Top 5 Betting Sites in Mozambique

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Mozambique is one country which is experiencing a remarkable rise in its betting industry as evidenced by the number of bookmakers who are launching their services in this southern African country. Mozambique has various laws regulating betting in Mozambique and it is these laws that serve as a base for the granting of Mozambique online sports betting licenses to several bookmakers administering online betting in Mozambique.Mozambique has both local and international bookmakers operating in this country and some of the bookmakers which operate in Mozambique include BetYetu, Premierbet, Betway, Hollywoodbets. You can find the full list on Sites de Apostas Mozambique.The availability of internet has also helped propel the industry because betting has become more convenient because a person can deposit, bet and withdraw without visiting the bet shop at all, this has enabled those people who couldn’t go to a betting outlet for whatever reasons to start betting using their internet connected device.The good thing about betting in this day and age is that there are now several betting products to satisfy the varying needs of punters and punters in Mozambique are spoilt of choice when it comes to the betting products because they can bet on the following products:SportVirtual SportsEsportsLottoCasinoBelow is a list of the top five bookmakers operating in Mozambique.

1. Betway (click here to register with Betway)

Betway is a giant international bookmaker which was established in 2006 and operates in several countries worldwide including Mozambique. The bookmaker started its operations in Europe but they have extended their services to a host of African countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia and Mozambique where they are hugely popular due to the excellent service they offer and a wide range of betting products they offer to their clients. Betway is operating legally in Mozambique and is licensed and regulated by the JSE (Jogos Sociais e Entretenimento) of Mozambique. Betway does not offer a uniform product across all the countries it operates in and you will notice that Betway Mozambique does not have other products you might find in other countries and currently the bookmaker is offering sports betting, virtual sports and esports betting. You have nothing to worry about in terms of the availability of betting products on the Betway platform because the bookmaker has a wide range of betting opportunities to satisfy all your betting needs and you will always find something to bet on at all times. Products such as Casino and Bingo are still missing on this platform but they might soon be added.

2. Premierbet

Premier Bet is one of the top bookmakers in Mozambique where it operates legally.  The bookmaker offers a wide range of betting products to its valued customers. According to the information on the Premierbet platform, the bookmaker offers some of the best odds in Mozambique and they have several betting markets on all the products they offer. Premierbet offers several betting products including sports, live betting, boosts, jackpots, virtuals, lotto, promotions and several other exciting products, when it comes to sports betting, the bookmaker offers a wide range of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby, handball, volleyball, baseball amongst other sports. The Premierbet Lotto games provides access to numerous games such as  5/90 classic and the Fast 3, you will certainly enjoy this section if you are a lotto fanatic. Premierbet has a great website which is probably one of the best websites in the industry and the site is made beautiful by its layout and also the green and orange colour scheme because these two colours compliment each other very well.

3. Jogabets

Jogabets is one of the most popular bookmaker in Mozambique which operates legally in the land as it is fully licensed in Mozambique. Jogabets offers its customers with several betting opportunities because according to the bookmaker, there is over 3.6 million sports betting opportunities every month. Jogabet offers a number of betting products on its platform including sports, eSports, virtual sports and lottery. Jogabets offers several sports to bet on including soccer, snooker, tennis amongst others, soccer is the main sport on the platform and you will notice several soccer related links on the website. Jogabets also offers virtual sports on their platform and the virtual games are categorised as Betgames, Horse and Dog Racing, Virtuals and Sport Virtuals. When it comes to eSports, Jogabets offers top eSport games on its platform such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty. What makes the Jogabet so popular is the fact that it offers its clients with several betting markets and great odds which are very competitive in the Mozambican betting industry. Jogabets offers so much more and you can also benefit from promotions, bonus odds amongst other things.

4. Elephantbet

Elephantbet is a Mozambican bookmaker which operates legally in this country and interestingly, this is the first sports bookmaker to operate in Mozambique. The bookmaker was launched in the year 2018 and it was initially called Mozabet before it became Elephantbet. Elephantbet does not only have an online betting platform but it has several authorised reseller agents spread mainly throughout Maputo. The bookmaker does not yet offer as many betting products as there are only offering real sports and virtual sports, products such as eSports, Casino and Lucky Numbers are still missing. Elephantbet has a great selection of sports and this is one of the main reasons why the bookmaker is very popular. Punters have access to a host of sports and the bookmaker provides many leagues, tournaments and events for all the sports on the platform. Soccer is clearly the main sport due to several soccer related links on the website.

5. Betarena

Betting is on the rise in Mozambique and several bookmakers are emerging and Betarena is one of such bookmakers offering betting services to their clients in Mozambique. Betarena is a bookmaker which offers betting services to their customers in Mozambique and the good thing about this platform is that it is licensed by the Curacao Chamber of Commerce and Industry and this license was issued in the year 2020. Betarena offers several betting products on their platform and these products include Sports Betting, Live Races, Virtual Sports, Virtual Leagues, Lotto and Betgames. On all the products which are offered by Betarena, the bookmaker made sure that there is a great deal of betting markets, the odds offered are also very competitive in the Mozambican betting industry. Betarena does not offer as many sports as other bookmakers operating in Mozambique, the good thing with this platform however is that it offers the most followed sports and there are several other betting products besides sports so betting opportunities on the platform are many

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