Tips for Avoiding the I-751 Interview After Conditional Residence


The need for an l-751 interview is determined by USCIS, and it is up to theWondering if there is a way to skip the challenging I-751 interview? Of course, no one will find it pleasing to visit USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services) and get investigated about personal matters regarding marriage. What is even more dreadful is the scenario where USCIS is not satisfied with your bona fide marriage then you may face difficulty in getting the status of a conditional resident. You can consult with experienced lawyers at to get professional guidance at this complex step of your visa process.

According to the law (INA 216), a couple must appear before USCIS for getting objections on residence removed. In case USCIS is fully convinced that a couple did not marry to evade immigration laws, an interview is waived and the I-751 petition is approved. Here’s how the I-751 interview can be avoided altogether. 

Ways Conditional Residents might skip the Interview

m to waive it. But you can prevent this interview if you follow some instructions.

Form of I-751 Petition must be well prepared

Conditional residence aims to convince them that the purpose of marriage is to genuinely stay together as a couple. In case a bona fide marriage can’t be proved through strong evidence or some events put the question on the authenticity of a marriage, there are more chances of an interview by USCIS.

If there is sufficient evidence to prove bona fide marriage, waiver cases (not filed jointly) also get approved without any interview. Remember, waiver cases are more complicated and need more documentation to prove eligibility. We suggest that an attorney should be hired before filing a waiver case. 

The first step is to fill in the form I-751 after removing bars on the residence. The form can be downloaded and filled following instructions on the USCIS website 

Submit Significant Proof of a Bona Fide Marriage

Next, provide proofs supporting a marriage done in “good faith” upon which conditional status was granted and for convincing them it was not merely done to evade immigration laws. Provide copies of all the authentic documents which support the authenticity of marriage and also present circumstances happening from a day of marriage to the present day and also clearly show any circumstances signifying the end of the marriage, in case it ended. Here’s a list of 33 beneficial documents supporting bona fide marriage. 

Example Documents 

You need to submit the following documents as evidence

  • Lease or mortgage contracts
  • Birth certificate(s) o the child born after marriage
  •  Financial records signifying joint responsibility for liabilities or joint ownership of assets, like:
    1. Shared bank account
    2. Shared savings account
    3. Joint Federal and State tax returns
    4. Title of the car with joint ownership
    5. Combined utility bills 
    6. Other joint loans 
  • Any document that is considered significant for establishing a bona fide marriage and that it was not done to escape US immigration laws. 
  • Affidavits affirmed or sworn to by at least two individuals who know the couple since the grant of conditional resident status and personally know about the relationship and marriage. 
  • 10-20 photos of the couple together. These can include your wedding photos, photos of you two travelling, family events, gatherings with friends, etc.  ( Names, dates, and places should also be handwritten on the back of the photos.)

Financial and insurance data is the most important proof of a valid marriage. Joint ownership or liability strongly establishes a couple’s intent to stay together for life. 

The best way to avoid an I-751 interview is to file a strong petition with significant proof of a bona fide marriage. 

Increase Chances of Avoiding the Interview

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