Sectors That Frequently Use Temporary Buildings


Undoubtedly, temporary buildings have become the go-to space solution for many sectors. The good thing is that there are a couple of options to suit the needs of each business or organization. While some of the structures are modular, which means they are already fabricated with standard dimensions, others are bespoke and customized to suit the needs of a client such as fitting in difficult small spaces in between buildings.

That said, it is time to look at the sectors that frequently use temporary structures for their needs.

Temporary Buildings in the Education Sector

Well, learning institutions always require space for teaching, conducting research, and right now, meeting the COVID-19 social distance requirements. Currently, most if not all, are using temporary classrooms, libraries, offices, and other structures.

Schools that temporarily need space may use temporary tents or hire portable classrooms made from shipping containers. Reputable companies lease portable classrooms that already have modern learning amenities installed.

Health Sector

Currently, hospitals and other healthcare institutions have been receiving a high number of patients. Thus, there is a continuous need to create more space. With the current pandemic, we have seen the healthcare sector adopt the use of temporary buildings even more often.

The type of temporary structures typically used by the sector includes temporary tents, PVC structures, and insulated temporary structures. They mostly meet the need for more beds, and when equipped with the right amenities, they serve their purpose very well.

Logistics and Warehousing Sector

Have you heard of clear span temporary buildings or temporary steel structures? Together with other options, these are large structures designed to provide large usable spaces. Warehouse businesses require a lot of space to store their goods, for offices, and for loading bays.

If you cannot buy customized temporary buildings, there is the option to hire clear span structures, relocatable buildings with PVC fabric roofs, or any other temporary structure that will suit your needs. If you are curious to know more, have a peek at this web-site

Temporary Buildings in the Government Sector

We all know how government facilities work to meet the needs of the people. The sector is always expanding as the population grows. Probably, you have seen makeshift government structures such as mobile courtrooms, exhibition centers, temporary toilets, and other social structures being set up by the government to serve the people.

More so, the government has been using large temporary buildings when there are disasters such as floods, drought, and others to accommodate the affected people and necessary relief supplies. Lastly, governments have always used temporary tents for the armed forces and other officers.

Construction Sector

Construction companies have been using temporary buildings during their work to provide accommodation for their workers, create storage areas for their supplies and equipment, and also make sheltered areas to work in.

They utilize both small and large structures depending on the need at hand. The typical construction sub-sectors that use temporary buildings and structures include construction for houses and retail buildings, rail repair companies, aviation services companies, and many others.

Agricultural Sector

As particular economies become more advanced in agriculture, we see large-scale production of food. These farmers utilize different temporary buildings in their farms for needs such as machinery sheds, product storage facilities, and production factories.

If you are already expanding your agricultural business, it is time to consider working with temporary structures to meet your need for space. A major benefit is that they are easily relocatable. Hence, you can move with them to different locations on your farm as you work.


Temporary buildings have helped many sectors like the ones we have mentioned above. Even more such as retail businesses, restaurants, and cafes among other businesses have also benefited a lot from these structures. If you have been considering using them, do not hesitate.


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