Top Realtors in the US

Realtors in the US

Finding a realtor to sell a house in the United States of America is undoubtedly a convenient task. But searching for the best #1 realtor in the US is not as easy as we think. Firstly, getting the top #1 realtor in the US is a crucial stage of home selling to have a progressive home selling process with savings and fair closing costs for sellers.

However, many realtors speak to providing the best home-selling services to clients but fail to deliver reasonable closing costs for sellers, leading to more expenses. Hence, to ease your home selling process in a fair and money-saving approach, we’ve listed our top rankings of the most promising #1 realtor in the US, availing incomparable closing costs for sellers at an affordable commission rate.

Most Promising #1 Realtor In The US: Rankings and Reviews

Daniel Demers, Sell Your Home Services

With 13+ years of experience in the real estate business, Daniel Demers has built a reputable name in the hearts and minds of people he has worked with. Indeed, the saying is justified as he has five on five stars for customer service rating. To be precise, Demers is a full-time realtor licensed in 10 states. Daniel is a Flat Fee MLS model expert offering virtual and full-service real estate services at an affordable commission charge.

Selling a house with Daniel Demers

Daniel has his own company under the name, ‘Sell Your Home Services LLC’, which offers MLS listing packages for a one-time, flat rate which will definitely help you save thousands in listing agent commissions. is one such Flat Fee MLS listing platform to power Daniel Demers and his realtor’s skills. With Daniel at Houzeo, every seller can get professional realtor services who will help you manage your listing 100% online.

In addition, with Houzeo Showings, sellers can deal with potential buyers by showing appointments online. To get extra benefits, you can also utilize Houzeo Offers for viewing and comparing offers and Houzeo’s Settlement Agent Platform for closing.

Our take: We assure you of maximum savings and an easy home-selling process with Daniel Demers for low costs. So far, Demers has sold 935 properties in the last 12 months, and you could be next on his profited and satisfied home seller offered by him through’s top-notch, highly established technology.

Tod Franklin, DFWCityhomes

Next on the list of top realtors in the US, we have Tod Franklin, an home selling expert with 25+ years of experience in dealing with home sellers and fulfilling their sales needs. Franklin has achieved absolute honor in the real estate trend, and since his career commencement, he has maintained his 5/5 customer service rating. To date, the field expert in technology, finance, and marketing, has never gone wrong with his approach and negotiating strategy.

Selling a house with Tod Franklin

Tod Franklin founded his first business venture, named DFWCityhomes, back in 2004 to be professionally equipped to offer flat fee MLS services and full-service brokerage for residential real estate properties in Texas. He can be considered a low-fee realtor. Tod’s company services are realigned to concentrate on a reduced-fee model that could compete with the traditional full-service practice of home selling.

At minimal charges, you can get access to Tod’s multitude of services related to Flat Fee MLS. Like Demers, the DFWCityhomes founder is also associated with Since Tod has a firm grip on the Flat Fee MLS business module, his expertise and professional advice has catered to many sellers as the list continues.

He operates with a team who’ll visit you once you place your home selling request at Houzeo and assist you with exceptional consultation. You can avail yourself of Franklin’s services for a low realtor fee at

Our take: If you’re in Texas and desire to sell your house for a profitable margin, Tod Franklin is your go-to low-fee realtor. His adherence and expertise to the Texas real estate market and his friendly attitude ensure a smooth real estate journey for his clients.

Glen Cornwell, Cornwell Properties

Marking a record of 180+ sales in a year and an expert in resales and relocation deals, Glen Cornwell is among our top three suggestions for sellers to make good sales profits. The real estate professional has reached 500+ connections in real estate across the United States and continues to do so.

With 20 years of industry experience as a realtor, Cornwell is a licensed practitioner in 6 different states of the United States of America. Moreover, like other realtors mentioned at the top, Glen Cornwell also has a real estate agency called Cornwell Properties. The business module thrives on luxury, relocation, resale, new build, and investment properties.

Selling a house with Glen Cornwell

Glen Cornwell offers MLS listing packages for a small flat fee that saves a maximum on listing agent commissions. The plus point is sellers can also grab the chance to hold their money on buyer agent commissions if your buyers are not represented.

Powered by, the Cornwell Properties owner can help you manage your listings 100% online. While with Houzeo Showings, you can handle online show appointments. You can even use Houzeo Quotes to view and compare quotes and close operating Houzeo’s settlement agent platform.

Listing on Houzeo will syndicate your MLS listing to hundreds of real estate websites. Additionally, with Houzeo’s social media sharing feature, sellers can even post their listings on various social media apps. This is an exclusive feature provided by Houzeo that hardly any platform offers.

Our take: We suggest you sell your home with Glen Cornwell because he has enabled sellers to ease the home selling process by delivering a fully automated service and helping them save on listing agent commissions.

Final Words

To experience a cakewalk process, it’s essential for a seller to find the right realtor as per their requirement. While the average commission for a real estate agent is usually between 5% and 6%, our ranking of a top realtor can assist you in the same path and proficiency as a real estate agent. A few points should be considered for finding the right realtor for your home sales. The first step is to verify the digitized and high-tech offers they provide. Next is to look at the customer reviews.

Then search for optional online paperwork benefits. Lastly, communicate your requirements and commission charges; if they fit perfectly, you’re good to go. Interview a real estate agent and express your needs. Importantly, to have a share of your profit and not spend it on sellers closing costs, we recommend that sellers always opt for low-fee realtors or Flat Fee real estate agents.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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