TechBerry Review: Social Trading Automated

Social Trading Automated

With the current forex trading market online, whether one is using conventional fiat currencies or those much more recent digital currencies, traders across the globe have been able to attain a sustainable livelihood. That said, that will obviously not be so for every single trader one can find, no matter how much effort is being made. A plethora of reasons can be the cause of something like this, which may mainly boil down to a lack of overall experience and knowledge that hampers performances. Beginners would be the first to come to mind when this is concerned, due to the sheer profusion of information that can make the onboarding procedures a lot more overwhelming. Unfortunately, this overload of information goes hand in hand with the complicated nature of the more traditional trading platforms. However, this is exactly where TechBerry comes into the picture, blending in the various aspects of social trading and analytics. 

As highlighted earlier, TechBerry utilizes social trading, or social forex. This kind of trading is indicative of the much-required access to continuous and instantaneous information that users can have about various trading markets. This is a stark contrast to the fundamental or technical analysis done on an individual level, as via social trading, even that which TechBerry provides, other, more professional traders will produce the information that is required, effectively enabling newcomers to the industry to engage in hassle-free trading without making any technical analysis on their own. Not only that, but with this, new social elements can be brought into trading, ones that probably never have been brought before, as much-needed aid can be provided to others. With this, social trading might not only be worth the attention of a beginner or a professional, but since the learning curve can be made less steep, the value for the sector as a whole can substantially increase. Still, with TechBerry, there will be another benefit added to the mix in that this social trading phenomenon can be automated for investors.

Founded in 2015, TechBerry has implemented a range of forex statistics that have been accumulated from over 100,000 highly talented individuals to guarantee some of the most lucrative outcomes. It is basically a type of advisor, a professional one at that, that operates as a social trading space with a dedicated AI system. Hence, with the inclusion of AI, massive volumes of professional trading data can be scanned, and then only the strategies that have greater chances of producing higher profits are automated.

TechBerry has thus quickly established a name for itself within the social forex landscape by offering an efficient, simple, and coherent solution that can cover every single category of traders, whether they be experts, beginners, or casual, allowing them to effectively interact with the rapidly expanding landscape of forex trading. This is even more apparent when looking at its average monthly profits that are accumulated, approximately 11%, which should be more than enough.

Through TechBerry, traders can therefore have the means to manage a consistent and sustainable livelihood for themselves, all while overcoming any potential challenges that may be found within the forex trading sector. Bearing all this in mind, we can now deeply explore what this platform can provide for anyone who has some disposable income and wants to invest.

What Audience Does TechBerry Cater To?

Traders, no matter what their experience, might find this platform to warrant their investing interests. So, regardless of your being a novice and not finding the time or even the resources to understand all that jargon that comes with the technicalities of trading, or of you being a professional but not finding the time to be a more active trader, or even if you only want to receive a bit of that passive income while not having to deal with the hassles of trading yourself, i.e., an automated experience, then TechBerry might very well be the platform you are looking for. To put it another way, TechBerry’s automation of social trading will have a major role in discerning the kinds of individuals that exhibit varying interests in what the platform provides.


  • Due to its running for approximately 8 years, it has more than demonstrated its dependability or trustworthiness.
  • Its global presence is quite impressive, with multiple offices operating across the world.
  • Your trades can be monitored in real-time, which saves one the trouble of carrying such things out themselves.
  • If one simply wishes to try its services out, they can then use its trial membership plan.
  • In the event of a loss, TechBerry provides insurance coverage that can safeguard you from that.
  • Several independent services, such as FX Audit, MyFxbook, and FX Blue, have thoroughly verified its trading and tracking analysis. 


  • Because this platform is so automated, one doesn’t have as much control over their trading as they would like.
  • Only via MT5 or MT4 can data sharing be possible.
  • The requirements pertaining to minimum deposits might not be appreciated by some investors.

What Are The Products Offered By TechBerry?

Within this section, we will be discussing how TechBerry’s services are made with various kinds of users in mind who may take some interest in this social trading platform’s products. These users, for example, will include several distinct financial institutions, traders, and investors. So, without further ado, let’s delve in.

What Investors May Enjoy

Investing could become a worthwhile means for your funds, which you worked hard for, to work even more in your favor. As a result of this, your wealth should accumulate, which will then make your financial position a lot more stable as your streams of income will not be limited to only one. And although just storing one’s funds or opening all kinds of savings accounts, which tend to be more on the traditional end of wealth accumulation, is definitely safer and fairly well-known due to that, investing those same funds may raise their value in ways that will be quite distinguishable from other alternatives, despite any potential risks associated with it.

