Singapore Announces The Hosting Of Blockchain Fest 2023


Singapore is considered the “Silicon Valley of Asia” and has reached global heights in technology and innovation. Adding another feather to its hat, it is now hosting the biggest event related to blockchain. FINEXPO – one of the biggest event companies, is organizing the event on a larger scale. The event will be held on 16th-17th February 2023 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center at 10 AM.

The Blockchain Fest Singapore 2023 is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience. Top innovators, startups,  and leaders worldwide will join the event. There will be an exchange of ideas based on Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, NFT, Gaming, and digital payment systems. This will be an exceptional experience in terms of networking and creating business opportunities.

As per reports, this fest is sponsored by EMCD Tech, a top-tier IT development and consulting company. They have nearly 115K clients globally and have invested in 7 crypto products. On the other hand, FINEXPO is conducting the event. They have been in the business for 20 years and provide an incredible platform for the top market leaders to meet at a common place and influence people.

Why Attend The Blockchain Fest?

Blockchain is an emerging technology with a tremendous scope of thriving in the future. It is all set to bring transformation in the numerous sectors. As its implementation is still in the nascent stages, people still doubt it. 

Therefore, attending a fest will clear the uncertainty and hesitancy around this distributed technology. Here, have a quick look at the reasons below;

  • The attendees will acquire first-hand experience from the market leaders themselves.
  • Easily comprehend the blockchain concepts and their implementation practically.
  • Develop relations with the top brands and leading blockchain development companies 2023.
  • Recognizing the blockchain business possibilities

Event Segments

Conference Hall

The agenda behind holding a conference is to talk about the technologies and their impact on the world. There will be a great space for interactive panel discussions and speeches from the esteemed CEOs, founders, and tech experts having proficient in the blockchain and related technologies.

Exhibition Space

The floor will be packed with cubicles from top companies. The attendees can utilize the exhibition space and develop an interactive session with each other. The visitors will be able to explore various fields and industries impacted by blockchain technology. 


Events like these open doors for networking and meeting new people with superior knowledge about the futuristic technologies. Guests can have first-hand experience with diverse crypto platforms and connect with the blockchain communities.

Welcome Party

An exquisite introduction of the people is made towards the accomplishments of tech companies in Singapore. A formal meetup of the development teams from different tech firms shall occur.


This after-event session is generally subjected to expanding networking and building links with top tech experts from the blockchain firms.

Following the events, FINEXPO will present the most awaited crypto awards. There is a complete list of nominations, and the winner will be chosen based on public voting. They follow a transparent process by relying on reviews from their clients. This will be a significant part of the blockchain fest, where the best company or project will set new benchmarks and inspire others to work diligently. (HeySuccess)

How Can Companies Take Benefit From The Blockchain Fest?

Tech fests are a great way to boost the business and stay in touch with the latest tech trends. There is no way one should miss such types of events. Besides making connections, it also paves the way for businesses to check out the ventures that are ready for investment. Aspiring blockchain development companies can pitch their ideas to the investors to raise funds for their projects. More than anything else, the firms can gain knowledge about ultra-modern tools and can get solutions by asking questions directly to the professionals.

This event will be graced by some notable speakers like Eloisa Marchesoni (Tokenomics Expert & VC Partner), Cal Evans(Gresham International – Managing Associate), Ken James Berry (CEO & Founder of Blockchain Network Philippines), and more. It will be a very insightful session with respect to both technology and social networking. 

So, dont let go of this opportunity and book your tickets now!

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