These Are the Best Actions Companies Can Adopt to Fight Climate Change

Save the Planet

The huge growth of companies has brought many advantages, especially for people, but they come with a price, represented by the big and negative impact on climate change. So, because businesses greatly impact the environment, they should also try to come up with solutions to address this issue. A do-nothing approach should not be considered at the moment, as it can cause damage to the environment in the long term. But instead, focusing on sustainability will bring several benefits, as besides the positive impact on the environment, businesses will also create a long-lasting competitive advantage. Customers will be more likely to want to try products from a company considering this aspect, and businesses will also attract the best talent, as millennials want to work in an environmentally friendly organisation. 

So, what are the best actions companies can adopt to fight climate change? Keep reading if you want to find them out. 

Measure the greenhouse gas emissions

The first step that should be adopted by a company that wants to fight climate change is to measure its greenhouse gas emissions. Measuring your emissions is useful in determining how your company impacts the environment and what measures can be taken to reduce the effects felt. Also, you should pay attention to the carbon footprint, which is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by your company’s actions. Getting an insight on this subject will make you see what your company’s major emissions sources are. And if you know how you harm the environment, you can search for ways to reduce the impact you produce. This step will bring many advantages to your organisation, like the following:

  • It aligns your company with the current climate regulations
  • It helps you prepare for future laws, and reduce the negative financial impact that could be felt in the future
  • You will know what steps to take to make a positive impact
  • Your reputation will improve, and you will create a competitive advantage.

Diminish energy consumption

There are some simple but very effective ways to reduce your business’s energy consumption. And if you pay attention to the small steps and encourage all employees to adopt them, you will see that you can really reduce your impact on the climate. For example, turning off the lights when every company member goes home or taking devices off the plug when not used are positive practices to adopt. Plus, these steps are very simple but have visible effects on reducing energy consumption, so anyone can use them. Also, if the possibilities permit, companies could also invest in solar energy, and although it is expensive at first, in the long run, it will reduce electricity consumption significantly. 

Reduce waste 

If you want to reduce the carbon footprint, you should also consider the waste your company generates. No matter how small or big a company is or the industry in which it operates, every organisation produces waste, but there are some ways to reduce it. For example, businesses could avoid disposable cups or stirrers and instead consider glasses which are more eco-friendly alternatives. Also, companies can minimise the number of prints and sort waste separately to recycle correctly. Suppose your company deals with a lot of waste. In that case, it might be good to consider purchasing balers and waste presses, which will help in the recycling process and how you store plastics, cardboard or metals. In many cases, these materials can have a big volume, which is not great, especially if the location of your business is not large, so a baler could help you to address this issue. If you want to consider a baler and waste press, click to visit a website that has various high-quality models from which to choose one that fits your needs the most.  

Consider sustainable suppliers

Every company is free to choose whichever partner they want. But if you really want to make a difference and fight against climate change, you should look only for suppliers known for having good environmental practices. Plus, lately, this subject has become a hot topic, and customers want more businesses known for considering sustainability. Hence, companies need to pay attention to whom they work with. Sustainable suppliers have responsible practices, such as conserving energy and water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or using eco-friendly materials, which will improve your business reputation if you associate with them. Also, this will enhance the product quality, and customers are willing to pay more if they know that the product came from a source that didn’t harm the environment. For example, one company is known for using sustainable materials such as cork and recycled PET plastics in their men’s lifestyle sneakers to create a better quality product with greener raw materials.

Raise awareness among clients and employees

As economic agents, companies play a vital role in raising the awareness of clients, employees, or other stakeholders. And they can develop ideas and create a powerful and original concept that will stay on top of mind and influence other people to adopt good practices. Because we all have a responsibility to protect the climate and the environment, for now, and for the future, companies can make environmental awareness through their actions. These small gestures can create the ground for good practices that people can consider and reproduce in some measures.

There are various actions companies can adopt to fight climate change, no matter their industry. Because the small steps usually make a big impact, businesses should consider alternatives and be role models for those around them. So, which of these actions will you implement in your organisation?


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