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If you are struggling with writing an essay or paper, you aren’t alone. There are millions of students all over the world that are in the exact same situation as you, trying their hardest to write argumentative essays by researching topics and thinking of points or attempting to write persuasive essays by arguing opinions and appealing to emotions. However, sometimes it’s simply impossible! Perhaps you didn’t have the time to write a paper properly, you don’t understand the topic well enough, you can’t find the resources you need, or the words just aren’t coming to you. Fortunately, you can push your frustration to the side. It is completely possible to have an exceptionally written paper done before your deadline. You simply need to have the right tools at your disposal and the best resource at your disposal is an essay writer! You can easily find an experienced essay writer online with the aid of essay writing services

An essay writing service is an online-based service where you can purchase professionally-written essays and other assignments. They are ideal for any student who needs extra support for their academic work, either in the form of a complete paper or as an editing service. That said, it is important to know what to look for when choosing essay writers. Otherwise, you may end up using an illegitimate service and risking your time, money, and academic reputation. Some platforms have poor screening when it comes to selecting writers and approving work, such that plagiarism or inferior writing may be a problem. 

Luckily, we can help you avoid any of those issues! We have compiled all the important data and composed a list of the TOP 7 argumentative and persuasive essay writers that you can find online today. Naturally, it is important to find an essay writer that works specifically for you. In particular, paying attention to select criteria is crucial, namely:

  • A good reputation: Although all our listed essay writing services have a high level of trustworthiness, it is always a good idea to verify client reviews in order to make sure their experiences match up with your expectations. 
  • Types of papers: Sometimes particular essay writing services are dedicated to providing certain types of assignments. It is wise to confirm that they will cover the types of papers you would like written.
  • Variety of topics: Similar to the above criteria, ensure that there are writers on your chosen platform that can research and write in your academic discipline. 
  • Anti-plagiarism clause: Most legitimate essay writing services will detail if they have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. 
  • Price: As a student, you definitely want to find an ideal balance between quality writing and cost. Of course, understanding the upfront costs and any additional costs of paper-writing services are an important factor.

Now that you know precisely which features to look for, it’s time to take a look at the 7 best argumentative and persuasive essay writers of 2022 and all their details. You’ll be able to find one that works for you and your desired paper in no time!

The best argumentative essay writers from 99Papers

Price: Starting at $9.00 per page


  • 0% plagiarism verification through provided reports 
  • Free, unlimited revisions
  • Available discounts 
  • Highest customer reviews of on-time delivery 
  • Excellent customer service and support 
  • 100% money back guarantee 

The Facts: 99Papers is one of the best argumentative essay writing services that is available for students in 2022. It is full of experienced writers who maintain a practical knowledge of a wide array of subjects. They are online 24/7 standing by to receive your requests; if you ever find yourself wondering where to turn for help in the middle of the night, you can most likely find a writer on this platform.

They have a high rate of client satisfaction, boasting quality writing and satisfactory grammar. As 99Papers has a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism, you can expect to receive one-of-a-kind papers. That said, you do need to pay extra to receive a report that verifies there is no plagiarism; this may be a small price to pay for peace of mind. 

In terms of cost, the starting rate is $9.00 per page; the cost can increase depending on the academic level (High School, Undergraduate (1-2 year or 3-4 year), Masters, or PhD) and the deadline (the closer the deadline, the higher the price). That said, you can receive discounts and even set up an installment payment plan for large orders. This works very well for students who need to work their orders into a budget!

There are many features you receive absolutely free of charge which is what truly makes this an outstanding service. For instance, you can acquire a complementary title page, outline, and bibliography page. Further, you can inquire into the costs and details of a paper before you order; essentially, as though you are receiving a quote. Proofreading and unlimited revisions are also free services which is excellent for anyone who needs extra reassurance that their paper will come out up-to-par. 

The order process for finding an argumentative essay writer for your paper is quite easy and effortless. As aforementioned, you can ask for a free quote by providing details about your desired essay. When you’re ready to order, all you need to do is fill out a step-by-step order form and then, discuss particulars with your writer in a chat. After that, your writer will take over and produce a premium-level paper to you within the specified time-frame. It will be proofread and checked for plagiarism prior to being available for download from your account. If, for any reason, you find that the produced essay is not up to your standards, you can request unlimited revisions.

