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As per Redfin’s report, the U.S. real estate market has experienced a growth of nearly 8%, the highest of that last year. As we are already aware of the pandemic situation, the price rise has given some great hope to sellers looking to sell their houses.

We would say it’s a hot seller market, as U.S. real estate prices are either stable or sometimes down. So sellers should take a constructive decision and sell off their houses when the costs can benefit them.

You can save a good amount on your total sales by selling your house as an owner or with low commission brokers. Selling a home by a traditional realtor will soon become an outdated plan due to their high commission charges. Besides, people are well equipped with ample knowledge easily accessible on multiple online platforms.

Good in-depth research and valuable marketing knowledge will avail you likewise deals as traditional realtors would have brought you at zero cost. Yes, you won’t have to pay off a 5-6% realtor’s commission on total sales when you sell your house as an owner.

However, there’s a catch. To ideally find a potential buyer like a realtor, you will have to access some essential tools only real estate professionals can access. So what would you do with such restrictions, and how long will you have to wait to get your house sold with limited exposure? To be precise, a long time shall be enough for you to sell your home with little direction.

Other paperwork and legalities can often leave you out of pocket in between days and hoping for a trending marketing strategy. Indeed, the process won’t cost you high charges to that realtor’s commission, but it will surely take your time and effort. So what could be done in such a case? Search for discount real estate agents near me.

Who Are Low Commission Brokers?

As the term suggests, Low Commission brokers are real estate professionals charging low money for full-time real estate agent services. Where a realtor takes 5-6% for MLS listing and other services, low commission brokers can help you experience likewise benefits at half the charges, usually 2-3% on total sales.

You can save your hard-earned money by hiring low-commission brokers and using the save penny for other purposes. Whereas, speaking of low commission brokers’ credibility and professionality, these agents are legally certified to be an agent and follow all legalities set up in real estate laws. Our ranking of the most suitable discount real estate agents will help you find the right person for your home sale.

Top Discount Real Estate Agents Near Me: Company Rankings & Ratings

Established in 2017, Houzeo has become America’s top leading real estate website catering the finest services to FSBO owners and helping them save maximum on traditional real estate agent’s fees.

The company has streamlined the home listing process to digitize most documents and eliminate unnecessary steps. Their efficiencies make it easier to sell a home and result in the most significant savings for home sellers.

How does Houzeo work for sellers?

The platform works on an affordable flat fee approach, where home sellers get a prospect to get maximum exposure to their MLS listing. Also, sellers can save on the buyer’s agent commission if not represented.

Houzeo’s cutting-edge technology is a seller-centric and easy-to-access dashboard explicitly designed for every category of sellers to get the best experience of working with the platform and showing trust in them.

Houzeo’s IntelliList listing management system makes it easy to list your home on and MLS. Meanwhile, changes can also be requested online, free of cost.

Sellers can now manage properties with calendars displayed 100% online and can reach the contact information of buyers and agents requesting a display hassle-free.

Here comes the most liked feature of Houzeo’s cutting-edge technology, managing offers. Sellers can view and compare quotes, counter quotes, and even request the highest and best quotes with just one click.

While with the settlement agent selection feature, sellers can choose a settlement agent online and invite proxies who are not yet on the platform. Note: All features and services are available online with zero hidden charges.


Redfin has been America’s legit real estate brand since its establishment in 2004. The platform connects sellers to local Redfin agents that help you price your home right and make it shine online. They are best known for discount brokerage services combined with an excellent user interface, after Houzeo.

How does Redfin work for sellers?

Redfin offers home sellers better agents than any other platform at lower fees. The agents are local experts who know how to get sellers the best offer in exchange for a 1% listing fee. Selling with Redfin can be a good deal as they cater appropriate online services with a user-centric dashboard.

The platform agents have experience getting you the best price possible and ensuring your sale goes smoothly from pricing to closing. Well, working with a company of better assurance is always best.

Redfin can help your listing reach more buyers with its targeted marketing through and email. In fact, the company’s listings receive 50% more views from buyers.

However, a seller will have to bear costs if they wish to cancel the deal. The business offers buyer rebates as a “Redfin Refund” in certain states where buyers are only eligible for a refund if the commission exceeds 1% of the sale price or exceeds $6,500.

Redfin can be your other go-to option after Houzeo for its nationwide coverage, robust technology, comprehensive listing agreement, and more. However, the platform is not 100% online; sellers will still have to visit them in person for paperwork.

Ideal Agent

Ideal Agent enables sellers to find great discount real estate agents, and states have helped thousands of home sellers get great prices for their homes and save substantial real estate commissions with their SMART SELLER™ system.

How does Ideal Agent work for sellers?

At Ideal Agent, home sellers are matched with a real estate agent who then guides sellers through their real estate transactions at a 1% listing fee. Before your home inspection position, you’ll need to register with the website first.

For home inspection, your matched Agent will visit your home to determine your home’s standout features and suggest betterment that can lead you to good deals. The parts are then added to your listing to attract maximum buyers.

Moreover, your Agent will also be responsible for taking professional photos of your home and helping you set your list price. In addition to marketing your home, the Agent will assist with negotiation assistance and deal with closing.

Ideal Agent has an excellent customer service review of 4.9/5 stars for their choice of top certified real estate agents who deal with politeness and exceptionally well. The platform is best to work with as a seller.

Final Words

When choosing the suitable “discount real estate agents near me companies,”; always verify if the platform charges any hidden fees or additional commission on any extra services. The company we have listed is the best of all. You can find a considerable buyer for your sales while working with any of these companies.

Besides, if you wish to sell your house fast, as you feel that ‘discount real estate agents near me company agent’ is taking more time than usual, you can sell your home fast for cash to cash home buying companies. When you sell your house fast for money, you can expect the closing within 7-14 working days with a fast cash quote within 48 business hours.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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