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App development

Some of the most innovative technologies we have available at our disposal today have been born out of unique software application ideas. Great apps have not only solved real-world problems but consequently turned creators into billionaires.


Leaders often make the mistake of thinking digital transformation is solely the process of increasing the use of digital mediums in a company. They equate this increased technological dodge with more success, improved employee experience, satisfactory customers, and a general upturn of things. But in reality, digital transformation is something that occurs beyond technology innovation.

It is a broader sense of responsibility of transitioning your business into a cultural change that embraces advancements, challenging the status quo, experimenting with new avenues of innovation, and learning from failure. All of which can be experienced from one of the major driving forces of digitalization today: app development.

Barring any particular industry you look at, you will find entrepreneurs hustling to kickstart their digital transformation efforts which have been lying in the backdrop for several business years. It’s easier said than done in respect to simply offering digital alternatives to customers, but it becomes an entirely different thing when planning for your business. It is a difficulty that mobile applications can solve.

However, there are certain processes and trends you must keep abreast of if you want to successfully turn your app idea into reality. From market research to app design, development, and monetization, you’ll need the industry’s best practices to find success.

Generate an app idea

As with anything innovative, it all starts with a spark of an idea. You can start drawing up your first draft into a ‘Product Requirement Document’, which is essentially a written document that goes in-depth of what you want to achieve from your app, its underlying purpose, features you want it to have, and anything else you might deem important in setting up its foundation. This document guides the development team throughout the project.

To set that idea in motion and turn it into a genuine product can be intimidating, but there are certain companies like Miquido, an android development company, who can make this process significantly easier for you. In a nutshell, you only need to tell them of your app idea and they’ll get things done for you.


Identify your audience

Now that you have an idea, you need to devise the buyer persona for who you are selling your idea to. To meet your users’ expectations and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, you must have a deep understanding of your end-user.

It can also be a daunting process dealing with certain logistics of crafting such an audience (like location, age, language, gender, etc.), but to yield the best results, in-depth user research is often necessary.

You can start by choosing your app’s target market segment, whether it be individual or corporate customers (B2B or B2C). From then on you can draw incentives to attract potential users to your app and create a clear-cut plan to leverage only the best results.

Monetization Strategy

Your choice of monetization strategy should depend on the purpose of your app, its target users, and the best practices in your industry. There are many options you can choose from: in-app advertising, in-app purchases, subscriptions and freemium models, or transactional/affiliate models.

Once you understand your user and recognize how to deliver the functionality they need, it’s time to put together a strategy for turning technical functions into financial revenue. Miquido conducts workshops that consist of Data, Product, or Strategy sessions that will equip you with a better grasp on the wireframe of your entire project. They streamline the monetization phase of your app development journey easily.

Launch and Promotion

Preparing for the launch of any app involves a cumulative use of all the knowledge learned during the app development process: market research, keyword research, branding, etc. The success of your launch day will greatly depend on the groundwork you’ve done beforehand, which can be done in 3 months through Miquido.

Depending on your industry or budget, you can launch social media, pay-per-click (PPC), or email ad campaigns. Industry influencers are also an option. From the moment your app is ready, Miquido takes care of the deployment and release – as well as ongoing support!


It is without a doubt Android development, and app development, in general, is often a long and rocky road to embark on for any aspiring entrepreneur. With the right strategy and help of Miquido’s incredible development team, you can successfully turn your business idea into a profitable digital product without the added fuss of going through the difficulties yourself.

The true capabilities of introducing digital transformation in the business lie in making a company more agile, lean, and competitive. The end of the long term commitment results in several benefits you will reap forever.

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