A notable feature of 99papers is its customer service department and their dedication to client satisfaction. They have a money-back guarantee, which means that you can get a full refund if your order goes array. Naturally, with anything, there is some fine print surrounding that policy. However, reviews attest to the company’s integrity. Overall, we find 99Papers to be a fantastic resource, a sentiment that is reflected by numerous customer testimonials. 

Top rated persuasive essay writers from PaperHelp

Price: Starting at $10 


  • 0% plagiarism verification through provided reports
  • Rigorous screening process for writers
  • High-quality writing 
  • Multiple different types of assignments
  • Fast delivery 
  • 3 free revisions
  • 100% money back guarantee 

The Facts: PaperHelp is an amazing platform on which to find a persuasive essay writer to complete your essay or paper, or numerous other assignments. This essay writing service provides high-quality work at affordable price points. Their truly outstanding feature is the fact that they hire essay writers very carefully, such that you can always trust you are receiving papers written by the very best in the business. They have a rigorous verification involving grammar and writing exams, plagiarism avoidance evaluations, interviews, and a one-month probation period under supervision. After this long process, they are categorized into three tiers of writers: Basic, Advanced, and Top. Depending on the paper you are looking for, you may wish to pay extra to receive a top writer. They have numerous years in the English writing field, consistent high-quality work, and excellent feedback from clients. 

PaperHelp has an easy and straight-forward interface that makes it painless to order an essay. All you have to do is choose a type of assignment, explain the details or requirements (or simply upload your assignment instructions), choose a tier of writer, and add any extras you desire. After you have purchased your order, you can view any updates from your control panel. You can also download the app for notifications on-the-go, if you prefer. When your paper is ready, you will be notified via email, SMS, or the app depending on your chosen preferences and you can download it from your control panel.

Naturally, you may be wondering what will happen if you are not satisfied with the essay that you receive. You can rest assured that you can request up to three revisions, and if something goes deeply wrong with your order, you can count on their 100% money back guarantee. However, looking at their customer reviews leaves us thinking you won’t need that! As for plagiarism, you can also relax knowing PaperHelp has a zero tolerance policy for it. In fact, part of their screening process demands that their essay writers are able to pass a plagiarism test. Of course, you can verify this by adding a plagiarism report extra when you complete your order.

Overall, PaperHelp has one of the most thorough processes for screening and hiring essay writers. Their dedication to producing first-rate work that their customers are proud to turn into their academic institutions is remarkable. Whether you are looking for writing, editing, or proofreading, these essay writers have your back!

The cheapest essay writers from EssayPro

Price: starting at $12.00


  • 0% plagiarism verification through provided reports
  • Skill tests for writers 
  • Multiple different types of assignments
  • Free, unlimited revisions 
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Writers receive majority of the price you pay  

The Facts: EssayPro offers a wide variety of services and employs a large base of argumentative essay writers and persuasive essays writers. Essentially, it is most likely that you can find exceptional help with any kind of assignment. Unlike other essay writing services, you also have the opportunity to select your own essay writer; this means that you can pick an individual who has expertise in your academic field and paper topic and who writes at a level up to your standards. Of course, this also means that you take a risk that the essay writer may not produce an excellent paper. Generally, it is recommended to choose an essay writer who already boasts a high order count, star rating and success rate. In this way, you know ahead of time that they regularly achieve satisfactory work and they likely will do the same for you. As an added bonus, since every essay writer carries a unique ID number, you can re-employ this writer for future assignments if you enjoyed your experience with them!

Although it may seem like EssayPro is more expensive than other essay writing services off of their base price, their prices do not increase as dramatically if you require higher academic levels or closer due dates. They also work on a bidding system; you will be able to choose from a list of writers who display their stats clearly and the fee they would charge for your paper. If you wish, you can discuss your paper and its details with them before hiring them. Ultimately, this is as close to a real-life transaction as an online experience can get. You can also receive many free extras along with your paper such as a free report which proves that there is zero plagiarism. Additionally, you have access to unlimited free revisions, if you discover there are issues when you have a sneak-peek or preview of your paper. After tallying up all these finer features, it is one of the most affordable essay writing services in 2022. 

