The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Job in Basel

Getting a great job in Basel can be difficult, but certainly is possible even in the challenging times we are facing all around the world. Your success depends on your skills, field of work, area of interest, and where you stand in your career development. What will set you apart is how proactive you are and your understanding of the local opportunities.

Let us walk you through the process, discuss the difficulties you might face, and what you can do to get a good job in Basel.

1.  Non-EU without Work Experience

People who are not EU residents might face some difficulties while job hunting. Notably, if you are just out of college, it won’t be easy. To work in Switzerland, you must secure a job (with a contract and guarantee from the employer) to acquire a work permit. The easiest way to get started in Basel is to start with internships or apply as a trainee.

Internships and Traineeships

Many firms in Basel offer internships and training. Internships can go a long way in getting you acquainted with the work culture, customs, help with the local language, kick start your networking, and highlight to you the future opportunities. Basel has many international trainees, and you are sure to come across many people with similar interests and experiences.

Contacts and Interviews

Employers may offer a telephonic or online interview with you in some instances. If this isn’t an option the interview may pose some difficulties if you do not reside anywhere near Basel. Online interviews can also be tricky if you are in a completely different time zone.

They might interview you via a video chat through Skype, Google Meets, Zoom and other similar platforms. Make sure you have these programs installed on your device ahead of time since they may take some time to download and install.

Remain patience and if you don’t hear anything from potential employers, follow up politely with them at appropriate intervals.

If you are hired, the company or employer will arrange your work permit. You’ll just need to complete the paperwork to see the procedure through to completion.

2.  EU Resident without Work Experience

Thanks to the EU, residents are permitted into Switzerland and to look for employment for up to three months. In some cases, this duration can be extended to six months. Even if you are an EU resident, finding a job can be a slow process. Don’t give up, it may take you a few months to secure a job.

Deliver your Application

If you are in Basel, you can start by applying to smaller companies. If possible, deliver the application in person and try to make a great impression. It may be wise to do your research on the company so you understand the culture. If you can find images of the staff and the office design that can give you great clues to what the company is like to what you should wear. A modern, funky office will suggest modern funky attire may be best suited. If in doubt dress formally. When starting out, do not hesitate to go outside the city limits for a job.

Your first job need not be your dream job. You can work for smaller businesses to enhance your skills, build your network, and gain local experience.

Internships and Traineeships

You can try applying for internships and trainee positions to get your foot in the door and work your way up. If you don’t need money, think about volunteering to showcase your skills and build your experience. You will also gain relevant knowledge, and make connections.

3.  Established Professionals

Even established professionals might have some challenges looking for employment. Regardless of your residence (that is EU or non-EU), you will need to search for a position suitable to your profile, make connections, market yourself, and have an impressive CV.

Market Yourself

Your CV and cover letter represent you. And hence, it is crucial to have an impressive and updated resume. You must convince employers that you are suitable for the position and how your skills are useful to the business. You can check for the best resume creators online that can help you build an impressive resume.


If you reside near Basel, you will likely be called to the city for an interview. The employer might cover expenses for those who must travel and are applying for senior positions.

If you have an interview scheduled, this is your chance to impress them. Prepare yourself well, dress smartly, and think of some engaging questions to ask them to highlight your interest in the company.


If you are offered a position that you don’t love, it’s probably wise to take it anyway. Get started for now and keep looking for other suitable opportunities. During your probationary period, you can probably switch jobs quickly since the notice period is usually minimal.

Be consistent in your job, develop your personal brand and be open to networking! Your dream job could be just around the corner.


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