The DIYer In You: Decorate Your Home From Scratch

Decorating your house is indeed an exciting task! DIY decorating is even more fun, not to mention the money-saving it does. While getting out the DIYer in you, you can do up your home to reflect your personality and taste.

 Although we naturally love exploring and tend to follow our intuition, some useful home decorating tips go a long way towards your DIY project. 

Here are seven home decorating tips to DIY decorate your home from scratch:

Set the mood right at your home’s front door. 

Won’t you want your home to create an extraordinary impression? Indeed, the best place to start working on that is at the front door. How about painting it in a strikingly conspicuous color? Red comes instantly to mind, its plus point being that it’s believed to bring good luck.

So, go ahead, give your front door a splash of fun, glossy red and create an excellent first impression of your house. You can also try painting the main door in orange or yellow as both these colors symbolize happiness and warmth.  

While you do up the front door in bright and optimistic colors, also make sure to remove outdated items from the doorway. For instance, why’d you want to retain that outdated screen door? Get innovative and swap the screened panel with a full-view glass storm door.

Door - Home Decor

Spruce up your abode with exquisite works of art.

Why not decorate your living room with invaluable pieces? After all, it’s the most significant room in your house! Generally, this multi-functional room is your home’s first room that visitors step into. 

If you’re looking at decorating your space the Hindu way, spruce up your living room with Hindu god statues. Let your guests experience the divine ambiance of your newly decorated home.

Then there’s always the favored home decorating hack of putting up wall mirrors in the house. Whether big or small, wall mirrors undoubtedly beautify your home uniquely. Besides opening up space in tiny rooms, these elegant wall pieces add glitter to your house. 

So, make it a point to hang at least one mirror in every room. 

Home Decor

Do up one room at a time.

It’s only overwhelming to work on the entire house at the same time. So, take one room at a time. Prioritize your significant room, such as maybe your bedroom and living room. 

You don’t need to match all the rooms design-wise. For instance, you could have a mix of traditional and modern decorations in your bedroom but a truly modern living room. Use a specific color or a specific decor item across the entire house for unification.

Choose the right color palette. 

Set the tone for your DIY home decoration with a fitting color palette. The best way to go about it is to choose a color scheme for your entire home, subsequently dividing it within all the rooms.

Begin pulling out your color scheme by focusing on large art pieces, a bright-colored rug, or decoratively designed upholstery. Else, first, choose a color scheme for your home’s formal spaces such as the entranceway, sitting room, and dining room.

For instance, if you’re keen on navy blue sofa chairs in your living room, you can have baby blue curtains for your home office.

Home Decor - Sofa

Begin decorating your room’s central piece.

Just like you’d start doing up the most significant room, focus on decorating the central piece in your room. That would most likely be your most expensive piece. For instance, the dining table in your dining room, the sofa in your living room, and the bed in your bedroom.

While arranging your living room furniture, aim for a U-shaped or H-shaped conversation area that invites conversations. You might have surely noticed in a nice-looking hotel lobby how the sofa talks to the chairs. Why not go for the same sense of harmony and intimacy in your living room? 

How about doing the Cinderella treatment?

Reinvent your outdated fixtures, old-fashioned kitchen cabinets and countertops, and cracked switch plates items with spray paint or low-priced refinishing kits. 

For instance, you can entirely upgrade a 1980s brass chandelier by spray painting it with a satin-nickel finish. Also, just adding a little white paint to outworn kitchen cabinets can pep up their appearance.

Layer Your Lighting 

Every room should have three types of illumination: Ambient/general, task, and accent. Ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers and recessed lights provide ambient lighting. Use task lighting over a kitchen island or a book nook where you need plenty of light to do particular tasks. For highlighting your art pieces, go for accent lighting. It is a more decorative form of illumination.

Home Decor - Lights


Now you know how to decorate your home from scratch. So, get out the DIYer in you for creating a masterpiece out of your home.


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