The EssayPro process is quick and easy. All you have to do is fill in a form listing your assignments’ requirements, pick your essay writer, and hire them to write your essay. You can feel free to discuss your paper with the writer and ask for updates on their progress while you are waiting. Once your paper has been completed, you can check your essay and ask the writer for edits as needed or download the paper straight-away. Certainly, if you encounter any issues, their customer service team is always available (within 5 minutes) to help with anything you need. That said, EssayPro typically offers a seamless experience from start to finish. 

Highest Quality Papers from EssayBox

Price: starting at $10.00


  • 0% plagiarism verification through provided reports
  • Professional essay writers 
  • Loyalty program
  • Amazing discounts 
  • 3 free revisions 
  • Excellent customer service

The Facts: EssayBox employs a large force of post-graduate students and professors as their argumentative essay writers. Accordingly, you can expect to hire an essay writer who is qualified, experienced, and professional. Further, since your essay writer has successfully passed your current academic level, they should understand the expectations or standards of work required. All in all, this bodes well for receiving a high-quality essay. 

At EssayBox, you can choose from a wide array of assignment types which is ideal for any individual who may be struggling with more than just a paper. Rates start at just $10.00 per page, yet they increase based on the academic level, the type of assignment, the deadline, and any extras you wish to add on. For instance, you would need to purchase a plagiarism report, an editor’s check, a copy of sources, a 1-page summary, or priority support. On the bright side, they do offer a loyalty program filled with a lifetime of discounts that increase with the number of pages you order over time. Likewise, if you prefer to be a one-time client, you are privy to a discount corresponding with the number of pages of your essay. 

After ordering your paper through their simple order page, you can maintain contact with your writer during the writing process in order to ask questions or discuss concerns. In addition, the customer service team is always available to answer you should you encounter any issues. They are easy to contact as they have three modes of communication: phone, email, and live chat. All things considered, their excellent customer service reflects EssayBox’s commitment to provide high-quality overall services towards students. You can expect to work with a top-notch argumentative essay writer. 

The best US based argumentative and persuasive essay writers from Studdit

Price: starting at $10.00


  • Plagiarism verification through provided reports
  • High-level academic writers and professors 
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Discounts 
  • 3 Free Revisions 
  • 50 to 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Facts: If you are looking for certified native-English essay writers, look no further! Studdit hires writers from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia who hold a Master’s degree at the very least; many have a PhD or are professors. They are a US-based company, so their essay writing services are geared to satisfy American school system requirements and English writing guidelines. 

Similar to many essay writing services, they provide a wide variety of assignments, rather than simply just essays. In regards to essays, the starting rate is $10.00 per page which increases depending on your academic level, paper type, deadline, and level of writer. Be sure to use one of their many available discounts when you order! You can opt to receive a free title page and page of references, if your paper requires this. After you have purchased your order, you can discuss specific details with your matched argumentative essay writer. Studdit is well-known for delivering work on-time, or before your deadline. You can check the work and ask for up to 3 free revisions. However, this may not be necessary as customer reviews reflect high ratings for the quality of work and adherence to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and reference style. 

At Studdit, the customer service and support is top-notch. There are even site supervisors who can help guide you on the order process, or through the entire paper writing process as well. You can contact support in three different ways: phone, email, or live chat. In the rare circumstance that something goes wrong with your order, you can receive between 50 and 100% of your money back guaranteed. 

TOP essay writers for UK Students from IvoryResearch

Price: starting at £15 or $105.00 USD 


  • 0% plagiarism promise 
  • UK-English essay writers 
  • Elite extra features
  • 10 days of free revisions 
  • Quality assurance check on every order 
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Discounts 

The Facts: If you are an American student who is studying abroad in the UK, essay writing can be quite the confusing experience. There are so many differences between the American and British standards. Fortunately, IvoryResearch is the perfect place to find an argumentative and persuasive essay writer that is experienced in UK English or completed their academic career in the UK. 

Unfortunately, the pricing is very high in comparison to other essay writing services. For this reason, they may not be accessible for every student. The lowest rate they have is £77 or $105.00 USD for 300 words for a basic high-school English essay with a 2 month deadline. Although this is true, you are paying for an elite client experience and high-quality writing. IvoryResearch has many extra features which add to its appeal, including direct communication with essay writers through a call feature, revision-period extensions, and milestone check-ins for lengthy projects such as a thesis or dissertation to ensure things are going smoothly and according to plan. 

