Top 11 Educational App Ideas for Students and Universities

Top Educational App Ideas for Students and Universities

By Milap Chavda

The Digital era has transformed the educational world. Nowadays, educational learning is given through digital platforms like applications, websites, and more. The education system is changing day by day. It’s tough for the students to cover it in their education journey.

Learning from blackboard to laptop screen, identifying classroom problems and interacting with teachers, learning through quizzes and games, and doing the home task, Flyte app and educational app ideas have changed student’s schooling methods. Not only student’s but teacher’s lives have also changed entirely by creating educational apps.

Moreover, various colleges, institutions, schools, and universities are looking to hire an educational app developer to develop a unique and creative educational app.

Research by Strategyr shows that the Global Mobile Learning Market will reach $80.1 Billion by 2027. The U.S. market is estimated to grow at $6 Billion and China is estimated to grow at 25.1 CAGR.

Currently, students rely on online assets for learning and enrolling their name in any online tuition institution.

11 Best Ideas For Building Educational Mobile Apps

Whether you’re a startup company or an established one, you must check out these easy and cost-effective education app ideas mentioned in the blog.

The below-listed apps are not only for students but it is also useful for teachers too.

Let us discuss about the educational apps

1. Private Tuition Application

Personal coaching has always been a priority for students, as it is the best way to get excellent grades. The private tuition application app helps students to connect easily with experts.

This way, students can clear their doubts with an experienced teacher. Students can also receive notes from experts after a conversation through the private tuition application.

2. Language Learning Application

This app is self-explanatory and is used for learning different languages. Learning language application is for both students as well as teachers.

Nowadays, students are migrating from one country to another for higher studies so that they need to learn the basic language they have shifted to. Teachers can also learn from this application and can teach directly to the students to generate some extra income.

3. Question and Answer App

Finding and Preparing Questions and Answers is not an easy task for students and teachers. So with that thought, this app is designed through which students can easily find their questions and prepare for the answer.

Not only question and answer, but the app provides test series too, which helps students in their self-assessment. You can also have a module to this application that comprises some additional questions and answers in the way of helping students and can prepare it in a better way.

4. Dictionary Application

This is the only one that doesn’t affect the age, a dictionary app is for both students and teachers. Before a decade, people used to keep a pocket dictionary with them. But now, the scenario has completely changed. You can have a dictionary app on your smartphone.

People are more interested in using the apps rather than carrying a 2000-3000 pages dictionary. And it also benefits the user, as it takes less time to search words and their meanings. You can also hire an app development company to design a customized directory app.

5. School Bus App

This app is a must in every school and college. It helps administrators and parents to track the school bus in real-time. They can also follow the speed of the bus and the driver’s location.

Parents receive real-time notifications when the bus is closer to their location. With that parents can also set reminders for picking up and dropping off their children. Schools and Colleges should develop this type of app for parents to ensure the security of their kids.

6. Student’s Progress Tracking Application

The idea of a student progress tracking app is for college students and for school kids. It helps parents to track their kid’s performance, attendance, behavior and complete development of the kid.

Parents can stay connected with the teachers and know about their kid’s progress. They can also pay fees online and get all updates related to examination and lecture timing.

7. eBook Reading App

The eBook reading app is useful for students and for users too. They can read books online of any category. This app also gives a feature of additional modules for download.

This app is more beneficial to students as they don’t require to carry books with them. Whenever and wherever they want to read they can read the books through this app.

8. Audio Book App

The audio concept is new in the market but it is flying like a flamingo. While using this app users don’t need to download or read the book. This app works like a YouTube, students can start the Audiobook for any book through the application.

Sometimes it’s tough to read the books as it has some unique words, so it’s better to use the audiobook app. You can also when you are traveling or driving.

9. Puzzle App

This app is for the users who enhance their capacity or want to do brainstorming by solving through the puzzle given in the app.

This app has a different level of puzzles and an aptitude segment that helps the students to solve aptitude questions. In short, this app represents the mind, as it will help students to improve their brain capacity.

10. Competitive Exam App

Preparing for a competitive exam is not easy without coaching. Nowadays, students can get 1000’s of materials online and they can easily prepare for test series for their self-assessment test.

A competitive exam app will make the work easy for students. Students need not carry books with them, they get the entire syllabus, reference book, eBooks and much more from where they can test themselves by adding exam series in their application.

11. Self-Note App

The traditional method to keep the notes was to write in a book, but as tutor applications are launched with that self-noted apps are also launched in the market like keep-notes.

There is no use of notebooks when you have a self-note app. It will be easy for students to write the note in the app rather than in a notebook. This will make their work easy and they can simply share all valuable notes.

Final Thought

So what are you thinking now? Ready to develop an educational app? Education is the future of students and the nation too. It is an investment that will give you 100% interest. If you will invest now then after 20 years you will get the return so invest as early as possible.

Digital education is one step ahead as it solves the problem of personal teaching experience, engagement and interactivity. Educational apps improve engagement and interactivity between parents and teachers. However, it helps to win over various learning challenges that children face.

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