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By Demi Morgan

Studying in the USA can be a game changer for a top career as a Data scientist, Financial adviser or Financial Analyst. And for that, you need to prepare from an early stage. Mentioning which, enrolling in an undergraduate business program always tops the priority list.  

But USA being a horizon of opportunities, choosing an institution that fits your interest can be difficult. Now, experts involved in assignment help websites usually suggest taking career counselling.

However, there are other ways as well. For example, you can check the U.S. News Business School Compass to get the latest ranking of the institutions you wish to apply to. 

While you do all of that, below is a list of some of the top undergraduate business programs in the United States – 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sloan School of Management

The Sloan School of Management at MIT is a top-notch institution for business education. The undergraduate programme at MIT Sloan offers a thorough academic education. Enrolled students can apply their technical and quantitative abilities from a business viewpoint. Students gain a thorough understanding of management education through Sloan’s programme.

The scientific method serves as the foundation of the business school. It is dedicated to developing learning settings that are helpful, empowering, inclusive, and friendly. Students interested in management or majoring in it will do well in the classroom. Undergraduates at the best business school work to improve the world.

2. University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School offers excellent undergraduate business education. Wharton provides top-notch academic programmes from the Global Youth Programme to Executive Education for students at every grade level. Leadership statement in business schools emphasises superior instruction. For all undergraduate students, Wharton creates transformative educational experiences.

Joseph Wharton founded the first business school in history at the University of Pennsylvania in 1881. The new notion revolutionised both higher education and corporate practices. 

The Wharton School has since evolved to satisfy the growing demand for fresh perspectives, insightful analysis, and inspirational leaders. Wharton has led the way from the first collegiate centre for entrepreneurship in the country fifty years ago to the most recent research centres in alternative investments and neuroscience.

3. University of California, Berkeley

Haas School of Business

The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, is a top-notch undergraduate business school. The knowledge and abilities needed to start jobs in the modern business world are acquired by enrolled students. The Haas BS in Business Administration programme has a very high level of competition. It accepts applications from UC Berkeley transfer and continuing students.

The Management, Entrepreneurship & Technology Programme is another option for aspiring company executives. The freshmen admission programme is ideal for candidates interested in pursuing engineering and business. Students who desire to study business from a global perspective can enrol in the Haas Global Management Programme as freshmen. The University of California, Berkeley, has something for everyone.

4. New York University

Leonard N. Stern School of Business

Excellent undergraduate business schools include New York University’s Stern School of Business. It provides students cutting-edge coursework, unrivalled global immersion, and a lively community. Undergraduate students also appreciate learning in the global financial and cultural centre.

The BS in Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, the B.S. in Business, or the B.S. in Business and Political Economy programmes are all open to high school students who wish to apply right away. The flagship programme at Stern is the B.S. in Business. Twelve business concentrations are available to enrolled students, who can further their education via eight trans disciplinary tracks. NYU is a popular choice for undergraduates nowadays.

5. University of Michigan

Stephen M. Ross School of Business

The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is a notable undergraduate business school. Students are thrust into the action, risk, and thrill inherent in business via the Michigan Ross curriculum. They will be better able to thrive in a complicated, international world if they have a solid liberal arts background.

Other on-campus schools are where half of the classes are held. This enables students majoring in business to dream bigger and with greater freedom. Some students pursue two degrees, a minor, or a subject they are interested in. Undergraduate business students who attend classes on-campus do not go to Michigan Ross to observe. They develop into leaders. So, don’t skip to have a glance at this undergraduate business programme.

6. Cornell University

SC Johnson College of Business

There is a top-notch undergraduate business school at Cornell University. The SC Johnson College of Business helps students advance in their jobs. Two undergraduate business programmes are available for selection. 

Each degree is offered by a well-regarded institution: the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management and the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration.

Students can combine their interests and goals with these degrees’ unique experiences. Students can address global economic issues by relating business principles to sectors like agriculture and food. Some students work for international organisations or support small enterprises in poor nations. Regarding its undergraduate business programme, Cornell has struck a home run.

7. Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper School of Business

Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University is a renowned undergraduate business school. Business executives are aware that the future needs innovators and entrepreneurs who thrive in environments where data and humans converge. Leaders in business need to be creative, energetic, and collaborative.

Undergraduates are prepared for the future and its uncertainties with a Tepper business education. Students who attend classes on campus have experience and business skills. Innovators of solutions to complex problems. Reputable professors who have conducted ground-breaking research are featured in the interdisciplinary, top undergraduate programmes. 

The school’s business programmes produce researchers of the next generation who identify tomorrow’s answers while resolving today’s business issues. In fact, good news for you: Tepper School of Business takes business education seriously.

The above-mentioned business programs are a sure-shot way to provide you professional exposure. Which program are you planning for?

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