The Ultimate Guide to Keep Indoors Cool Without Spending a Penny


With Earth’s temperature increasing day by day due to global warming, summer is getting intolerable. Some continents with comparatively low temperatures recently made history by roasting in some of the hottest months ever. Many people have lost their lives due to heatstroke or heat exhaustion. This has made living unbearable, no matter where you are, indoors or out. Some people with broken windows tried to get window glass replacement, so that scorching heat waves do not enter their houses. But heat can reach you anywhere.

In such a situation, finding ways to fight the brutal weather becomes an absolute necessity. Several appliances are available that help you in such a situation, but using them also means that you will have to empty your wallet. Air conditioners are widely used by many, but it is still unaffordable to use AC regularly as electricity bills will not lower anytime soon. Moreover, many people have opted not to use air conditioners for the well-being of our environment. 

Hence, it is better to find some unconventional methods to fight heat that is better for you and your budget. So, we have come with some interesting DIY methods you can easily do to make your indoors cool without spending lots of money.

Trying keeping your blinders closed

Studies show that almost 25-30% of heat generally comes from windows. So, the first simple step of cooling down your room without an air conditioner is, keeping your blinders closed most of the time. It will block the heat and can make your room cool significantly. And, it will not cost you any money, so it’s a win-win situation.

Make your ceiling fan rotate anti-clockwise

Ceiling fans can be a great alternative or air conditioners. It does not consume that much electricity, so it is affordable as well. While talking about ceiling fans, many people may not know that you should adjust your fan according to the season. On really hot days, you should set your fans to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. This will push air downwards and create a wind-chill effect that cools down body temperature with the increasing speed of wind flowing. 

Open windows for night air

Weather usually cools down significantly towards the evenings and nights. So, make use of this cool chilly weather and open your room windows at night. It will let warm air from inside escape and replace it with cooler air from outside. The fresh air will keep your home cool at night, for you and your family to sleep peacefully. But remember to close your windows and curtains before the morning heat gets a chance to enter.

Replace incandescent lights with CFLs

Incandescent bulbs generate light by wasting almost 90% of their energy in emitting heat. Not only does it increase your electricity bill, but it also makes your room hotter. So, get rid of these bulbs and replace them with CFL or Compact Fluorescent Lamps or LED. They are cost-efficient and make your room comparatively cooler.

Switch your bed sheets

Seasonal switching of your bedsheets is a great way to keep your room cool while revamping it up. Many fabrics have different effects on heat. Fleece blankets or flannel bed sheets have great insulation properties. Many people opt for cotton as it is easier to pass air through it, so it keeps air circulation simple and makes your bed cool.

Place your fan at the right place

Rather than cooling a room, movable fans mostly keep moving the air around. So, it is advisable to place the fan where it can circulate the air easily by drawing a cooler part of air and sending it towards the warmers areas of the room. This will also make your room notably cool.


You can get tempted to use an air conditioner or an air cooler during warm days, but it is not very cost-efficient for many people. In addition to that, there are various simple tricks you can do to cool down your room’s temperature notably. So, get ready to be a DIY expert and try these simple tips to keep your indoors cool. Also, make little changes to fight off climate change and restore the balance!


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