The Best European Cities for Launching Your Tech Career

Move over, Silicon Valley! Around the world, tech is booming across the world — from Latin America ( to Asia. Europe, in particular, is host to a wealth of startups and tech giants alike, with companies like Google and Amazon setting up shop across the continent and new businesses taking advantage of the vast resources and strong economies.

If you’re looking to launch your tech career in Europe, where should you do it? We’ve rounded up the best cities for starting a job as a software developer, QA tester, product manager, or other technology professional.


Hamburg, Germany

In 2019, NimbleFins, a personal finance website, ranked Germany the best country in Europe for startups, analyzing factors including economic health, the cost of doing business, the business climate, and the quality of the labor force. Hamburg, in particular, is host to tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Microsoft, and Airbnb.

If you’re interested in Fintech, Hamburg is the place to be. Europeans flock to the city to join the finance, banking, and eCommerce scene.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hubspot named Amsterdam the best city in Europe to work in tech back in 2017, citing factors such as the high standard of living and greatest chances of startup success. The well-developed infrastructure, strong fiscal climate, positive attitudes about innovation, and niche markets like biotech make it a good contender for startups to find their footing.

The city is looking to encourage the growing tech scene through initiatives like Startup Amsterdam, which offers resources like job boards, ecosystem insights, and a map of startups and investors, as well as listings for events for tech professionals.


Dublin, Ireland

The European headquarters for Google, Twitter, and Facebook, Dublin has a thriving tech scene. The famous Grand Canal Dock area is even dubbed “Silicon Dock,” thanks to the abundance of tech companies located there.

In early 2019, Silicon Republic predicted that salaries in the tech sector would rise 10% in Dublin over the course of the year — 20% for particularly in-demand roles such as AI and machine-learning specialists. Dublin City University Alpha, a campus dedicated to technological innovation and research, also makes it an attractive city for tech professionals to start — or continue — their careers.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Events like Techfestival boost Copenhagen’s tech culture. The capital of Denmark is also home to IT University, an institution that solely awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees in technology-related disciplines, including software development and data science. In fact, IT takes a center stage in the city, as do Fintech and green tech — technology that seeks to combat climate change.


London, United Kingdom

By mid-2019, jobs in the tech sector in London had increased by 60% since 2010. Last year, Tech London Advocates (TLA), a network of leaders, experts, and investors in technology, pledged to create one million jobs in the industry by 2023. TLA also committed to increasing diversity in tech.

Startups are also enjoying a heyday in London. The UK had the largest volume of venture capital funding in Europe in 2019, with 1,425 deals totaling $14.31 billion — 40% of all capital raised in Europe that year. OneWeb, based in London, took the prize for the largest venture funding round, raising $1.25 billion.


Stockholm, Sweden

According to Invest Stockholm, the capital of Sweden produces “more billion-dollar companies per capita than any other region in the world after Silicon Valley.” The city is home to Tech Week, which draws thousands of entrepreneurs and tech professionals every year. Tech Fest also takes place in Stockholm and features a job fair, networking events, and hackathons. Last year, it included the World’s Largest Hackathon for Women.

Known as Europe’s “unicorn factory,” Stockholm offers plenty of startup hubs, venture capital firms, angel investors, and much more.

No matter what your specialty or niche, there are plenty of opportunities for tech professionals in Europe. Cities across the continent, from Hamburg to Copenhagen to Dublin, boast strong startup cultures, events, and more, whether you’re just starting out or have established yourself as an expert in the industry.


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