The Most Important Big Data Companies in Spain


The technological industry is growing quickly and constantly, and there are more and more companies founded to provide services related to today’s technical needs.

Thus, Big Data companies have arrived to help other companies to make decisions and form predictions based on information and data collection. The Big Data sector is in total growth and has changed how companies and businesses make decisions.

It is known that information is power, which is why the purpose of the Data Science is to collect a large amount of data to classifying, analyze, and categorize to elaborate marketing and sales (or any other sector) strategies to help enhance business.

These tasks are carried out by specialists, known as “Data Scientists,” who work with algorithms and coding. Because the sector is growing by leaps and bounds, the job offer in Spain has been magnified; this has generated a migration of data scientists from all over the world in search of work, regardless of the linguistic barrier, since they can take a Spanish course.

In fact, many companies offer their potential employees the possibility of taking Spanish courses Malaga to learn the language so that they can be part of their companies. This is because of the enormous amount of Big Data companies founded in Spain last time, which require many professionals in the field, and sometimes they must resort abroad.

As mentioned above, getting the data is relatively easy and a small part of all the work. The main thing is to have experts who work and analyze such information to generate reports that help companies.

The Big Data service is in total demand, and more and more companies resort to this type of analysis to grow and enhance their business. That is why in this article, we will mention which are the best Big Data companies in Spain so that they can provide you with the necessary tools to reach success with your commerce.



A large Big Data company that offers several services related to infrastructure, data management, platform and software, data analytics and Customer Intelligence, Customer Experience and Relationship Management, and also Data and Customer Strategy, which is responsible for developing client strategies Data-Driven, CRM Consulting, Customer Experience Consulting, Data-Driven company strategy, and services design.

There are companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Teka, the Complutense University of Madrid, LG, and KIA in its client portfolio.


It was founded by Sergio Alvarez and Javier de la Torre in Madrid in 2012; after having worked for many years in environmental and conservation projects, it is currently dedicated to analyzing big location data.

This type of analysis is essential to understand environmental problems or situations such as climate change or biodiversity loss. Still, it is also necessary for other industries, such as financial services, real estate, or telecommunications.


This company is based in both Barcelona and Boston. It was started in 2013 and was then known as MintLabs. Today it specializes in the healthcare sector, specifically in storing, processing, and visualizing medical images, focusing on analyzing clinical and brain data provided through MRI scans.

The company develops algorithms that enable state-of-the-art medical image processing to facilitate the development of new therapies to combat neurological diseases.

Synergic Partners

It is a company that specializes in Big Data Data Engineering and Data Science, offering data analytics services. Located in Barcelona and Madrid, the company is a leader in digital transformation processes and participates in projects related to organizations such as the CEOE and the European Commission.


It was founded in 2014 by a team of experienced designers, engineers, and technology consultants. Currently, Stratio has been officially certified by Spark and has a group of more than 200 people. 

Their services range from graph-based tools to machine learning, data processing, and storage systems, and developing Big Data technology.


This company specializes in Location Intelligence. It is a process that collects and analyzes geospatial data from various sources, which is then converted into strategic information to find solutions to the multiple challenges imposed by the business universe.


This company is based in Madrid and was founded in 2014. A startup that managed to develop a data marketplace where you can consolidate information from many public sources in the form of open API, such as Eurostat, INE, CIS, OECD, or CNMC.


A platform launched in 2010, developed by José Carlos Cortizo and Francisco Carrero. It is designed to help increase sales by offering a more satisfying shopping experience. It integrates very easily with any online store.


This company was founded in 2016 in Madrid and specialized in Audience Technology Marketing. It is responsible for collecting online customer data in real-time every month. DatMean manages to obtain unbiased and high-quality data from consumers.


It is a consulting firm located in Barcelona and belongs to the Viko Group. Kraz combines technology and science to transform the data obtained into solutions and business strategies that help its clients.

A company specializing in advanced analytics and data science, to offer a service capable of covering large and complex data projects.

Making Science

This company has the best experts in artificial intelligence. It is in charge of developing applications, methodologies, and tools that allow businesses to collect and analyze a lot of information from many different sources. The company’s idea is to provide data that can be applied to marketing and help its clients make strategic decisions.

Making Science is based in Spain and many other countries, such as the United States, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Colombia, Denmark, Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Georgia; it continues to expand to other countries.


A company that is located in Madrid and works with AI in order to offer the best solutions and strategies for their clients.


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