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If you wish to live the luxurious side of life at The Big Toaster, cast your doubts aside and get your hands on the tickets to State Farm Stadium suites. The best awaits anyone who holds the tickets to the venue’s most premium and exclusive private seating areas. Whether you’re attending a game by your favorite team or looking for entertainment at a concert by an iconic artist, a luxury suite will allow you to enhance your experience. Live the good life at an exciting upcoming event and make it something to remember about. Discover the best State Farm Stadium VIP box and make the fantasy come true. 

How To Buy State Farm Stadium Suites & Boxes

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State Farm Stadium suites can offer one of the most exciting and memorable experiences while attending an event. After all, a lot of benefits come to those who hold tickets to these exclusive private seating areas. These luxury boxes and suites are separate seating areas at a venue that are dedicated to featuring some of the most lavish and comfortable amenities. If you’ve never had a chance to experience the indulgence of these exclusive suites, be prepared to be amazed beyond belief. Words can only say as much. If you wish to truly know and feel the luxury of these suites, reserve a suite and experience the luxury yourself.

The popularity of State Farm Stadium suites has made them highly valuable that they have become a subject of rarity. So, visitors who wish to book these suites need to book them in advance because they have a high chance of selling out. These VIP boxes are high in demand and exclusive not only because of the special treatment they offer. But they are also quite limited in availability that not everyone who comes looking for it gets the chance to indulge in the specialties. So it is advisable that you check out the upcoming events well ahead so that you can make reservations for a State Farm Stadium VIP box as soon as possible to add some luxury and glamour to your evening. 

Holders of State Farm Stadium VIP Club seats will get the privilege to enjoy a wide range of benefits. With more than 88 executive suites, you’ll be able to find an ideal option for high-quality entertainment. However, the specific perks and amenities might range from event to event or suite to suite. So, make sure you do a prior check into the featured perks to see what you’re in for. Some of the common amenities that come with private suites at State Farm Stadium include private restrooms, in-suite catering, in-seat attendant services, VIP parking access in the Grey and Red lots, and a dedicated VIP event entrance in either one of the two VIP entrances. 

Another noteworthy benefit of State Farm Stadium VIP box holders is the privilege of VIP club access. The venue boasts four diverse exclusive lounges and bars that can add to your overall suite experience. These clubs can be accessed before, during, and after the games or events. The 50-Yard Lounges is the best place not only to just snatch a drink, but the 49-foot-long video wall makes sure that you don’t miss out on any important action on the field. The Flight Lounge is an intimate wine bar that is a must-visit for wine lovers. Treat yourself to an opportunity to visit the Bubble Lounge on the West 50-Yard line, which is renowned as the NFL’s first champagne bar. Finally, the Gila River Casinos will offer you an exciting dose of entertainment after the party’s over. 

Guests can choose from different State Farm Stadium suites to uplift their experience. The Private Lofts are perfect options for guests looking to accommodate 18 to 24 groups of people. They lie above the Club Suite Level on a separate suite concourse that only Private Loft ticket holders can access for superior privacy. Benefits include in-suite catering, private restrooms, VIP parking passes, and VIP club access. The Field Boxes come with 8 tickets and lie on the main concourse level with access to the amenities available on the Gila River Club level. Fans can also choose from three Party Lofts that feature unrivaled views, dedicated suite attendants, and private bars. The Club Cabanas features 12 tickets and surrounds the sides of the venue on the main club concourse level. 

Fans who wish to secure a State Farm Stadium VIP box in this multi-purpose stadium might want to make reservations early. Opened as Cardinals Stadium in 2006, the venue has gone on to host a wide variety of events over the years and has remained one of the most beloved stadiums in the US. Attending an event in the comfort of State Farm Stadium suites would be a wild and unforgettable experience. The venue lies at 1 Cardinals Drive in Glendale, with a seating capacity of 63,400 guests. Currently, it serves as the home venue of the NFL Arizona Cardinals and the NCAA Fiesta Bowl. 

In addition to football games, the venue has also served as the ground for various other sports like soccer, college football, college basketball, and WrestleMania. It has also hosted several notable concerts starting with the Rolling Stones in 2006. Artists that are lined up for the upcoming shows at the venue include Coldplay, The Weeknd, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard. If you want to make your attendance a memorable one, don’t forget to book tickets to a State Farm Stadium VIP box in advance. 

State Farm Stadium VIP Box & Suite Prices And Details 

How Much Do State Farm Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites Cost?  

The cost of State Farm Stadium VIP Boxes & Suites varies depending on many factors, including the type of event as well as the suite type. You might be able to book them at a price between $2800 to $25900. You can obtain single suite tickets at $159 to $720, depending on the event and availability. 

How Many Guests Can Fit In A State Farm Stadium VIP Box Or Suite? 

There are different private seating areas at the venue that you can choose from. Make sure you pick the right State Farm Stadium VIP Box Or Suite for the most satisfying experience. The Private Lofts come with 18 to 24 tickets, Field Boxes include 8 tickets, while Club Cabanas offer 12 tickets.

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