That said, there will be a lot of people who will simply not find any time that would otherwise be used for researching any of the possible investments that will make the profits they would be satisfied with. The same people may also not find the time to undertake any of the multiple processes that would entail them actively investing, which may include conducting market research, tracking their investments, and much more. And this is exactly why, with TechBerry, all of that has been completely automated for these investors. So, if you do happen to be among that group of individuals, all that needs to be done is go through its registration procedure, which only requires a handful of minutes, and then watch all that capital you deposited begin to grow. In addition to that, based on your investment amounts, TechBerry provides several distinct membership tiers for you to select from. This may even increase your returns based on what tier you’re on, along with any potential losses that you will be insured against. With that said, these tiers are green, white, gold, platinum, silver, infinite, and diamond. As you go up that membership ladder at TechBerry, the requirements pertaining to these tiers will vary, which, if you want to learn more about, you can pay its website a visit. So, for instance, white would be the lowest tier, and infinite would be the highest.

What Traders May Enjoy

Now, what happens if one has already professionally acquainted themselves with the trading landscape online, not needing to spend those long hours on all that research but knowing more accurately whether any particular investment will be profitable or not? And what if they’ve already invested? Then TechBerry will have them covered regardless, and they will still be poised to benefit. Now, how is that the case? By distributing one’s trading stats, obviously. But what happens when your performance has not been that good lately? Then do not worry; you may earn despite how you are performing, as any kind of experience in this regard can be useful, as others can learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. So, if you do decide to upload your data, then you will have to install that software called TB Expert Advisor on any MT4 or MT5 platform you are associated with. After doing so, your earnings can commence immediately, beginning at $500 per month.

What Financial Institutions May Enjoy

So what if one has their own business that has only just been set up and is therefore looking for some funding? Or what if one is simply looking to expand their profitability after their business has already been running for a long time? Then you have arrived at just the right place, for TechBerry will have you covered in that aspect as well. Through it, firms can look to gain a lot from how dependable and accurate its online trading data can be, which it collects from several thousand traders. Not only that, but this data can even be accessed in real-time. Consequently, this historical data, coupled with the plethora of sophisticated AI tools, can easily aid in solidifying any firm’s financial position. And besides that, even the clients of these businesses can take advantage of such services, as firms can serve as mediums for linking any potential client to this comprehensive network of professional traders.

How Is Customer Support Here? 

When customer service is concerned, you will find all the essentials you might ever require here. To start with, support is available 24/7 through any of the three options it provides, which are online chat, opening new tickets, and callback requests. If one option is not suitable for you, you can use any of the others or simply visit an office of TechBerry’s personally if there is one nearby. Other than that, you might want to check its news page from time to time, mainly to familiarize yourself with any announcements they make. At least that way, you will be more informed of any new feature or update and will not have to contact support if you don’t know how to use it or what it’s about.

Is TechBerry Secure?

With TechBerry, you can rest assured that any data it collects about you will not be altered or even distributed without the proper authorization. Then there is the fact that the platform comes with industry standards in terms of security, such as 2FA authentication, a KYC process, and more. Through these, your funds will be safe from the countless cyber threats found on the internet.

Is TechBerry’s User Experience Any Good?

From what can be gathered, TechBerry’s user experience is pretty straightforward. Anything from its registration process to depositing can easily be carried out without any hassles or navigational difficulties. And due to the automation, which we discussed earlier, not much needs to be done anyway, so getting a hang of things on TechBerry will not require too much of your time.

How Does TechBerry Compare To Other Platforms?

TechBerry has distinguished itself mainly through the integration of enhanced AI technologies so that its users can be provided with an entirely automated experience with apt loss protection. This is its primary area of focus, which has been delivered fairly well. As for other platforms like ZuluTrade, an emphasis is placed instead on community engagement in comparison to other features, all while simultaneously enabling copy trading. With eToro, social trading is blended with more traditional brokerage services, the result of which is that various financial instruments are accessible on the web. Placing one platform over another here may therefore be a bit hard, as they lean in entirely different directions. This further implies that it is up to users to determine which platform is best suited to their needs.

Final Thoughts

Because of its completely automated social trading experience, TechBerry has easily established itself as one of the leading analytical trading platforms for investors. It has accomplished this by incorporating various different trading strategies to ensure lucrative returns, among other things, with its average profitability rate being exactly 11.2%.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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