Uncovering the Secrets to a Dazzling Diamond’s Sparkle

Uncovering the Secrets to a Dazzling Diamond's Sparkle

Whether you are purchasing a diamond as an investment or for a wedding band, the grace and beauty of a diamond are undeniable. The breathtaking radiance of the stone is what makes us adore it. But finding the right diamond that emits a matchless light and radiance requires a bit of research and knowledge. If you want to learn more about the sparkle of diamonds, you have arrived at the right place.

What does it mean by a diamond’s sparkle?

The sparkle and radiance of a diamond are caused by its interaction with light. According to gemologists, sparkle refers to both fire and brightness. As light reflects off the inner surfaces of the stone, it is either reflected as a white light which is the brightness, or colored light which is fire. This means, for the ideal light reflection, a diamond should have a higher number of facets.

Diamonds show a higher refractive index and when it is cut in high order, these stones show a fascinating display of light which is not found in any other gemstone. This is the reason why the cut of the diamond is extremely crucial in determining how much fire and brightness the stone will emit.

Which diamond cuts show the most shine and radiance?

Have you noticed that some diamonds shine more than others? The most sparkling stone is the round brilliant which is next to none. With the classic round appearance, the rare stone is named round brilliant due to its unmatched style of cutting. You will see tiny facets shaped like kites arranged in a radial pattern. And why not? The round brilliant cut is mathematically designed to emit the maximum possible sparkle. Here are some amazing diamond cuts that give off the best shine:

Princess cut diamonds

Rare Carat princess shape educational article would show that this cut belongs to the brilliant family. When viewed from the top, these diamonds clearly show the X pattern which is formed as a result of 57 to 64 facets. The design of the princess cut is such that more carat weight is needed to be directed towards the base of the stone for enhancing its brilliance.

But a remarkable aspect of this cut is that it can retain around 80 percent of the original diamond crystal. Contrary to other square designs such as the radiant and emerald cut, the princess cut doesn’t come with clipped corners. So, if you are choosing princess cut for its sheer brilliance, make sure that you keep it protected as the sharp corners are prone to chipping.

Asscher cut diamond

Coming to the Rare Carat Asscher shape educational article, you will notice that this stunning diamond cut is similar to an emerald cut but in place of a rectangular shape, it is square in shape. The Asscher cut diamond tends to have expansive step facets with a remarkably high crown which makes it a unique cut.

While the Asscher cut appears to be a square shape, it is octagonal as all the corners are cropped. The table of this cut is absolutely flat which makes room for an unobstructed view of the center region of the stone. This means, if there are inclusions within the stone, you can see it with ease. However, these diamonds not only radiate a high volume of dazzle but also requires minimal care and maintenance.

Pear cut diamond

When you want to own something different, a pear-cut diamond is something crafted for you. These diamonds resemble the shape of a teardrop which could either symbolize tears of joy or raindrops. Going through any Rare Carat pear shape educational article will show you that although these diamonds are hard to find, their unique silhouette is what captivates the attention of people across the globe.

Apart from the beautiful shape of these diamonds, pear-cut diamonds manifest several advantages over brilliant round cuts. The elongated shape makes them appear 8 percent larger on the top surface. This implies that even a smaller diamond will create a difference. Needless to say, a large diamond in pear shape will appear stunning and huge!

Final words

Diamonds are often termed a girl’s best friend due to the fascinating beauty and radiance of the stone. But technically, they function like tiny prisms in which light comes from the top and bounces into the facets and subsequently goes out from the top and you see fire emitting from the piece of jewelry someone is wearing.


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