The US States less likely to Expand Gambling Laws

Gambling Laws

There seem to be more and more gambling opportunities by the day]thanks to the expansion of us online poker sites. That, however, is dependent on your state. All of the 50 states have their own stance on gambling, we review some of them that are unlikely to expand their thinking on the subject matter anytime soon.


Some states have a conscious effort to talk about online gambling, making the topic at least newsworthy even if multiple parties are ardently against it. However, in Idaho, it’s a very minor discussion if even at all. This despite the state being intrinsically linked with the Gold Rush of the 1860s when the state welcomed newly founded riches to gamble at ‘regulated’ casinos.

The terminology within the state law is relatively vague but essentially doesn’t permit online gambling. Given how rustic the ruling is it would take a gigantic effort to unlock a relatively small market (the 38th highest population of the 50 states).

When the last major change was proposed to allow more horse racing opportunities in 2018 voters rejected the notion, essentially putting Idaho on the blacklist for gambling companies as there is very little appetite for it here.

There are some traditional casinos in the state and some offer electronic-based games yet it is very limited compared to the usual offerings from bespoke companies.


It’s reported that Alabama has one of the highest concentrations of Christianity within the US with over 85% of the state population stating they practice the religion. Further studies say that this demographic is incredibly devoted to the belief system. As such, there are multiple contrasting morals, beliefs, and behaviors found in gambling which are not accustomed or commonplace in deeply Christian Alabama.

Horse racing betting is regulated but still limited. As is fantasy-sports style gambling yet ultimately it’s not a destination for gambling. Multiple efforts from politicians have tried to expand the gaming portfolio here but have been shot down with very little support from the electorate. The most recent effort came back in 2021 however since then online vendors have looked elsewhere.

There are three tribal casinos on the outskirts of Alabama, however, there are no commercial sites. All of which are operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The location in the vicinity of Montgomery is probably the most appealing to gamblers with over 2000 machines on site.

Furthermore, the state does not even have a lottery given the resistance to this kind of activity. It would seem as if the 5,000,000+ population of the state would rather go to Bible study, go for a long walk or eat excessive amounts of food (32% of the state are overweight) than gamble.


The Beehive State might be one of the hardest and most arduous routes if it is to legalize gambling. The Utah government has done its utmost to opt out of all inroads to promote the pastime. One state law specifically denotes:

“…if any federal law authorizes Internet gambling in the states, this state shall opt out of allowing Internet gambling…”

Making it an increasingly uphill battle for any potential gambling vendor looking to set up shop in Utah. Of course, this is in keeping with the local popular belief as there is a deep-rooted connection to Christianity. Moreover, a lot of them belong to the Mormonism strand which like the government also specifically singles out gambling as a contrasting force within their belief structure.

Two major plots could have altered this however both were shot down before either could get off the ground. Firstly in 1992, a horse racing bill went as far as a public referendum which was voted against. Later in 2019, David Hinkins, a Republican senator proposed that this bill should have a second outing but had to pull out as he received major backlash from the concept.

Gambling in person is also very difficult in Utah as the state outlaws it, meaning there are no horse racing tracks, casinos, or even a state lottery. The official state tourism site even lists a casino outside the state borders (just inside Nevada) as the best place to go if you want to gamble when visiting Salt Lake City.

It can be tough to figure out where you stand with ever-changing laws and also as attitudes towards online gambling shift. For those who are able to play and want to start using us online poker sites, you can find the best of them here to help you get started on your journey!

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