Top European Startups that Provide Access to Automated Trading


As more and more people are joining the financial trading markets, these markets are getting flooded by people who are not seeking to be full-time traders, meaning that they spend a big time of their day on other activities and don’t have enough time to actively participate in the market. A big number of these traders started to utilize automated trading tools in order to save some time. These automated trading tools also help inexperienced traders avoid some of the human errors that many beginner traders face when joining financial markets. Below we will be taking  a look at some of the best European startups that provide access to automated trading.


Bitcoineer is a German startup that provides automated trading services for cryptocurrencies to beginner traders. With the cryptocurrency markets suffering from big volatility, beginner traders find it hard to navigate in these harsh conditions. Bitcoineer is there to resolve this problem and help traders make profits, even without having any significant knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. On top of providing automated trading, Bitcoineer also has a demo trading account, where beginner traders can set up their trading strategies and rules in order to test out their effectiveness before trading on live markets. For those that might struggle with setting up their trading parameters, Bitcoineer account managers are always ready to help and set up these parameters according to your needs. All in all, this is probably the best and brightest European startup that provides automated trading services, with the cherry on top being that it is completely free.


Another popular and bright upcoming startup coming from Europe is Coinrule. It is a crypto-trading robot developed in the UK. What makes Coinrule stand out from the majority of other trading robots is that the same investment firm that made major investments in Airbnb made significant investments in Coinrule as well. Coinrule comes in both free and paid versions, with the free version having very limited capabilities and is mostly useful for gauging if you like this bot or not. While paid versions start from $30 a month. With Coinrule traders can set up trading robots and instruct them to follow rules set up by them. Coinrule users can also set up this automated trading system based on pre-set rules offered by Coinrule themselves. All in all, this is an interesting startup that deserves attention from people interested in crypto trading.


Coming from the Netherlands, HaasOnline is another automated crypto trading startup. This is an automated trading system that on top of automated crypto trading provides other beneficial services such as cloud management tools. When using HassOnline trading robots can be set up with relative ease and no one should have any problems figuring out how this system works. But despite this simplicity, this automated trading tool can process massively complex and advanced trading algorithms. Traders can use HaasOnline robots to first backtest their trading strategies in order to check how effective they are and if they will make profits using these strategies. There is also a simulated trading opportunity where traders can trade in simulated environments using their algorithms to further check how effective they are.  Using HaasOnline is completely free and anyone can just straight jump on this platform.

Should we use automated trading services?

You might be looking at these startups and wondering if they are worth giving a try, and the answer to this question comes down to personal preference. If you wish to become a full-time trader and dedicate the majority of your time to trading, then it might be best to trade manually in order to learn more about how trading works and develop as a trader. 

But if you are looking at trading as a second source of income, then using these training robots is probably a good decision to make. With the crypto market being in a super volatile state right now, beginner traders can make a bunch of human errors when trading, and using these robots these traders can remove big risks associated with crypto trading, make profits, and still have time left for other activities.

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