The State of Online Casino Gaming in Norway


Casinos have always been a sophisticated space for Norwegians because of stringent laws and regulations, especially online casino games. The country has a state monopoly as Norwegians can only play in online casinos operated by the state company Norsk Tipping.

The country has one of the strictest rules in all of Europe. While several forms of gambling are illegal in Norway, the ones that have managed to get approved are under strict surveillance. It might sound like a dreadful situation for Norwegian gamblers, but there is some relief as well.

The laws limit the citizens to use only Norsk Tipping sites for Norway-based casino games. But they don’t prohibit the residents from placing bets on foreign or unlicensed platforms. 

It means that gamblers can enjoy several new casinos in Norway if the sites are headquartered in other countries. In this post, we will go through why the government is holding the monopoly in online casinos, the reason behind their decision, and how people can enjoy online casinos headquartered in other countries.

Understanding the Reasons Behind This Monopoly

Although the strict regulations might seem harsh, there are some good reasons behind the government’s decision.

Protecting From Scams

Online scams are nothing strange in today’s digital world. One of the primary reasons behind the government’s online casino monopoly is to protect users from these scams.

The government feels that if it controls the online casino operator, it can closely monitor both users and operators to avoid scams.

Added Revenue

Another motive of a state-backed casino operator in Norway is to get additional revenue for the government. In fact, the odds offered by Norsk Tipping are primarily in their favor. The income might help the citizens in the long run. For instance, the government might use the revenue for better infrastructure and development. But that’s not what an online gamer wants.

Players sit at the table to win. If they feel that the operators are mistreating them, they will find a new casino. And that’s what’s happening in Norway. Players are looking elsewhere to place bets and try their luck.

The Consequences of Norway’s Casino Monopoly

The primary consequence is lost revenue. Firstly, since players use unregulated sites, the taxing goes down significantly. Secondly, since the bets are placed on offshore websites, the money leaves the Norway economy, impacting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

We don’t know whether the Norway government’s motives are correct, but the gamblers do not like them at all. Hence, they are playing on foreign and unofficial sites. Technically, there’s nothing illegal in it as the government has not placed a ban on playing on other unregulated sites. But this has opened Norwegians to significant risks. When players use unregulated sites, they don’t have any protection and expose themselves to scams.

If Norway had multiple online casinos operated by different companies, it would have been better for both players and the government.

How You Can Go About Online Casinos in Norway

Online casino laws in Norway are strict and unfair. Hence, it is evident that gamblers will hunt for other options. Almost two-thirds of the Norwegian players already use unlicensed or offshore websites. But using any website without thorough research leaves them open to scams.

Scams are inevitable due to the nature of online gaming and fraudsters are likely to be attracted to dupe gamers. But there are several steps that players can take to avoid scams.

Look for Casino Licenses

Almost all legit online casinos have a license, and they show it on their websites to gain players’ trust. You should go through the website and look for a permit before placing your bets.

If you don’t find a license, don’t play on the platform. But if you find a permit, the next task is to check if it’s legit or fake. The best way to differentiate between valid and counterfeit licenses is by going through them. Try to spot anything unusual. For instance, the design and language on fake permits differ from legit ones.

Leverage 3rd Party Aggregator Sites

If you can’t research all the websites you come across; you can do it for a single third-party aggregator site. These sites assemble different online casinos and put them together so that you can choose any based on your likings. In this situation, you only have to check if the third-party website is legit because if it is, you will likely find only good online casinos.

Moreover, such websites also provide additional benefits like free bonus coins and spins. You can use this to find many new casinos in Norway.


The state of gambling in Norway is critical. There is only one way to play legally, and this is through the Norsk Tipping website. But you can still use offshore online casinos for the purpose. But ensure optimal safety before placing your bets to avoid scams.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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