The UK’s First-Ever National Bingo Day


The UK celebrated its first-ever National Bingo Day on June 27, and millions of Brits had been getting ready to bingo for a whole week. Originally known as ‘Beano’, bingo may have been born in the US in the early 1930s and only got to the UK in the 1960s. Whatever the case, it has definitely become the country’s cup of tea not just as a gambling pastime but as a social affair. Let’s just say that when UK citizens love something, they do so with all their hearts. It’s no wonder that gambling games at large in brick-and-mortar casinos and casino online platforms are widely enjoyed across the country. What else can help you wind down after a long working day and still offer you the thrill of winning some cash as you have fun?

At the moment, there are over 3 million bingo players across the UK. And while the game is particularly associated with the older population, it still attracts quite a following, especially given that jackpot payouts are getting ridiculously high. Moreover, like any other gambling game, participants can enjoy it purely for fun without spending a penny and still have a good time. But then, as fun as the game is, what has made it deserve its own national holiday in the UK? Well, while many factors have contributed to the popularity of bingo over the years, there’s one that stands out above the rest – bringing people together.

A Game Promoting Friendships and a Sense of Community

As much as people have made a killing by jackpots when playing bingo, there is more to it than just winning. Bingo has been one of those rare gambling activities that has players less intent on winning and more focused on socializing. It’s also effortless to play, and wins are very straightforward. That is what has created the level of recognition it enjoys to date. It is therefore not a surprise that bingo has for a long time been the game of choice at fundraisers to lighten the mood and raise money for good causes.

In the UK and many other parts of the world, there are numerous ways to play bingo locally. You can find a local game at a local bingo club where you will play alongside familiar faces and have a blast catching up on what’s happening in your area. You could also download a bingo app on your phone and compete against friends, all in the comfort of your home.

And speaking of the popularity of the game in the UK, the rapid growth of online bingo sites has piqued the interest of young gamblers and created a whole new fan base with players being able to live chat with fellow players during the sessions. Currently, there are about 294 licensed brick-and-mortar bingo clubs and over 300 online bingo sites to socialize at in the UK. So, if you already have a pool of friends who enjoy the same activities, you can also organize a bingo night that will no doubt be filled with lots of fun and laughter.

A Day to Bingo After a Year of Setbacks!

The US has been celebrating National Bingo Day on June 27 for decades, and it has set a trend that has been picked up by lots of players in different parts of the world. A group of bingo associations around the UK, including the Bingo Association, the online bingo reviewer WhichBingo and Mecca Bingo borrowed a leaf from the US and decided to adopt the same date for the UK National Bingo Day. Thus, on Sunday, June 27, 2021, the UK celebrated its very first bingo national holiday, marked complete with a smashing logo and official badge in honour of the day.

With local bingo clubs closed during the last year over the Covid-19 pandemic, this popular industry has undergone some significant losses, and there have been fears that things may never go back to normal regarding the favourite pastime. So, stakeholders in the UK decided to keep the bingo spirit alive and ensure that the game becomes a tradition that will live on for generations. Well, of course, during the lockdowns, thanks to the online availability of the game, there was still a way for friends to keep in touch over a fun activity, but as we all know, the social aspect isn’t the same over the internet.

A New Exciting Tradition Filled with Lucrative Deals

Every year on the UK National Bingo Day, bingo clubs from the most grandiose to the smaller sized local halls will now be offering lucrative deals and prizes for players to have the time of their life. This year, WhichBingo and local bingo hall operators Mecca Bingo partnered to launch free bingo rooms between 5 and 5 PM with a generous prize pool of £1,000.

In the first edition of the National Holiday, everyone in the industry got involved to ensure that the day makes an impression on all players, young and old alike. With the hype created around the event, we are sure that Brits will be waking up to a ‘Bingo’ here and a ‘Bingo’ there, while they celebrate a game that has become a national favourite for years to come.

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