The order page is more detailed from most essay writing services, although equally as easy. You can choose the type of assignment, the academic level, the subject, the reference style, the topic, the number of words, and the delivery date. After you make your purchase, you can track your order, communicate with your essay writer, or reach out to the support team from your own control panel. The complete experience feels custom tailored to support you as a student and as a client. Undoubtedly, you’re finished essay will be just as impressive!

Another perfect UK essay writers from EssayFactory

Price: starting at £11.50 or $15.70 USD 


  • 0% plagiarism verifications
  • UK-English essay writers 
  • 50-100% Money back guarantee
  • High on-time delivery standards 
  • Free revisions and edits 

The Facts: If you are a UK student or a US student studying abroad, finding a reputable and affordable essay writer can be of chief importance! EssayFactory is an ideal essay writing service that employs expert UK writers who understand UK-English standards, grammar, vocabulary, formatting, and referencing styles. This platform is also widely recognized for its adherence to the deadline, delivering your essay or assignment directly to your email even before you need them to! True to their name, their essay writers churn out high-quality, perfectly formatted essays in top-notch turnaround time just like factory workers. 

EssayFactory is also affordable, starting at just £11.50 or $15.70 USD per page. As usual, the price varies according to your assignment type, academic level, and deadline. However, you can receive incredible discounts as a loyal client, but you will also get 5% off your first order. You will also have access to many free extras such as unlimited revisions and plagiarism checks. 

All things considered, EssayFactory is an excellent service for any student based in the UK who needs help with their academic work. You can expect to receive well-written papers with perfect formatting and zero errors. Along with their zero tolerance policy for plagiarism, it truly excels in every category you would need it to! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the different types of essays available from online essay writers?

Online essay writers can write many different types of essays, as they typically possess a wide range of knowledge and a large toolkit of research abilities and practical writing skills. The two main types of writers are argumentative essay writers and persuasive essay writers although many can easily interchange between both styles. 

An argumentative essay is a paper that utilizes logic and reason in order to drive the main idea or point across towards the readers. An argumentative essay writer needs to perform thorough research, organize their arguments and corresponding facts, and discredit any opposing viewpoints along the way. 

A persuasive essay is a paper that uses opinions and emotions in order to convince the readers of a main idea. Although a persuasive essay writer may not have to research the given topic as much, they must still have a fundamental understanding of the facts involved. They must also understand their readers, such that they can appeal to their psychology or emotions. 

The two types of essays can be found in most academic levels including high school, undergraduate, Masters, and a PhD in increasing levels of difficulty and length. For instance, a high school student may be asked to write a short argumentative essay while a Masters student may be required to write a 50-page dissertation. When you are taking advantage of various online tools, such as an essay writing service, it is important to verify that your easy writer can not only write the type of essay you need but can also handle the academic level and the length, without losing quality research or writing. 

Is using essay writers legit?

Online essay writers or essay writing services can be legitimate, but many of the websites you can find online today are scams in more ways than one. There are many dangers to utilizing an un reputable or untrustworthy essay writing service; your account and payment information could be compromised, you could not receive your paper on-time, you could receive a poorly written paper, or your paper could be riddled with errors and plagiarism. All of these scenarios are far from ideal. 

Fortunately, all the websites in our top 7 list above are completely legitimate websites. They have numerous tried and tested online reviews as well as customer reviews on various platforms. That said, you always take a risk when you are purchasing a paper online. Your essay writing may not produce an essay that is on par with your expectations. It is wise to ensure you leave enough time between your actual deadline and the essay writers deadline so that you have enough time to make any edits or request revisions. If you are completely wary of the process or are trying a service for the first time, you may also wish to opt for a service that provides a money-back guarantee. In that case, you can rest assured you will at least receive a full or partial refund if there are any major issues with your order. 

Of course, these are natural risks that you take when you purchase anything online. It is good to keep in mind that many essay writing services, especially the ones we have listed, have hundreds of positive client reviews which attests to legitimacy and reliability.

Is using an essay writer or an essay writing website ethical? 

It can be difficult to assess whether using essay writing services are ethical. Actually, we are certain that you could use a persuasive essay writer to argue either way!

