The Importance of Tachograph Analysis


Fleet managers rely on tachograph analysis to comply with tachograph laws and drivers’ hours of service requirements. Tachograph data recording can be time-consuming and frustrating, however. It can quickly divert attention away from the primary task when done manually. So, what can the fleet managers do to make things easier?

What is a tachograph analysis program?

There is software that lets fleet managers analyse tachograph information. The program can analyse automobile and driver cards data to guarantee that requirements are met.

It can take a long time and a lot of work to deal with large amounts of data manually. Because of this, tachograph analysis software can be a tremendous benefit in understanding the data and decreasing the danger of fines or penalties. The time you save by automating data downloads and tachograph analysis might be used for more important tasks.

Importance of tachograph analysis:

Tachograph analysis is essential because it provides clear information about tachograph laws and driving hours to ensure compliance.

Tachograph analysis can be made easier by providing complete information and issuing notifications regarding social infringements such as over-or under-driving, missing rest intervals, and short breaks.

Automated and software-based tachograph analysis services can save you hours of manual processing and help you avoid costly fines.

Compared to analogue tachograph analysis, what are the advantages of digital tachograph analysis?

Analogue tachographs, which are still used in many older vehicles, require drivers to manually record their breaks and driving durations. The primary advantage is that driving data can be retrieved straight from the tachograph chart. If you want to analyse these analogue charts, you can scan them digitally. Charts can, however, be analysed by physical blemishes. Therefore, a trained eye is required to analyse the data further.

There are many advantages to digital tachograph analysis, such as more exact tachograph data downloads. Digital tachograph software can rapidly identify any potential driving violations. Digital encryption ensures that the data is safe and can’t be tampered with or destroyed. Data can be downloaded and stored remotely using advanced analytical tools, and dashboards provide a clear summary of discoveries.

Why do you need a digital tachograph?

It is mandatory in all EU countries to have a digital tachograph installed. A digital tachograph must be installed in all newly registered commercial vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. Recording of driving and rest hours is now clearer and more tamper-proof, and it also intends to enhance working conditions for bus and truck drivers and increase road safety. The usage of digital tachographs in fleet management has become an essential tool in the entire logistics industry. A driver’s logs show that they complied with the rules governing driving and service times, and rest periods.

Accomplish Your Responsibilities to the Letter

To acquire all the essential data regarding your employees’ driving habits, you must first use a digital tachograph in some of your vehicles.

Every three months, the digital tachograph’s data must be read out and archived, and the driver card’s data must be backed up for 28 days. There are fines of up to 5,000 GBP for infractions and 2,500 GBP for missing data.

The vehicle owner and an inspection agency will benefit from the registration’s clear and accurate driving and resting data. Data is read if it is copied or downloaded to a server or computer at the location of the employer or customer, subject to a tachograph obligation.

A tachograph is a device that records the speed of the vehicle’s occupants and transmits this information to the driver. Personal and commercial vehicles are required by law to have a digital gadget that monitors all of the vehicle’s activities, including its location.

  •         How far you’ve travelled
  •         When the vehicle is at a stop
  •         The vehicle’s speed
  •         Monitoring any potential problems
  •         Drove for hours every day

We hope, we have been able to make things clear about the significance of tachograph analysis.


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