise as one of the most challenging issues learning centers tackle. Since learners can copy-paste content from the internet, their researching skills have taken a nosedive. It is common to find that a student has earned terrific grades in an assignment that they do not fully comprehend. This, subsequently, creates a workforce that has earned the necessary qualifications but lacks the practical knowledge to solve issues in their respective fields.

On the other hand, the use of social media affects the language that students use in communication:

  • The texting language causes a dip informal communication skills.
  • Profanity has made its way into essays that students write.
  • Students are losing sight of spelling and other grammatical elements.

We, therefore, must address the adverse complications arising from implementing technology in the education system. The societal effects treated to create a labor force that lacks the skills we need to drive the world forward to the future. Stakeholders must come up with effective strategies of ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity at learning.


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