In terms of academic codes of conduct, most schools consider utilizing work that is not your own as academic dishonesty or plagiarism. The consequences of getting caught for such actions is generally quite harsh, as far as expulsion from the academic institution. Keep in mind that teachers and teachers assistants have access to special plagiarism checkers that can run your complete essay. These highly sophisticated services can detect sentences with as little as three words of similarity to other sources. If you are utilizing an essay writing service that claims to have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism, you may evade these checks. However, many websites actually have up to a 10% allowance for plagiarism even with that promise. 

Sometimes, students are caught between a rock and a hard place. They simply do not have the time or energy to complete all the work they have to do. Professors, especially in higher level institutions, often give their students larger-than-life workloads. If students do not turn to essay writing services for help, they face receiving poor grades or incomplete courses. Most often, the risk of getting caught versus the risk of failing can be weighted similarly. 

Is it safe to buy papers from essay writer online? 

It is always a good idea to verify safety when utilizing online services of any kind. Luckily, many online essay writing websites do not collect or pass along any personal information to the essay writers. Typically, you are able to create a secure account by using your email address or the platform itself will send the essay to your email address. In regards to payment, they may require entering credit card information or your PayPal account. Usually, PayPal is a safer option although as long as you confirm the page is encrypted or secure, your credit card info is most likely safe. 

An extra way to confirm if your personal information will be safe with a particular essay writing service is to check customer reviews on consumer-based websites. You can even go a step further to check employee testimonials on websites such as Glassdoor.

What are the advantages of using essay writers to write your paper? 

Essay writers can make your life and your academic career much easier and smoother! Rather than spending hours or days frustrated and stressed, you can have someone experienced and qualified execute the task flawlessly. The only thing that you need to do is ensure your essay writer has all the details they need to complete an excellent essay for you. Ultimately, this process will offer many benefits including: 

  • Time: The number one advantage to utilizing an essay writer to complete your argumentative or persuasive essay is that you will save time. You can spend time doing things you love to do, or accomplish other tasks while your paper is being written. 
  • Mental Health Improvement: Sometimes anxiety and stress, especially over academic matters, can get the better of us. Using an essay writer takes all the pressure off! 
  • Worry-Free Check-Ins: Many essay writing services allow you to contact the writer directly or ask customer service for help if you have any concerns, inquiries, or need an update. 
  • Deadline Guarantee: Completing your schoolwork on time is always a major stressor. By choosing a deadline when you are setting up your order, you can rest assured you will get your essay before that date or time. 
  • High Quality Writing: As many services only employ professional or highly advanced academic writers, you can expect to receive an excellent-quality essay that adheres to either US or UK English standards and requirements. 
  • Editing and Proofreading: Having an option for a few or unlimited revisions is fantastic. It gives you the ability to look through the paper and decide if it needs further work before you submit it officially. 
  • Versatility: Unlike the old days, online essay writers in 2022 can complete many different types of assignments on a wide range of topics. This makes it incredibly convenient to complete all your schoolwork! 

Overall Remarks about Online Essay Writers

Online essay writers are an amazing resource for any students struggling to complete their coursework. Often, they can complete any type of essay that you need. If you require an argumentative essay, they will

run with your topic of choice, conduct all the necessary research, think of stellar main arguments, and argue with flawless logic and reason. Of course, they will also provide all the reputable sources they unearthed during their process. If you need a persuasive essay, essay writers will surely be there for you with convincing opinions, emotional appeals, and winning arguments to craft the perfect paper. Ultimately, your writer will strive to create the best essay possible, adhering to your requirements and including all the fine details. 

In our top 7 list of the best argumentative and persuasive essay writers, we included the highest-quality paper writing services available online today. You simply cannot go wrong with any of the choices on this list, although each offers unique and special features that may appeal to your needs more than another. They all adhere to strict guidelines regarding plagiarism, although you may need to pay extra for the official report. Of course, for peace of mind, an extra few dollars is little to pay. Some websites offer many free extras that you should take advantage of, especially if your school loves simple yet helpful additions such as a title page or page of references. 

All in all, essay writers can truly make all the difference in your academic life. Whether you’re juggling too many projects at the moment or simply don’t understand the topic or the paper style, they will save the day and your grade!


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