RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange Gives Hope to Older Workers Ready to Retire

All around the world, people have found themselves trying to cope with a brutal pandemic. Professionally, this has posed a lot of challenges to a lot of people. While some people’s businesses have catapulted from near obscurity, most have found difficult to keep up with the many, many changes that have come to pass. It explains why the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that one in eight people have decided to change their retirement plans.

RoyaleLife has a solution for this problem, one that was put into motion by its chief executive Robert Bull. Let’s review RoyaleLife’s Home Exchange Programme and learn how it can help people find a retirement plan that actually works on multiple levels. 

The Home Exchange Program 

The Home Exchange Program is a relatively simple offer: customers buy a bungalow through RoyaleLife in exchange for the current market value of their home. Any additional funds will be given to the buyer as cash. For example, a £475,000 home exchanged for a £300,000 bungalow will net the buyer £175,000. Bungalows are furnished with luxury items to make the move that much easier. 

There are a few major benefits for people who take advantage of this offer:

  • Less risk: A bungalow is a single-story, allowing retirees to enjoy all of the space in their homes without having to worry about dangerous stairs. 
  • More cash: The Home Exchange Program frees up cash for retirees, so they don’t have to dip into their equity. 
  • Easy living: The gated communities of RoyaleLife are designed to help community members indulge in the things they love to do. 

Instead of having to tend to huge gardens or call technicians every month for a new repair, homeowners can downsize their living space and upgrade their quality of life at the same time. RoyaleLife is a company that was founded on the big picture, which is why residents find that the communities from RoyaleLife go far beyond fulfilling their basic needs. 

RoyaleLife Communities 

With its head office based in Whiteley near Fareham in Hampshire, the company’s gated developments are conveniently positioned in beautiful locations in the countryside or by the coast around the UK to provide residents with all the amenities they need. Members are surrounded by fellow residents who want to pursue their passions, making it possible to meet new friends and engage in new social surroundings. 

This kind of community support can be invaluable, especially for new retirees who are just trying to cope with economic changes brought on by COVID-19. Those who need to retire a little earlier than planned might not have had the chance to mentally prepare. RoyaleLife wants people to get the financial, moral, and practical assistance they need to make this transition without regret. 

The Real Cost of Equity 

When you consider the downsides of moving with the perks of staying where you are, it might seem as though there’s really no contest. It’s why so many retirees use their equity when they need a financial boost. However, what starts as a one-off financial move can quickly turn into a long-term retirement plan, one that adds up quickly over the years.

What’s more, giving up equity means giving up ownership. There will be nothing for homeowners to pass down to their descendants. Robert Bull has remarked “For those people wanting to downsize, RoyaleLife provides the perfect turnkey solution.” 

The Philosophy of RoyaleLife 

Robert Bull knows what it means to build a company from the ground up. He’s spent years learning more about the property market, and how he can offer clients a good deal without compromising the quality of his operations. 

Moving On 

Clients who choose RoyaleLife find that their input matters to the staff. There is no such thing as a truly hassle-free move, but RoyaleLife does everything in its power to take the guesswork out of it. From the furnished surroundings to the financial documents, the emphasis is on how to help the client not how to help the company. 

Those workers considering retirement will be facing a myriad of uncertainties as they try to work out the best plan for them. RoyaleLife is here to offer as much guidance as possible, so there’s less fear and more confidence when moving forward. 


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