Tradelax – Your Guide in Online Trading and Hefty Opportunities

What is Tradelax

Tradelax is an international online brokerage company serving thousands of clients and catering to investors across a wide range of markets. With Tradelax you can trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, assets, and securities by yourself or with the help of an agent. The platform can be accessed from desktop/laptop, from the web, or from a mobile application.

For the purpose of having a unique experience and really understanding the platform, we opened an account with Tradelax. Investors at Tradelax first get in touch with the account manager who walks clients through the platform and explains the technicalities even though the platform itself is user-friendly, and guides you easily through your account. Agents get in touch with their clients right away, so you don’t have to waste time in the dark and waiting.

What we also noticed about the platform is how kind everyone is. Both the account managers and the brokers are eager to explain all uncertainties and help you synchronize your knowledge with your trades. Get all the details below as to why we highly recommend it:

Best Account Types

Tradelax offers four types of trading accounts, i.e., starter, advanced, expert and VIP. Each plan operates without commission fees. The starter installment has a lot of benefits considering that it needs only a minimum deposit of $250. The best part is that there are no up-front payments. The downside may be that the starter account does not have the education material beginner traders need.

On the other side, the advanced account type has education material and daily market updates; however, the spread is still floating – just like in the starter installment. This means that depending on the market condition, the spread of the symbols can change. The expert account type, however, offers a fixed spread, which is really good. It includes the senior account manager and training with an expert consultant. By registering for an expert account, you will get first-hand knowledge and experience from trading experts and financial advisors. While the advanced and expert accounts are the most popular for beginner and slightly more experienced traders, the expert account is the best solution for its fixed spreads and market insights.

In case you are in for an ultimate trading experience, you can go for the VIP account where literally anything can be negotiated.

There is a demo account so new traders can practice and get a feel of the markets—the money is virtual, of course. This is great because you don’t put your funds on the line, you are merely learning and practicing. Tradelax also offers a swap-free Islamic account that abides by the rules of the Sharia law.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Tradelax offers credit/debit cards and bank transfers. There is no fee from Tradelax in depositing into the account which is an enormous advantage; the only fees that may apply are from the bank which can charge its own commissions and they all vary depending on your bank’s policy. Withdrawal methods include the same option.

Tradelax Tools Available to Traders

Analytics tools that help investors determine lucrative trades and dangerous endeavors are an absolute must for every platform that takes its job seriously. We were happy to find that Tradelax offers its clients access to advanced tools and software that shows which trades are the most popular, which have high or low value, and which ones are closed. Also, traders can check the movement and behavior of the symbols from their very first appearance on the market to analyze and sharpen their projections.

The most heavily traded symbol is the EUR/USD, which on Tradelax comes with a generous spread. European stocks are also traded frequently as well as crypto assets, which are not only getting more available for trading but are also rising in popularity, especially these days when their volatility is getting higher and higher.

Platform Protection and Funds Security

Tradelax protects clients’ personal information and bank details via SSL encryption. That way, information is protected in an encrypted database, so transactions are safely conducted and sensitive information is kept safe from data breaches by cybercriminals.  


After giving much thought to our decision, our final verdict would be recommending Tradelax. It’s hard to find a platform that works on the side of traders instead of against them. The platform offers favorable trading conditions, flat fees, and it’s very transparent about pricing. You have access to education material and brokers that can guide you toward practical expertise, and the platform navigation is pretty fast and straightforward.

Simplicity and transparency are the two most important qualities we are searching for in a platform, and as far as Tradelax goes, both simplicity and transparency are granted.

To register on the platfrom, click HERE.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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