The Most Effective Ways to Learn English


As you know, English is in demand almost everywhere these days: when applying to university, when looking for a prestigious job, when traveling around the world, even when searching for useful information on the Internet. We study it for a long time: at school, at university, then in courses or with a tutor. And for beginners it will be a very useful application, Promova

1. Exercise daily 

This might seem like the most obvious advice for learning English, but it really works. Turn English into a fun hobby that you can do every day. It doesn’t have to be long lessons of 1.5 to 2 hours. Just give yourself 20-30 minutes to learn something new.

2. Mix different kinds of tasks

We all know that people absorb and remember information differently: for some people it is only necessary to listen and memorize a fact, while others want to write down and read the necessary information a little later.

You can, of course, use only one way, but do not forget about the diversity. You can not learn a foreign language by memorizing the rules, or only reading texts. Use the whole arsenal.

3. Communicate with a native speaker

One of the best practical tips for learning English – is to communicate with a native speaker, the more so now to find a native speaker and talk to him or her is quite easy. And the main thing is it’s useful. As soon as your level allows you to communicate with foreigners, it’s better to start doing it right away – this experience will be more useful to you than communicating with your homeland-speaking teacher. Even though you will communicate in English more than half of the time anyway, the fact that the teacher will understand is relaxing.

Don’t forget to repeat what you’ve learned. This can refer not only to grammatical rules and repetition of new words. After listening to the dialogue, come back to it in a couple of weeks, and you will immediately realize that it is much easier to perceive speech and pronunciation in audio. Re-watching an excerpt from a movie you watched earlier and knowing the plot well will give you great pleasure in knowing that you understand everything. 

There is no way to avoid repetition. You may subconsciously feel that you are wasting your time learning the same things, when you could be learning something new in the meantime. But you can’t fall for this trap. Our memory is designed so that we easily forget information we don’t use. So there’s one of two things. Either you repeat what you’ve learned, and you accumulate knowledge at a moderate pace, or you try to cover everything at once, and you immediately forget.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes 

Mistakes are part of any learning process, and you shouldn’t be afraid to make them. At the first stages of learning a new language with a language learning app, there are many things we don’t understand. We do not know the structure of the language, vocabulary, pronunciation, and so on

It’s perfectly natural to make mistakes when understanding something new. Don’t judge yourself too harshly, be patient and you’re sure to succeed.

If you can, plan a trip to a country where English is a native language. Not only will you gain useful experience, but you will also have a wonderful opportunity to put into practice what you have learned. Without a doubt, while in such an environment, aspects such as pronunciation, intonation and rhythm as well as listening skills improve.

More importantly, you can finally get rid of the language barrier. Abroad or not, you still have to speak. You can’t make it without a language.

You can even combine traveling and language learning: there are special language camps abroad and volunteer programs where you can do English and combine it with taking care of children, nature and so on.


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